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Slim: You know you don't have to act with me, Steve. You don't have to say anything, and you don't have to do anything. Not a thing. Oh, maybe just whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and... blow.

Slim: Who was the girl, Steve?

Steve: Who was what girl?

Slim: The one who left you with such a high opinion of women.

[Slim kisses Steve]

Steve: What did you do that for?

Slim: I've been wondering if I'd like it.

Steve: What's the decision?

Slim: I don't know yet.

[They kiss again]

Slim: It's even better when you help.

Slim: You know Steve, you're not very hard to figure, only at times. Sometimes I know exactly what you're going to say. Most of the time. The other times... the other times, you're just a stinker.

Eddie: [Oft repeated line] Was you ever bit by a dead bee?

Eddie: Drinking don't bother my memory. If it did I wouldn't drink. I couldn't. You see, I'd forget how good it was, then where'd I be? Start drinkin' water, again.

Paul de Bursac: [Referring to Eddie] I don't see why you keep that man around!

Steve: Eddie was a good man before he became a rummy.

Slim: I'm hard to get, Steve. All you have to do is ask me.

Steve: You know what you're getting into. It's gonna be rough.

Slim: What are you trying to do, guess her weight?

Steve: She's heftier that you think.

[lays down fainted woman he has been carrying]

Steve: Better loosen her clothes.

Slim: You've been doing all right.

[stops him from loosening clothes]

Slim: Maybe you'd better look after her husband.

Steve: He's not going to run out on me.

Slim: Neither is she.

Title Card: [first lines]

Title Card: Martinique, in the summer of 1940, shortly after the fall of France.

Title Card: Forte de France

Steve: Morning.

Officer at port: Good Morning, Captain Morgan. What can I do for you today?

Steve: Same thing as yesterday.

Officer at port: You and your client wish to make a temporary exit from the port?

Steve: *That* is right.

Officer at port: Name?

Steve: Ha - Harry Morgan.

Officer at port: Nationality?

Steve: Eskimo.

Officer at port: What?

Steve: American.

Eddie: I've been figuring, them guys don't think that I'm wise, but they was trying to get me drunk.


Eddie: They don't know me, do they, Harry?


Slim: Give her my love.

Steve: I'd give her my own if she had that on!

Steve: Anybody got a match?

Slim: Change your mind?

Steve: No money, those guys cleaned me out.

Slim: I forgot too - maybe I can do something, its been a long day and I'm thirsty.

[surveys club patrons]

Steve: Picked him out yet?

Slim: You don't mind do you?

Steve: You're thirsty, go ahead. If I get tired of waiting, I'll be back at that hotel.

Slim: All right

[starts moving through tables]

Steve: [to a Vichy cop who has just slapped Slim] Go ahead, slap me...

[last lines]

Slim: Cricket. I came to say good-bye.

Cricket: What?

Slim: We're leaving now. Thanks for everything.

Cricket: Hey Slim, are you still happy?

Slim: What do you think?

Capt. M. Renard: By the way, what are your sympathies?

Steve: Minding my own business.

Steve: [to the Bursacs] Get down on the deck flat and stay there!

Paul de Bursac: [Apprehensively] But I don't know what good it'll be to try to resist. We will be killed!

Steve: [Angrily] Shut up, both of you! Get down on that deck flat! You save France - I want to save my boat!

Eddie: [Steering the boat] What's the matter? Why are you lookin' at me like that fer? What are you laughin' at?

Steve: Just a joke that neither one of us knows the answer to.

Eddie: What joke?

Steve: Whether you're gonna hold together or not.

Eddie: [His feelings hurt] Don't say that, Harry! I'm a good man! You know I am!

Steve: Yeah, I know you are, but you're goin' all over the ocean. Stay on your course.

Eddie: Why do you always... Hey, could I have just one? I don't want to get the shakes.

Steve: Make it short! I want you rum brave, not useless.

Eddie: [Anxious to get below decks to have his drink] Thanks, Harry!

Steve: You're both going to take a beating 'til one of you uses that phone. That means one of you will take a beating for nothing.

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