The Fighting Sullivans (1944) Poster

Plot Keywords

death iowa
year 1942 destroyer the ship
u.s.s. the sullivans christening a ship
railroad yard train conductor
patriotism tears
south pacific killed in action
gold star family doorbell
lunch pail jumping into water
diving sick bay
fire airplane crashes into ship
abandon ship death of husband
death of brother archive footage
torpedo battle
airplane ship
montage american flag
reading a letter aloud mailman
suitcase saying goodbye
money train
debt u.s. navy department
waterloo iowa bare chested male
u.s. sailor feeding a baby
year 1941 military enlistment
twenty something radio news
listening to the radio pearl harbor
photographer camera
uncle nephew relationship baby boy
nurse hospital
pacing the floor nickname
fired from the job washing dishes
kiss telephone call
telephone wedding ring
catholic wedding
box of chocolates flowers
love letter
running after someone reference to romeo
teasing church
cigarette smoking engagement ring
porch spitting tobacco
crying clothesline
kiss on the cheek ironing
boyfriend girlfriend relationship photograph
boxer shorts underwear
dancing dancer
five brothers motorcycle race
motorcycle pocket watch
reading a newspaper newspaper
teenage boy year 1939
flash forward subjective camera
breakfast apology
father hits son snow
saying goodnight search
whistling running away
eating food
kitchen father son fight
face slap husband wife relationship
character says shut up fight
broken water pipe hammer
axe saw
pregnancy brother sister relationship
mother daughter relationship father daughter relationship
little boy girl
boy chopping wood
vomiting cigar smoking
looking out a window childbirth
birth maternity ward
pregnant sister in law expectant father
expectant mother pregnant wife
father son relationship mother son relationship
ends in heaven priest
family relationships u.s. navy
sibling rivalry brother brother relationship
irish american world war two
death of son character name in title

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