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For a little kid, rilly exciting !!!
donzilla28 May 2003
I, too, first saw it in theaters as a kid. To a kid: the most exciting thing about a (duh!) musical is the action! In one scene, while the pilots are trying to get off the isolated island on which they crashed, one is nearly swallowed by a flesh-eating plant that looked more like a giant artichoke. Cool! Then their ingenuity (didn't know what the word meant when I was a kid) came up as they captured a Japanese plane that had landed there. To turn the "Zero" red ball of the Japanese flag into an Army Air Corps U.S. star, they used plant dies to paint it on the wings. Unfortunately, as they flew near a U.S. flattop, a sudden tropical rain came up and washed away the "star" pattern, leaving the original "Zero". The ship began to fire at them !!!
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Question about Rainbow Island
owenrussell5 June 2002
I am working from a very vague and indistinct childhood memory of a film which I think is Rainbow Island, but cannot be certain. My most vivid memory of this film, which I recall as being in technicolor and having a large number of native-type people in it, is of a kind of idol which was worshipped by the natives and had a curious expression on its face - the most distinct feature being an underlip that stuck out. If I recall the scene correctly, the natives never looked at this idol, believing that it caused death. Eddie Bracken (if it was he), not knowing of this custom looked at the idol and found himself assuming the same expression of face, complete with protruding underlip. On seeing this, the natives began to worship him instead of the idol. Was I watching Rainbow Island? Or was it a different film altogether? Does anyone know?
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Eddie Bracken shines in South Seas island escapism...
Neil Doyle3 October 2006
RAINBOW ISLAND only existed on the Paramount lot and it was concocted to please kids and young adults with its story of three sailors (EDDIE BRACKEN, GIL LAMB, BARRY SULLIVAN) who land on a South Seas island populated by natives and a sarong wearing DOROTHY LAMOUR. They're delighted to be there until the natives realize that Bracken resembles the high man on their totem pole--and they decide to worship him unless he shows normal appetites that are not Godly.

That's the thrust of the plot. Bracken makes the most of a well written comic role, and Lamour looks lovely when she sings a song called "Beloved" and is romanced by Barry Sullivan. With all of the idol worship going on, you just know that the Gods are going to be angry when Bracken is revealed as mortal and there's liable to be an eruption from that lively volcano.

It's all very fetching to look at in brilliant Technicolor and there are plenty of amusing gags along the way. Only thing missing is Bob Hope and Bing Crosby--but Bracken and Lamb do pretty well in the laugh department.

Strictly escapism fluff.
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My favorite movie as a kid.
porter773 October 2001
I was six years old when I first saw this movie in the 40's. Over a period of six months, I saw it 8 times. In the 70's, I happened to catch the last half of the movie on TV as part of a Late/Late Show so I know it's not lost. I don't think it ever came out on VHS but I search the data bases from time to time. I would love to have this movie. In it's time, I think it was one of the best and was enjoyed by both kids and adults.
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moose52_9918 January 2000
I saw this movie when I was about 12 years old. That was a lot of years ago!! It is a GREAT movie. This movie is a hilarious, good, clean family movie. I would love to have a copy of it.I am told that it was never on video so the only way I can get a copy of it is if it was "bootlegged" off the tv. If anyone has a copy of this PLEASE let me know.
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a public domain print not the MCA version
cynthiahost10 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I got this print from loving the classics, It's a public domain print. It's fair but the color is intact.Mca has yet to release with TCM a compile of Dorothy Lamour's Technicolor sarong classics due to the fact they are greedy, They don't want to include a long term dollar with a quick one. Time warner and TCM Walt Disney are this bad. Time warner is really bad about this against their classic cartoons. Turner hid behind political correctness as an excuse to withdraw all the classic cartoons from cartoon net work ,inspite of the fact adult swim isn't no angel neither. Greed is against free speech if it interferes in their greedy profits. Disney is just a bad they haven't released for the past 7 more years any of their live Acton classics. They are hiding behind political correctness to save money by avoiding the release of song of the south.They don't want to serve the fans of classic films cause we don't give them enough money.This is rotten. Gil Lamb,Barry Sullivan and Eddie Braken are trapped in a Island ,stranded. All of a sudden they see a plane . They thinks is their's,but it's not. Barry tells them that its the Japanese plane. At the time they had sided with Hitler and bombed Pearl harbor. So as soon as the Japanese Soldiers go to in the island the three stranded ambushed them. They take advantage of the plane to get out of the island .They cover the Japanese symbols up with paint. But soon as they are in the air. It starts to rain. This washes the paint off. The naval ship,they are trying to get them the signal to land, Sees their Japanese symbols .The boys see the paint ware off and they realize that they are being attacked because the ship thinks they are the enemy. So they are forced to turn back. They are loosing gas. They end up in an another island. The natives, The queen,played by Ann Revere, an American doctor , who was stranded and taking care of the natives, his daughter played by Dorothy Lamour.The Doctor has convince them accidentally, that they are the Japanese. The queen decides that they will deal with them, by capturing them and putting them to death. But as soon as the native girls go to them to capture them.Instead they find the three ,Sullivan Lam, Bracken, appealing. The native women include Dorothy Lamour ,Elain Verdugo, Olga San Jaun and a small part with Yvonne De Carlo making her debut as an extra.Dorothy Revives Sullivan and starts to fall madly in love with him and realizes that he's not the enemy but The queen shows up and demands their deaths. As soon as they are about to beheaded ,Dottie come up with a quick ideal claiming that Eddie is a god.They believe him. So the three throw confusion to the natives, in this film while they fix the plane to leave. Dorothy want to get back with Sullivan to get her and her father out of the island ,Sullivan refuses but. she makes threats . The scenes have been shorten for some reason.Like Paramounts attempt to make Dottie another Esther Williams in a water ballet sequence.Olga Falls for lam.Their is a boogie Woodie swing dance number that they do. The queen finds out that they are mortal and takes the spark plug and wears them around her neck so they won't leave. But they manage to get them and including the doctor and his daughter leave. It all turns out to be a sailors story told by Bracken cause he is a fan of Dorothy Lamour. Since MCA won't out out better prints this is the only way to get this and other of Dotties Technicolor classics .Loving the classic.com
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BRDMBR0420 April 2004
Curious -- those are the scenes that I recall, too. What I remember, in particular, was the vivid color! But then, that was only 60 years ago. Another movie that I remember from that time (ca 1943) was a combat documentary, "The Fighting Lady," about a US carrier in Japanese waters.

It was released as a DVD in 2001. According to the descriptive material: "See the ship and its pilots undergo their baptism of fire, -- Kwajalein, Truk, and the Marianas Turkey Shoot." The film is quite educational -- and not simply a wartime motivational piece. It, too, is in striking color.

Interested viewers may want to check it out (the same time frame and roughly covering the same historical interval) simply to compare it to the fictitious and humorous "Rainbow Island."
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