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One for Mary Beth Hughes - and Luis Alberni - fans!
JohnHowardReid8 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
"Men on Her Mind" (1944) is a PRC movie – and that alone should relegate it to the "Worst" basket. But, by the humble standards of PRC, it's actually not too bad. On the other hand, it's not all that good either. It's the sort of film that will just pass if you're really desperate for entertainment but you've watched all your other DVDs and there's nothing worth your attention on TV. And the film does have around five or six songs. I was looking forward to getting the details on IMDb, but no such luck. The vocalist, presumably Mary Beth Hughes herself, is very able indeed, and it's a pity to find such top-of-the-range singing incorporated in such a weak story – or rather stories, plural, for the movie is actually a portmanteau offering that is about four or five years ahead of its time when films such as Quartet, Trio and Encore became all the rage. In this one, neither the stories themselves nor the leading men (Alan Edwards, Ted North and Edward Norris) are particularly interesting. On the male side of the ledger, it's left to Luis Alberni (who could actually play the piano, even though director Wallace Fox seems to be happily unaware of this fact) to make the most impression! Available on a very good Alpha DVD.
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soap opera
dbborroughs21 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Successful singer looks back on her life as she tries to figure out which of her three fiancés to marry.

Good melodrama about the woman and the men in her life. In all honesty this is a good film but its not really my cup of tea, I was watching it only because the film was on a double feature DVD. I'm not one for films like this, I'm not really in to what is essentially a romantic soap opera. My reservations aside this is a well made and well acted B film about the choices one must make if one is trying to reach the top and one's dreams. If thee plot is something that interests you give it a shot, other wise stay away
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