Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) Poster

Plot Keywords

love boy next door
tween girl place name in title
imperative in title ice truck
trick or treating turning out the lights
turn of the century togetherness
four sisters teenage boy
seasons of the year new york city
girl next door eating
dance stitch
yale university wound
winter wind up toy
underwear tuxedo
tucked in bed toy monkey
throwing flour in someone's face telephone
telephone call teenager
teenage girl tears
summer streetcar
straw hat spring
soup song
snow sled
skeleton mask singing
singer santa claus
roller skates raisin
punched in the face princeton university
prayer porch
pipe smoking pinching cheek
piano player photograph
phone booth perfume
party invitation packing
nightgown mirror
merry christmas mask
mandolin louisiana purchase exposition
losing a tooth looking through a window
lip wound lip cut
lie liar
kiss ketchup
ice wagon ice cream
horse horseless carriage
horse drawn sleigh carriage horse and wagon
horse and carriage high school senior
handkerchief hammock
halloween costume hair
grandfather grandson relationship grandfather granddaughter relationship
freeze frame food
flour fiddle
fib fear
fake nose fake moustache
fairground face wound
door bell doll
doll cemetery dog
dinner destroying a snowman
decorating cake date
dancing dancer
dance card crying
cribbage coronet
corned beef and cabbage cook
colonel college
circular staircase cigar smoking
christmas tree christmas present
christmas eve children
chandelier celery
cat cane
cake bravery
bonfire bell
bed beating
bathrobe baltimore orioles
autumn attack
neighbor mother son relationship
mother daughter relationship husband wife relationship
father son relationship father daughter relationship
family relationships transfer
songwriter party
parenthood nostalgia
generation gap first love
family vacation disappointment
carnival americana
title based on song louisiana purchase
trolley car redhead
gaslight cakewalk
basketball world's fair
trolley st. louis missouri
sister sister relationship precocious child
prank piano
marriage marriage proposal
maid lawyer
job transfer injured child
iceman formal dance
doctor dance party
corset cooking
chapter headings brother sister relationship
snowman christmas
halloween long distance telephone call
1900s moving
based on novel

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