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Prince Harry Salutes Fallen Service Members at Westminster Abbey Field of Remembrance Ceremony

Prince Harry Salutes Fallen Service Members at Westminster Abbey Field of Remembrance Ceremony
The usually cheerful Prince Harry wore a somber expression for a ceremony at Westminster Abbey’s Field of Remembrance to honor fallen service members ahead of Armistice Day.

The 33-year-old royal laid a Cross of Remembrance in front of wooden crosses from the Graves of Unknown British Soldiers from the First and Second World Wars and saluted.

Harry, who served two tours of Afghanistan during his 10 years in the army, wore his Household Cavalry, Blues and Royals regiment dress uniform, with its dark navy frock coat. He also donned a poppy pin on his hat, a symbol that has been
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Watch Prince Harry Charmingly Talk Deep Dish vs. Thin Crust Pizza in Chicago (Where Else?)

Watch Prince Harry Charmingly Talk Deep Dish vs. Thin Crust Pizza in Chicago (Where Else?)
First marshmallows. Now pizza.

After recently admitting he has never tried toasted marshmallows (blasphemy!), Prince Harry says he has sworn off another comfort food too (treachery!).

During a surprise visit on Tuesday to Hyde Park Academy, a Chicago high school, with his unofficial Bff (and the former First Lady) Michelle Obama, the students quizzed him on Chicago’s signature delicacy — and the exchange was captured in a video shared Thursday by Harry’s office at Kensington Palace.

“When Prince Harry’s here, he eats Chicago — make sure he has a pizza,” one student instructs him.

“I had pizza last night,
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Prince Harry Calls Princess Diana 'My Ideal Role Model' at Obama Foundation Summit

Prince Harry Calls Princess Diana 'My Ideal Role Model' at Obama Foundation Summit
Prince Harry strives to make Princess Diana proud.

The 33-year-old royal was a guest speaker at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, Illinois, on Tuesday, where he spoke about when he realized that he could use his "position for good" and how his mother's death taught him about the importance of giving back.

"I think what happened to my mum probably put me a step back, thinking, 'How could someone who did so much for the world, and did so much for everyone else, be treated like that by a certain institution?'" Prince Harry shared. "It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you understand the privileged position that you're in, you then got to spend the rest of your life earning that privilege and giving back. And also gaining the trust and respect of the general public, and using the position for good."

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Prince Harry: 'I Will Always Look Up to' My Mother

Prince Harry: 'I Will Always Look Up to' My Mother
Though his Invictus Games have gone international and his Royal Foundation helps charities worldwide, Prince Harry didn’t always understand why his role in the monarchy meant he must serve others.

“I think what happened to my mum probably put me a step back, thinking, how could someone who did so much for the world and did so much for everyone else be treated like that by a certain institution?” the 33-year-old shared during a panel at the Obama Foundation‘s inaugural summit in Chicago on Tuesday night. “It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you understand
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Poldark: a beginners’ guide

Louisa Mellor Jun 9, 2017

Poldark returns for series three this Sunday. If you’ve never had the pleasure, here’s what you’ve been missing…

Warning: contains spoilers for Poldark series one and two.

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Welcome to eighteenth century Cornwall, land of sumptuous landscapes, confusing personal pronouns and Captain Ross Poldark. The bearer of an ancient name and a tousled mane, Poldark’s the hero around this way. (Well, he is until series two episode seven, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves).

Known variously as Ross, Mr Ross, Mr Ross Sir, Cap’n Poldark, ‘that classless ruffian bringing shame upon his family name’ or ‘ee with t’alluring scar who can blast us tin-mine any time ee choose’, depending on who’s addressing him, Poldark is cut from typical Byronic cloth. He’s a gentleman rebel given to fits of
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Peter Parker is a Psychopath in Recut Spider-Man Horror Trailer

When you really think about superheroes and get down into the granular details, most of them are in some way psychopaths.  The majority of superheroes suffered some kind of terrible loss or tragedy in their lives that has shaped who they are today.   Most are lonely.  Most do things we would never normally do and most if not all play by their own rules.  In society this is someone who would more than likely turn out to be a psychopath.  Peter Park is no different. While he may have had a little genetic help from a spider, Parker is still

Peter Parker is a Psychopath in Recut Spider-Man Horror Trailer
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Peaky Blinders series 3 episode 3 review




Tommy seeks absolution while there’s dissent in the ranks in the latest instalment of the ever-stylish Peaky Blinders

This review contains spoilers.

Stop swearing? You’d have more luck getting the Shelby men to wear tutus, Pol.

Despite Polly’s toast in the same scene, episode three found the Shelby family anything but united. Harmony is impossible this series because the Shelbys can’t agree on what they are now they’ve struck it rich. Their new circumstances have splintered the family’s self-image. Each has a conflicting idea on what it means to be a Peaky Blinder nowadays, and it’s pulling them apart at the well-tailored seams.

Arthur and John are dangerously resentful at their demotion, Polly’s aspiring to the bohemian classes, Michael’s being kept for best but gagging for violence and Ada is still half-civilian, half-Shelby with her head turned by
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SXSW 2016 Interview: Punk Rock Band Lost In Society (Exclusive)

  • ShockYa
SXSW 2016 Interview: Punk Rock Band Lost In Society (Exclusive)
Paying homage to the musicians who have inspired you, while also infusing your own personal interests and experiences into your unique sound, is an essential process for bands, especially as they begin building their fanbase. Up-and-coming punk-rock band, Lost In Society, is one such group that features creative musicians who daringly blend their original style with their tribute to their influences, including Green Day, Nirvana and Motown. Lost In Society, which features Zach Moyle on lead vocals and guitar, Nick Ruroede on bass and back-up vocals, and Hector Bonora on drums, released its third album, ‘Modern Illusions,’ on February 26. The alternative band proves its admiration for ’90s punk and [ Read More ]

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What About Us?: An Essay on Marvel’s X-Men and Their Unending Search for Social Justice

What about us? This has been the mantra, the slogan, the clarion call to arms that has always aroused a marginalized group of people into action. From the beginnings of the Zionist movement that led to the creation of Israel, to the ratification of the 19th amendment, to the protracted struggles of the Kurdish people, all it takes to rouse up a victimized population against further injustice are those three simple words: “What about us?”. Today’s social media has given rise to a new wave of social justice movements which can reach a much larger audience than ever before. And because of this intersection of politics and technology, the plights of all different peoples are being exposed like never before. The movements that highlight the continued marginalization of Black Americans, the jarring social inequalities facing women, and the plight of the Lgbt community have never had as much social
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Trevor Noah Responds to His ‘Daily Show’ Twitter Controversy

Trevor Noah Responds to His ‘Daily Show’ Twitter Controversy
Trevor Noah has responded to the backlash that ensued after his “Daily Show” appointment was announced in March, which prompted the resurfacing of tweets of his that were deemed racist, anti-Semitic and sexist.

“I don’t strive to be offensive,” he said Wednesday morning at the Television Critics Assn. press tour event in Beverly Hills of his Twitter faux pas. “That’s not who I am as a person. That’s not who I am as a performer.”

“You can never control what people find as offensive or not,” he continued, noting that his fans around the world understand the context of his jokes, plus his unique sarcasm and humor, which he hopes his Comedy Central viewers will soon understand and learn to appreciate. “That’s going to be one of the things — getting to know my audience, getting my audience to know me.”

Following his press debut last night,
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Celebrating the subversive, surreal Society

Brian Yuzna's 1989 horror Society is out on Blu-ray from Arrow Films. Ryan takes a look back at a grotesque satire...

Bill Whitney’s just an ordinary American high school kid. Sure, he may live in a Beverly Hills mansion. He might drive a brand new Jeep to the beach. But deep down, he has the same hang-ups as most teenagers: he distrusts authority, resents his parents, and suspects that he might actually be adopted.

Gradually, however, we suspect that there might be something more to Billy’s paranoid fantasies than raging hormones - his parents really do seem to be up to something sinister - something to do with private parties, naked orgies, and shunting...

"We're just one big happy family... except for a little incest and psychosis"

Society stars Billy Warlock, a young actor fresh from TV shows like Days Of Our Lives. If this were a straight drama,
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How Much Rape Is Too Much Rape on My Favorite Shows? Your Pressing TV Questions, Answered

  • Vulture
Welcome back to Stay Tuned, Vulture's TV advice column. Each Wednesday, Margaret Lyons answers your questions about your various TV triumphs and woes. Need help? Have a theory? Want a recommendation? Submit a question! You can email, leave a comment, or tweet @margeincharge with the hashtag #staytuned. From where you sit, how [do you] gauge if rape on TV is gratuitous or an effective plot point/device? —elisew88I was really not into the Sansa rape story line on Game of Thrones, but I figured I'd give it another week and see how it actually played out. But then this week, more attempted rape! How much rape is too much rape? —Jc In society, I would argue that any rape is too much rape. On television, you're going to have a tough time finding "serious" dramas that include zero rape or things in the vile rape penumbra such as attempted rape,
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Michelle Duggar Explains Why She Covered Up While Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

When it comes to swimming, the Duggars have it covered. On a recent marriage retreat to Puerto Rico filmed for their reality show, TLC's 19 Kids & Counting, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar decided to go snorkeling. But not in typical bathing suits. (Watch a clip below.) "In society, sometimes there's this idea that we cover up at certain times and then we go to the beach and wear our underclothes," Michelle tells People. "Bathing suits are pretty and colorful but it's not our thinking that it is okay to be naked some places and not other places." The solution is to
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Interview: Joshua Sasse, Leah Gibson of New TV Show ‘Rogue’

Chicago – One of the characteristics of the expanded TV spectrum is new programming from unlikely sources. Directv is debuting a new series for their subscribers, a street drama called “Rogue.” The series features Thandie Newton as a conflicted undercover cop, and co-stars Joshua Sasse and Leah Gibson.

Sasse and Gibson were in Chicago recently to promote the show, and they didn’t want it characterized as a “police drama.” The police element is just part of this gritty and cinematic looking series, which the actors define as more of a family drama. Sasse and Gibson are part of the crime family that Newton’s character infiltrates, and on her personal side she deals with a crumbling home life. The action and the emotion are in the red zone, with all threatening to go “rogue.”

Leah Gibson and Joshua Sasse as Cathy and Alec Laszlo in ‘Rogue

Photo credit: Directv

Joshua Sasse
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Tim Hetherington In His Own Words. Rest in Peace.

(Tim Hetherington, above, during the shooting of Restrepo.)

By Terry Keefe

News reports are stating that Tim Hetherington was tragically killed today in Libya. I interviewed Hetherington twice during the past year, along with Sebastian Junger, for Restrepo, the Oscar-nominated documentary they co-directed while embedded with an American platoon in Afghanistan.

Together, Hetherington and Junger created what I believe to be the most important film of the year. It is required viewing for all Americans, to be sure. Rest in peace.

I spoke to Hetherington and Junger two months ago, right before the Oscars, and prior to that, did a much longer interview with them on the shooting of Restrepo. I've reposted the entirety of that interview below.

Bearing Witness In Afghanistan: An Interview With Tim Hetherington & Sebastian Junger, Co-directors Of Restrepo

I’ll just come out and say this - Restrepo is one of the best films about war ever made.
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A Brief History Of Horror – Evil Dead II And The 1980s

Something that connects a lot of 1980s movies, particularly ones that have developed cult followings, is that their audiences didn’t exactly know what they were in for. Although the decade is rightly thought of as weaker for movies (and music) than the ’70s, I found this possibly the hardest call to make because there is no shortage of good horrors from the ’80s. Of course, there’s no shortage of bad horrors either; it was the decade the slasher movie really got going, which has surely produced some of the worst horror movies of all time (ever seen Jason Takes Manhattan?). But it’s also a decade in which horror mutated and shifted focus, and many of its best horrors are linked by unpredictability, imaginative special effects and a revived sense of humour about the macabre.

Home video took off in the ’80s, and the face of cinema was once again changed.
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Nicola Roberts didn't write personal lyrics to be 'self-indulgent'

Nicola Roberts has admitted that she feels awkward playing her solo material for family and friends. The Girls Aloud star released her debut album Cinderella's Eyes yesterday. On the track 'Sticks + Stones', Roberts describes how she dealt with being personally attacked for her looks. "I really wanted to write the song but I was cautious as it's such a serious subject to me," Roberts told The Mirror. "But I wasn't writing it to be self-indulgent, for it to be all about me - the chorus is really universal. "S**t happens - people all over the world are facing different ­situations and feeling alone. In society today, differences are highlighted. If someone acts different to the norm, or looks or dresses ­differently, it's not accepted." Revealing that her father cried when he first heard the song, Roberts continued; (more)
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Vote for Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s Top Three Biggest Fans for 2011!!!


Thanks again to all of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s Biggest fans around the world who took the time to enter the 4th Annual Channing Tatum Unwrapped Biggest Fan Contest!!!

Ran into a few technical difficulties with this year’s vote, so voting officially kicks off today!! You guys have 5 days to vote for the top three Biggest fans for 2011. Please read the entries and then Vote at the end of this post.

Anyone can vote as many times and for as many fans as you want, so if you’re one of the lucky top ten, send out the link to this post and have your family and friends join in on the vote too! Here are the 2011 Top Ten Biggest Fans…

Biggest Fan Candidate: #1

Name: Jennifer

City and State: Pulaski, Tennessee

Country: USA

Age: 32

Social Networking:

Facebook, Twitter

Favorite Channing Tatum Photo and Why?: This was a really tough one!
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SXSW film review


complete coverage of SXSW Film 2011

Director & Writer: James Gunn

In this outlandish dark comedy, James Gunn has created what is perhaps the definitive take on self-reflexive superheroes.

Cast: Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, Michael Rooker

(U.S. Premiere)

Who’S It For? Do you need a superhero movie that’s not a superhero movie that will kick you in the teeth? Well then, allow Super to do it, with a wrench to the forehead (instead of a kick in the teeth).


Rainn Wilson’s Frank is a man who becomes a superhero … sort of. It’s easy to compare Super with Kick-Ass, but it insisted on style whereas Super is raw. They both involve conversations about choosing to become a hero, and choosing to fight evil but this film proves “hero” and “evil” can have many definitions. This movie is meant to shock.
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Jesse Carere, Daniel Flaherty, Ron Mustafaa, and Britne Oldford Exclusive Interview Skins

Created by father and son team Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, Skins is the ground-breaking UK series, featuring Nicholas Hoult and Dev Patel, about a group of friends who navigate complex relationships and the difficulties of daily life in their formative years. It’s raw and edgy, and depicts the sex and drugs that is present in the lives of the teenagers that it follows. Now, Elsley is bringing his hit series across the seas, as the writer/executive producer on the adapted version that will start airing on MTV in January 2011.

During an exclusive interview with Collider, newcomers Jesse Carere, Daniel Flaherty, Ron Mustafaa and Britne Oldford talked about the chemistry between this ensemble cast, keeping things as true to the teenage experience as possible, and maintaining a level of edginess that the original series is known for. Check out what they had to say after the jump. You
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