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"Oh, The Help These Days.....It's Deplorable!"
ccthemovieman-114 February 2008
Don't you just love it when the Stooges totally trash a high-society party? That's just one of the many crazy scenes in this one. This particular Three Stooges film might have more gags per minute than any of the many they made. It's unbelievable; non-stop lunacy, led by Curly's antics, for 17-and-a-half minutes.

It may have been near the end of the great Curly's career but he was never more energetic and full of all his physical slapstick and silliness as he was here. He did about physical bit he was famous for, from the snapping fingers on his face, to slapping his head, to all the step dances. I was exhausted after watching this guy. He was fantastic.

Symona Boniface was perfect as the rich socialite Mrs. Van Bustle. If you can't recall what this woman looks like, try to think of Margaret Dumont, the Marx Brothers foil. That's her quote at the top of this review.

Another actor who always was playing either a butler (as in here) or a crook in the Stooges films was Bud Jamison. He was hilarious in many Three Stooges efforts.

All the boys - including the now-very baggy-eyed Moe - seemed to be at the top of their game in this feature. All of them do what they do best, and many times over here in this story in which the boys pretend to be newsmen out to get a scoop.

I have no idea how many gags were in here, there were so many. This is simply great stuff: one of the Three Stooges' best films.The underrated Larry also made me laugh a number of times, with just the look on his face. I don't want to leave him out.

P.S. I never seem to get tired of the bird-in-the-bird sight gags, which the Stooges used many times. They always make me laugh out loud. Here, a parrot winds up inside a turkey.
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Another hilarious Curly short
KMM22 February 2004
This one falls into my top 5 favorites featuring Curly. The Stooges play laundrymen who are mistaken for rival reporters by an editor. He sends the Stooges to go and cover a pressing story. This particular episode is famous for an ongoing gag where Curly can't seem to smoke a cigar without getting it smashed prior to lighting. It also has the classic "parrot in the turkey" gag which was seen in a few other Stooge shorts.

Some other moments that come to mind in this one for me are when Larry gets a scalding hot turkey platter placed on his back by Moe. Perfectly timed to occur when he bends over after getting gum on his shoe. This one has so many great moments, so many great one liners. Everytime Moe sings that song to the turkey in the sink, "Nice little turkey, getting its bath at 7:30 and will be well cooked by 8 o'clock" I roll on the ground laughing my head off. As if it would only take half an hour to cook one. Watch this one if it ever runs on TV or on video. It's a classic!
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Excellent Three Stooges Film
stooge6054011 July 2001
An excellent, hilarious short. The writing and direction was superb, as well as the performances. Symona Boniface is hilarious as Mrs. Van Bustle (she was always typecast as a rich socialite, but always did a great job carrying that role). Vernon Dent is great as usual as the Stooges boss, and Bud Jamison gives in a great last performance in a Stooge short (he died shortly afterwards due to diabetes) as the butler.

There is no real ending - just hilarious slapstick between the Stooges, and it has them at their best. The funniest part is Larry - pay attention to him in the background, while Curly and Moe are beating each other up. His reactions and expressions are funnier than the focused action going in the actual scene.

One of the Stooges' best shorts.
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"You remind me of the Three Stooges."
slymusic2 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
"Crash Goes the Hash" is a wonderful Three Stooges comedy directed by Jules White. Curly, Larry, and Moe are laundrymen mistaken for reporters and are asked by a newspaper editor (Vernon Dent) to cover the elopement of Prince Shaam (Dick Curtis) and the wealthy Mrs. Van Bustle (Symona Boniface). To that end, the boys sneak in as servants for a dinner party in the couple's honor.

My favorite scenes: The Stooges and the party guests are horrified at the sight of the cooked turkey standing on its legs and walking (a parrot wandered inside it). Larry tries to sneak a photograph of Prince Shaam & Mrs. Van Bustle, but a piano lid drops down on him. Chef Moe accidentally trips and plasters a guest (Victor Travers) with mashed potatoes; as Moe wipes off the irate man's face, he reassures him, "Don't worry, buddy. We can do without mashed potatoes." The Stooges have trouble figuring out the term "canapes".

"Crash Goes the Hash" teaches all of us a lesson: Don't hire the Stooges as servants at YOUR next party!
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classic, classic, classic!
spiders-man209928 April 2003
If I had to pick a favorite stooge film, this would be it. Nonstop chuckles from the start to finish. And I also believe this to be the first time the stooges use the timeless "bird walkin' inside a turkey" gag, that would be hilariously reused in another classic "Three Dark Horses".

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Great Stooge Farce
Brian Washington28 March 2003
This is definitely one of the all time great Stooge shorts. I especially loved the fight scene at the end. The gag where one Stooge gets caught in the sleeve of one thug while the other keeps punching his partner is always a great gag. Also, does Curly ever get to smoke a cigar without it getting crushed in his face?
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Hilarious Short by the Stooges
Michael_Elliott10 August 2016
Crash Goes the Hash (1944)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

Here's an often hilarious short, which finds the Three Stooges being hired as reporters and their job is to sneak into the home of a rich woman and snap a picture of the Prince who is rumored to be about to propose. Of course, with Moe, Larry and Curly nothing is going to go right.

I'm a little surprised that this short doesn't have a much better reputation because it contains non-stop laughs from the opening sequence to the final seconds. There's really not a minute that goes by that doesn't feature at least one laugh and there are several very big ones scattered throughout the running time. One of the most hilarious sequences comes with the boy's cook a turkey, which comes back to life when a real bird gets inside it. Another terrific joke deals with Curly "picking up" some ice. Fans of the series will certainly love this one.
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Great one!
Movie Nuttball10 September 2003
This has become one of My favorite Three Stooges shorts with Curly! I really like Vern Dent as Fuller Bull. Dick Curtis and Bud Jamison was really good! The entire little film is hilarious! Good story and entertainment! I recommend it!
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The Stooges as Reporters
kaizerboy2 July 2001
The 2nd funniest short besides Disorder in the Court and You Nazty spy. Curly, Larry and Moe portray three Reporters working for Fuller Bull and for a $100 bonus. To get a review of the Prince of Ubeedarn, The stooges pretends to be Cooks and Butlers. Only to find out the prince is a crook and has him arrested. The widowed socialite chooses to marry Curly instead of the Prince.
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