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  • Sergeant Joe Gunn and his tank crew pick up five British soldiers, a Frenchman and a Sudanese man with an Italian prisoner crossing the Libyan Desert to rejoin their command after the fall of Tobruk. They and the Germans are greatly in need of water.

    - Written by Ed Stephan <stephan@cc.wwu.edu>
  • After a major battle in June 1942 an American tank crew, one of the few serving with the British 8th Army, is ordered to retreat south into the Sahara desert, the only direction that is open to them. Sgt. Joe Gunn and the two surviving members of crew head off, collecting a motley crew of British and other Allied soldiers on the way. They even have an Italian and a German POW. Their biggest threat is the lack of water but having finally found a well, they have to deal with advancing Nazis who are also in dire need of water. Rather than flee however, they decide to stand their ground and face the battalion strength enemy.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Filmed during World War II, this film was intended to be a propaganda piece for the U.S. government. Seargant Joe Gunn (Bogart) leads an abandoned tank unit after the fall of Tobruk in North Africa. The tanks picks up British, French, South African, and Sudanese soldiers along the way, becoming a microcosm of the Allied troops. The group works together to defeat a much larger German force that wants the same water well that they have. The film portrays all of the images that the U.S. deemed important for the American people see in regards to the war.

    - Written by Kasey Kist <kistky@uc.email.edu>
  • After the fall of Tobruk in 1942, during the Allied retreat in the Libyan desert, an American tank picks-up a motley group of survivors but they face advancing Germans and a lack of water.

    - Written by nufs68


While fighting in Libya during World War 2 Sergeant Joe Gunn (Humphrey Bogart) and his M3 Lee tank lovingly referred to as Lulabelle are attached to the British Eighth Army...

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