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  • Poor Princess Maria is visiting New York, but she's not having any fun. So her uncle suggests she spend a few days in San Francisco. Unfortunately she's nervous about going by plane. To calm her jitters, she takes a sleeping pill before the plane takes off. Sensing her nervousness, the pilot, navigator and stewardess all secretly give her pills. When bad weather forces the plane to head back to New York, the sleepy princess is left in the care of pilot Edward O'Rourke who takes her to his apartment to spend the night. When she comes to the next day, she finds a note left by O'Rourke asking her to meet him after work. The princess decides to find out what she's been missing and sneaks off to him. To keep her identity a secret, she tells O'Rourke that she's a poor waif sent from Europe to work as a maid in San Francisco. What she doesn't count on is that before the day is through O'Rourke will ask her to marry him.

  • Princess Maria and her uncle are in Washington, D.C., where it is hoped she will meet a suitable man to marry. After a number of misfires on the romance front, Maria flies to San Francisco, sedating herself beforehand to combat her fear of flying. Still asleep when the plane sets down, Maria is taken in by the pilot, Eddie. When Maria wakes up and meets Edward, sparks fly -- but her royal lineage could complicate matters.

  • Her Royal Highness, Princess Maria, is in exile in New York City with her uncle, Holman, and a personal secretary, Miss Haskell, as their European homeland has been overtaken, they believe only temporarily while they work to regain power. Maria's parents are in exile in London. The single princess' primary responsibilities in life are to marry someone with royal blood, preferably someone representing a country with who they can make a strategic alliance, and for them to produce heirs, preferably male. The number of suitable partners is slowly dwindling, Maria who does understand her responsibilities, but feels somewhat caged by them. Within these responsibilities, she at least wants to marry someone to who she is even remotely compatible, rather than make it all about her royal duties. During her exile, Maria meets commercial pilots Dave Campbell and Eddie O'Rourke, who, most specifically Eddie, help her through a scrape. To them and to Dave's wife Jean, Maria presents herself solely as plain old Mary Williams, a refugee in the US who will soon start a job in San Francisco as a chambermaid. Maria senses an opportunity of a day of freedom when Eddie offers to show her the town before she is scheduled to fly to San Francisco, shortly after which both Eddie and Dave will be inducted into the US Air Force to do their part in the war effort. In their day together, Eddie and "Mary" fall in love, Eddie who wants to marry her, which Maria wants but knows is impossible. Unknown to them, a secret service agent, Maria's American security detail, has been tailing them to make sure that she is in no real danger, he reporting their every innocent move back to Holman, who seriously considers allowing her to marry an American commoner in a strategic move to gain even more favor with the US government, the US President who is already a personal friend of the family. Even if Maria's family does allow the marriage to happen, Eddie may have second thoughts as he fell in love with plain old Mary Williams, not HRH Maria with all that being a Prince Consort entails.

  • A pilot falls in love with a woman he believes is heading cross country to become a maid, little suspecting that she's actually a princess.


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