Phantom of the Opera (1943) Poster


[Christine has left Raoul and Anatole in her dressing room while she greets a crowd of admirers]

Raoul D'Aubert: Would you join me for a bit of supper at the Cafe de l'Opera?

Anatole Garron: With pleasure, monsieur.

Raoul D'Aubert: Think we can get through this crowd?

Anatole Garron: Certainly. After all, who'd pay any attention to a baritone and a detective?

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Enrique Claudin: Mademoiselle, may I speak to you for a minute?

Christine DuBois: Why, of course.

Enrique Claudin: You weren't on the stage tonight for the third act curtain call.

Christine DuBois: Everyone seems to notice. It's really quite flattering.

Enrique Claudin: [Becoming concerned] Why weren't you there?

[Christine is puzzled]

Enrique Claudin: Forgive me, but I have been a part of the Opera for so long. Everybody, everything connected with it, I feel it is so much a part of my life.

[Christine pauses, then smiles]

Christine DuBois: Yes, well, Monsieur Villeneuve is waiting for you.

Enrique Claudin: You weren't ill, were you? You're not in any trouble, are you? Why it's impertinent of me, I know, but...

[Claudin stalls, soon Christine kindly shakes his hand and smiles]

Christine DuBois: You're very kind. Thank you.

[Christine starts to leave]

Enrique Claudin: CHRISTINE!

[Christine turns back to Claudin in shock, Claudin soon realizes his mistake]

Enrique Claudin: I'm sorry. Forgive me.

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[Claudin is talking to Christine as they descend into the catacombs beneath the Opera]

Enrique Claudin: See? Didn't I tell you it was beautiful? You didn't know we had a lake all to ourselves, did you?

[Christine covers her face and sobs]

Enrique Claudin: They've poisoned your mind against me. That's why you're afraid. Look at your lake, Christine. You'll love it here when you get used to the dark. And you'll love the dark, too. It's friendly and peaceful. It brings rest and relief from pain. It's right under the Opera. The music comes down and the darkness distills it, cleanses it of the suffering that made it. Then it's all beauty. And life here is like a resurrection.

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Amiot: [Upon hearing about a thief in the opera house] Call the police at once! This must be stopped!

Vereheres: Monsieur, I'm afraid the police can't stop that. It's he.

Amiot: Who?

[VEREHERES begins to make gestures at his nose and chin]

Amiot: Oh, please. Don't start that nonsense again, Vercheres. At your age, you ought to know that there aren't any ghosts.

Vereheres: Monsieur, you are skeptical, but I don't like ghosts. I'm a busy man.

Lecours: What's that?

Amiot: Oh, our brilliant stage manager insists there's a malicious ghost prowling about the Opera. If anything goes wrong, he thinks this ghost did it!

Vereheres: Oh, monsieur...

[to LECOURS, again making gestures to his nose and chin]

Vereheres: He has a long nose, and a big red beard!

Lecours: You make me nervous!

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Signor Ferretti: [FERRETTI is telling CLAUDIN that if he can no longer pay for CHRISTINE's lessons, FERRETTI will have to stop teaching her] I'm sorry, Claudin. Really sorry. If I had the time- But my expenses are great, and you must remember that many who can pay are waiting to study with me. Well, I'll let her come a few times, and, uh, then I will tell her she no longer needs me.

Enrique Claudin: B-But that isn't true.

Signor Ferretti: As a matter of fact, if you had the money, she might be launched on a career very soon. I assume that Mademoiselle Dubois has not the means to pay for her own instructions.

Enrique Claudin: Why, her month's salary wouldn't be enough to pay for one of your lessons. But, uh, I have written a concerto. Now, will you trust me if I can arrange to have it published?

Signor Ferretti: Every violinist has written a concerto! Come, come, my dear Claudin.

Enrique Claudin: But I have faith in this one. As much faith as I had in Mademoiselle Dubois when I came to you three years ago. Now, I was right about her, Signor. And I'm right about this. Pleyel and Desjardins are certain to publish it, and they'll give me a substantial advance. You'll see!

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Villeneuve: You must choose between an operatic career and what is usually called "a normal life." You can't do justice to both.

Villeneuve: The artist has a special temperament, and he must live his life exclusively with those who understand it.

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