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The rest of the story.
Leslie Howard Adams23 April 2006
While this one still has THE DEAD END KIDS and Little Tough Guys (cased as shown)above the title and on all of the posters, cards and ads connected to this film, The Little Tough Guys are just mentioned primarily because the type was already set.

Tommy (Bobby Jordan) and his pals, The Dead End Kids --- "Pig" (Huntz Hall), "Ape"( Norman Abbott, Bud Abbott's nephew)and "String" (Gabriel Dell)---have jobs in a department store where store executive Frank (Frank Albertson)is romantically attracted to Sheila (Evelyn Ankers.) Frank is also secretly involved with a gang of truck hi-jackers. When a load of silk is to be hi-jacked, he tries to involve Tommy in the theft, but Tommy rejects his proposition.

Frank frames Tommy with the theft of some jewelry. Tommy is jailed and his friends are fired. Tommy is befriended by Jerry (Don Porter), who also has an interest in Sheila, but shallow Sheila remains loyal to Frank without knowing of his criminal activities.

Released on bail, Tommy follows Frank to a warehouse where the gang is plotting to hi-jack one of the store's trucks. Tommy rounds up his pals and they return to the warehouse and the slug'em donnybrook is on.

This one gets extra points just because Elyse Knox is also on hand.
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