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Author: Anthony Attanasio
5 January 2003

One of the funniest Tom & Jerry cartoons ever made. Tom getting dressed up as a baby by a little girl is priceless in itself. Add Jerry, and a few alley cats to the mix, and you got one funny cartoon. Not to be missed!

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Once again, very enjoyable

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
30 September 2010

There may be the odd joke that I agree could be perhaps a little on the mean-spirited side of things, but this is occasionally. Overall, Baby Puss is very well animated and very funny, well to me it is. Tom is great here and takes his humiliations well, while Jerry is as cunning as usual, and the girl and alley cats are good support. Even more impressive than the characters is the animation and music. For me, Baby Puss in terms of animation is one of the best-looking Tom and Jerry cartoons, with the backgrounds and colours stunning. The music has a lot of energy and beauty, while the cartoon goes at a cracking pace and while there is the odd sadistic gag(though none of them are as sadistic as the Gene Dietch cartoons) Baby Puss is very funny and makes the most of a somewhat unoriginal but never predictable story. So overall, very enjoyable, well animated and funny. 9/10 Bethany Cox

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puss in booties

Author: movieman_kev from United States
30 May 2005

An annoying prepubescent white girl dresses Tom the cat up as a baby, a bonnet, little booties, a diaper, the whole nine yards. Tom only puts up with it to get the delicious milk and is having a good time until Jerry the mouse sees him which enrages him while the mouse mocks him. Later Jerry gets Tom's feline friends over and embarrass's him further. I hear some people say this one is too sadistic. Hello.. this is a Tom and Jerry cartoon people. If you think it's too sadistic go watch the ultra-liberal crap-fest that is "Captain Planet" This hilarious cartoon can be found on disc one of the Spotlight collection DVD of "Tom & Jerry".

My Grade: A

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Tom the Baby

Author: Julia Arsenault (ja_kitty_71) from Canada
19 September 2010

This short is one of my favorite Tom & Jerry shorts from 1943. In this short, Tom was forced to play "baby" for the little girl of the house and he did not like it one bit! except for the milk from the bottle. Then when the child left the room, Jerry peeks from behind a doll house and sees Tom, who is enjoying the bottle (for the milk) and mocks him by playing "Rock-a-Bye Baby" on the turntable and pretends to be a baby himself - I love that part. Tom is furious and chases Jerry into the doll-house. Just when it seems that Tom has Jerry cornered, Nancy returns and scolds Tom again. Tucking Tom back in bed, Nancy threatens to feed him castor oil if he gets out again.

Jerry emerges from the doll house and runs to the window to get the attention of Meathead (from the short Sufferin' Cats! ), Butch and Topsy, Tom's three alley cat friends who are outside. When the trio see Tom, they begin to make fun of him. When Tom confronts the other cats, they continue to tease and humiliate him...poor Tom. Overall, I love this cartoon.

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This episode is a little more sadistic than usual.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
21 March 2008

After he is forced to dress up and act like a baby by a sadistic little girl, poor old Tom becomes the victim of bullying by Jerry and a group of nasty alley cats.

Tom is physically and verbally attacked for the entire duration of this cartoon by every other character, and, although the level of violence is not particularly any higher than in other episodes, Baby Puss seems more mean spirited than your average T&J adventure. The result just isn't as enjoyable as usual.

There is also an overlong musical number which feels rather incongruous, and an unsatisfying ending which sees both Tom and Jerry getting a dose of Castor oil that makes them violently sick (I wanted Tom to turn the tables on his tormentors).

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one of the cutest cartoons ever made!

Author: Mary-18
20 September 2002

This is one of my favorite Tom and Jerry cartoons. There isn't much plot, but everything that happens is just so delightful, funny, and beautifully animated, it's hard not to love. Tom's bratty alleycat friends are always fun to watch, and Tom is definitely at his most helpless and adorable. For old music fans, Baby Puss features a dozen great old standards brilliantly orchestrated.

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Too Mean-Spirited To Enjoy

Author: ccthemovieman-1 from United States
10 July 2007

This is one of the few Tom and Jerry cartoons I would never watch again. You know, there are many times when I watch these entertaining Tom and Jerry cartoons I root for Tom, just out of compassion. Many times he gets brutalized by Jerry but usually there's a decent reason. Tom is usually chasing him. But in this cartoon, Tom gets literally tortured by other cats and takes a lot abuse physically and verbally for no reason, except incredible meanness.

In the house he resides in, at least in this cartoon, some idiot little girl dresses him up as a baby complete with bonnet and diapers, puts him in a little crib, scolds him and then - thankfully - leaves. At Tom enjoys the bottle of milk she left him. In fact, he loves the milk so much he doesn't mind acting like a baby while he's enjoying the drink. Jerry is watching him go goo-goo over the milk and makes fun of him. In no time, the usual chase is on, but only until the brat comes back.

Once again Tom has to endure this obnoxious girl. In all, it happens three times. Between the second and third, Jerry summons the neighborhood cats in to tease Tom about his outfit and baby acting. It becomes more than teasing and the cartoon becomes almost shocking in its sadism

There were some funny scenes but not enough to overcome the mean spirit in this animated short.

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Unusual Tom and Jerry short marred by being overly sadistic

Author: world_of_weird from England
10 December 2004

Even by Tom and Jerry's own violent standards, Baby Puss is disturbingly callous. It begins with an unusual premise - the usual 'owner', the plump black maid, is nowhere to be seen, and Tom appears to have been catnapped by an annoying little girl who wants to play mummy-and-baby with him. Tom puts up with this nonsense because he loves the bottled milk she feeds him, but this cosseted life comes to an end when Jerry invites Tom's alley cat friends to see how their leader is being humiliated. This leads to a lengthy slapstick sequence in which Tom is bullied relentlessly, and maybe it's because he's dressed as a toddler that I found this quite hard to take, especially the part where his head is blown up like a balloon and later stamped on repeatedly. I'm no wimp and I usually love violent cartoons, but this seemed too close to child abuse for comfort. Having said that, there are plenty of laughs and even - unusually for a 1940s cartoon - a couple of jokes about vomiting!

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Baby Puss

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
29 December 2015

Baby Puss (1943)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

One of the best in the series has Tom being dressed up as a baby by the little girl who lives with him. This leads to Tom being picked on by Jerry but things get even worse for the poor cat when a group of alley cats show up to continue the abuse. BABY PUSS is without question the best film in the series up to this point and it manages to feature one great laugh after another. For starters, the voice of the little girl is just so perfectly annoying that you really can't feel Tom's pain. The comedy aspect is extremely high and especially with the various abuses that Tom receives at the hands of the other cats. The diaper changing sequence is just a classic as is the scene where Jerry does some cross-dressing. Fans of the series will certainly love this one.

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best one ... should have been awarded

Author: phgaynor1 from monasterboice, Ireland
23 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of the best Tom and Jerry cartoons ever made, enforced by the tribute to Carmen Miranda (who's she? Answer: a Latin American singer with a fruit bowl on her head and with amazing her on the internet!!!) All our family get a laugh out of this cartoon and any time we watch it I say it's definitely the best episode out of them all. The facial expressions really set out who the characters are. The singing and dancing lighten the violence with the small cat being done just like the famous singer (Carmen Miranda; see above). Watch it and enjoy. it is a tonic!!!! If I was a teacher, I'd grade it A+++++++!!! (Just to tell you, I'm not a teacher).

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