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When Leopold wakes up in Stuart's apartment, he says Stuart "could be Jack the Ripper for all I know." Jack the Ripper's crime spree began in the late 1880s.
Leopold is from 1876, yet he is familiar with Puccini's "La Boheme" (first performed in 1896), Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance" (first performed in 1879), and Puccini's "Tosca" (1900). In the Italian (dubbed) version, Leopold mentions Verdi's "La Traviata", first performed in 1853.
In Leopold's uncle's house, the portrait of a young Leo (age 5-10) and his parents shows costumes from 3 different periods. If Leo was 30 in 1876, he was born in 1846, and would be 5 in 1851. The mother's costume dates to about 1876; the boy's is from about 1780.
Among the people he admires Leopold mentions "Edison with his lamp", Diesel, Bell and Westinghouse. In 1876, when the movie takes place, Edison has just got his first interest in incandescent lamps, Rudolph Diesel is 18, Bell's phone has just been patented and it is still 10 years until the foundation of Westinghouse Electric Company.
Leopold listens to a speech by John Roebling in April 1876. Roebling died in 1869, a few weeks after construction of the Brooklyn Bridge began. It could be Roebling's son, Washington, but he was born and educated in the United States, and would not to speak with a German accent. He also didn't visit the construction site between 1872 and 1883.
When Stuart takes pictures "in the past," a 50-star US flag is in the background.
Leo says his surname is Mountbatten, a made-up Anglicization of the German name Battenberg. It was adopted by the British Battenbergs (part of the royal family) during World War I, when anti-German sentiment was high.
"Manhattan Beach" is played at the Brooklyn Bridge dedication in 1876. John Philip Sousa wrote the song in 1893.
The Brooklyn Bridge was dedicated in 1883, not 1876.

Character error 

When Kate, Leopold and others go walking outside, they wear jackets or coats; a sign that the movie is set in colder months. When Kate goes to the rooftop dinner, with Leopold she wears a sleeveless summer dress, without a coat. Considering the other scenes, it would probably be colder at night than the daytime, when she was wearing a coat.
At the mental hospital, Stuart claims that dogs are colorblind and wouldn't be able to see a rainbow. While dogs are colorblind (they have deuteranopia) they would still be able to see a rainbow, just not all of the colors of the rainbow.
When Leopold is telling Hector about the Pirate King, he gets the plot of The Pirates of Penzance wrong. The Pirate King didn't fall in love with one of the Major General's daughters; rather, Frederick, the apprentice pirate, fell in love with her.
When in 1876, Leopold is addressed both as "Your Highness" and "Your Grace." However, the former is only used to address Dukes who are also members of the Royal family, in which case the latter is never used and would be considered offensive. If Leopold is not a member of the Royal family, then he should only be addressed as "Your Grace," and using the style "Your Highness" would be incorrect and offensive to the royal family. However, because his dance partner, who is an American, would not realize the offense and uses Your Highness. Thus the forced smile from Leopold and the stoic expression from Otis. Leopold's surname is "Mountbatten" suggesting that he is of the House of Mountbatten (formerly the House of Battenberg until world war I) which was a morganatic branch of royalty that was not capable of inheriting titles such as a dukedom.


At the beginning of the film, when Stuart and Kate are talking on the phone, the clock behind them jumps back five minutes.
During the rooftop dinner, the strap of Kate's dress alternates between on her shoulder and off her shoulder between shots.
When Kate gets up to bring dishes into the kitchen, her sleeves are at her elbows. When she returns to the table, her sleeves are at her wrist. In the next shot, they're back at her elbows.
When Leopold tells a story to the boy in the apartment, the remote he put in his pants like a sword, flips from front to back after Charlie enters.
After Kate and Leopold sit outside, watching the old man switch off the lights at midnight, Kate complains about the day being a Sunday, turns towards him, and puts her arm around Leopold. In the next shot, she turns to his side again.
Kate's hairstyle changes repeatedly during the business dinner event at the modern Madison Ave house, and less obviously (but still noticeably) back in time at the same location.
Leopold chases Stuart out of his home and to the bridge in the pouring rain. When Kate comes back to that time, the streets are dry, with no rain, just some thunder and lightning in the sky behind the bridge.
When Charlie and Leopold talk on the sidewalk before going to the restaurant where Kate and J.J. are waiting, Charlie holds a cell phone. It disappears in the next shot, then reappears in the last shot before he runs into the restaurant.
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Errors in geography 

When Leopold first sees his house from the 1800's while walking with Kate in the present day, the cross street sign says "Pearl St." Pearl Street is in the south end of Manhattan. When Kate leaves her cab at Leopold's house, she asks the cab driver if it's 316 Madison Ave., which is in midtown, and stops at 23rd Street.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

The gray silk dress Kate wears at Madison Ave house is plain during the business dinner, but when she goes back in time the dress neckline is decorated with ruffle chiffon.

In the extra features of the film, it was explained by the costume designer that the differences in Kate's dress between the dinner and her time travel were intentional differences.

Revealing mistakes 

In the final act, Darci walks up to an elevator, goes to push the button and misses it by about six inches. The elevator arrives anyway.
When Charlie follows Kate to secretly give her the apology letter from Leopold, you can see Kate try to open her brief case a little so Charlie can slip the letter in.

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