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Johnny Grey (Victor Mature) learns that he will inherit $100,000 - if he marries Terry Havalok-Allen (Lucille Ball) , the descendant of his great-grandfather's long lost love. The problem is that both Johnny and Terry are engaged to other people. Johnny is engaged to Latin songstress Mapy Cortes, who just happens to show up at the Army camp with Les Brown and the Band of Renown. Johnny, on leave before shipping overseas to Japan, has seven days to woo Terry away from her rich fiance. In her screen debut, Marcy McGuire has some cute musical numbers and appears as Terry's younger sister Mickey. Freddy Martin and his Orchestra appear, and Marcy belts out her intro to movie musicals in a hot rendition of "Touch of Texas". Marcy and another first-timer Arnold Stang turn out to be would-be scene stealers!

On their first date, Johnny takes Terry to a broadcast of "Truth or Consequences", where Ralph Edwards & Co. do their best to embarass Johnny and Terry as contestants. Terry begins to fall for Johnny, with a little help from cupid Mickey. Mickey casually romances one of the other soldiers, Bitsy. (Arnold Stang's character) Johnny loses Terry temporarily coincidentally during a musical number by the inimitable Ginny Simms. It all works out in the end!


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