What a Town! NEVER SLEEPS! Three shifts 'round the clock...and one shift's always raisin' Cain! Dames?...the town's full of 'em! Exciting...thrilling...sensational story of a boy and girl...dizzy with love...caught in the whirlpool of intrigue around one of our vital war plants...DRAMA...with the drive of a demolition bomb! (original poster)
DAMES IS DYNAMITE! Take it from two-fisted powder monkey Jeems O'Shea! Detonating drama of life and love keyed to the stepped-up tempo of a vital area gone all-out for victory...Young romance in the hands of the war gods!
and WHAT a Town...when the day shift goes off at the Jupiter plant...and the night shift comes on at the Rainbow Gardens Dance Hall...powdered molls and powder monkeys puttin' the "boom" in a boom town! (original poster)
WOW - AND HOW! It's love keeping pace with the national speed-up program---Gorgeous gals...goofy guys blastin' the lid off a rough 'n' ready POWDER TOWN (original ad)
EXPLOSIVE FUN AND FURY in a seething "Arsenal of Democracy"!
DRAMA... with the drive of a demolition bomb!

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