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Movie Poster of the Week: "Designing Woman"

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To tie in with the essential Complete Vincente Minnelli series running all this month at Bam, I started looking at Minnelli posters with the hope of finding something interesting. Surely the most stylish of Hollywood auteurs would have bounteous posters to match his visual élan and dazzling color palette. However, with the exception of the iconic Gigi poster, an oddity like The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, or the two striking 1970 designs for On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, most of his posters are fairly conventional illustrations on the order of The Pirate.

One poster that caught my eye though was this alternative poster for Designing Woman (1957) (the better known version is this). A photographed 3-dimensional montage made out of cut up paper, cloth and other objects, the collage is the work of Romanian emigré Jacques Kapralik (1906-1960). A talented caricaturist who drew cartoons for newspapers in Bucharest while still a teenager,
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Shadow Chaser by Alexey Pehov – review

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With Shadow Chaser, Alexey Pehov once again delivers the goods. His sequel to Shadow Prowler is a fantasy novel full of action, adventure, swords and sorcery, and the peerless thievery of the hero of The Chronicles of Siala series, Shadow Harold. This time, though he likes to work alone, the only way he can fulfill his promised Commission to the king and bring back the Rainbow Horn is to rely on the help of the small retinue of warriors (the Wild Hearts) and magic users that the king has assigned him. To accomplish his goal, he must use the Crimson Key and journey to the underground palaces and labyrinths of Hrad Spein, where ogres, orcs, elves, and men have buried their fallen warriors. Easier said than done, when the Key has been wrested from his control by men working for the Nameless One, who is stirring after centuries of relative peace,
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