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Introducing Zé Carioca
Claudio Carvalho9 March 2010
While the music "Aquarela do Brasil" by Ary Barroso is sung by Aloysio Oliveira, a paintbrush makes a tribute to the beauties of Brazil. Donald Duck arrives and meets José "Zé" Carioca, a native from Rio de Janeiro. Zé Carioca gives a Brazilian hug in Donald and invites him in Portuguese to visit places in Rio de Janeiro. However, Donald cannot understand the language and Zé Carioca repeats the invitation in English. They go to the famous sidewalk in Copacabana; then they go (probably) to Cinelândia to drink cachaça, and Donald ends the night dancing with Carmen Miranda in the Cassino da Urca.

In 1942, during the period of the Good Neighbor Policy of the United States of America with Latin America to gather allied to fight in World War II, Carmen Miranda was invited to move to America where she built a successful career; n the same period, Walt Disney released Zé Carioca. Despite of the political intention, this nostalgic and imaginative animation is a great homage to Brazil. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "Aquarela do Brazil" ("Watercolor of the Brazil")
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eeebyegumm19 June 2008
I find this compulsive viewing and very well crafted. The idea of painting in the characters and background at the same time as the animation transforms works brilliantly and I find the plot rather funny. I think that it has a slightly week ending but this does not matter. Donald not understanding Portuguese.... brilliant! For its time this is an excellent animation. As for smoking cigars : people still do that today - this film was made in 1942!

This cartoon reflects something of the wartime period in which it was made - fun and escapism, exotic locations and flowers - in a period of horror and war. Contrast this against the animation of Donald Duck and Nazi's. I love it.
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Disney animators went to Brazil and all I got was this lousy animated short.
xfile197125 September 2003
This totally bland Disney short starts out with an artist's hand painting plants and flowers and such. Eventually, Donald Duck and a parrot named Jose Carioca are drawn. Jose spouts out a whole lotta Portuguese while Donald tries to figure out what he's saying. Jose and Donald samba on into town. They visit a cafe and Donald drinks something really hot. The most interesting part is when Jose smokes a cigar. The burning question is...why did Disney allow this to remain, but they removed the cigar which Goofy was smoking in the "El Gaucho Goofy" animated short? Perhaps the world will never know. 1/10
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