Across the Pacific (1942) Poster


Rick Leland: It'll probably end up with Captain Higoto marrying us on the boat.

Alberta Marlow: Oh, no! I want a church wedding and a groom who's got more than two suits.

Rick Leland: Hey, are you getting sick?

Alberta Marlow: I don't know. How do girls usually act when you kiss them?

Rick Leland: Well, they don't turn green.

Alberta Marlow: Then I'm sick. Get me out of here.

Rick Leland: [comparing his gun to Dr. Lorenz's] Mine's bigger than yours.

Rick Leland: I never saw anybody like you, you never have any clothes on.

Alberta Marlow: Well if anyone heard you complaining about it they would put you in a psychopathic ward.

Rick Leland: When you're slapped, you're gonna take it and like it.

Alberta Marlow: We were discussing Philippine economics when we were so rudely interrupted.

Dr. Lorenz: My own field! Miss Marlowe was kind enough to listen to me.

Rick Leland: They're going to be free in 1946, aren't they?

Dr. Lorenz: They are - provided America does not insist on fighting a war with Japan. It's my opinion that that contingency is going to keep the Philippines from being free.

Alberta Marlow: Won't Japan gobble them up?

Rick Leland: No offense, but Japan or Canada or anybody else can have the Philippines as far as I'm concerned. It's hot in Manila!

Dr. Lorenz: Might even be hotter before long.

Alberta Marlow: Hot enough to go around in shorts?

Rick Leland: Ah, there's a Canadian for you! Let them take their clothes off, and they're happy.

Alberta Marlow: [Talking about Japanese people in general] You are always so calm. You never show anything.

Capt. Higoto: We are told not to. It is our way of rife. We must not show too much sad-i-ness or too much joy. If you praise what we have, we say it is nus-sing. If you admire our sons, we must say thay are unworthy.

Rick Leland: [to Lorenz as they both view U.S. planes overhead] Any of your friends in Tokyo have trouble committing hari-kiri, those boys'd be glad to help them out.

Rick Leland: How are you doing, angel?

Alberta Marlow: I think I got pushed in the face by someone. My - My lipstick's smeared.

Rick Leland: Aww, you look cute.

Alberta Marlow: And now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go to my cabin... and faint.

Alberta Marlow: [after they kiss] What's the matter?

Rick Leland: Look, I didn't mean that.

Alberta Marlow: I did. Why didn't you?

Rick Leland: Well, a fellow with a suit like mine, shouldn't go around kissing girls.

Rick Leland: If you catch pneumonia, what will happen to our romance?

Alberta Marlow: What will happen to it anyway, if you don't shave.

Rick Leland: How can you come from Medicine Hat?

Alberta Marlow: There's nothing wrong with Medicine Hat! It's hot in the summer, cold in the winter and nothing ever happens there!

Joe Totsuiko: Pull up a chair, Joe. Thanks, I will. What's that you're knocking yourselves out with? Hey, waiter, I'll have one of those. Well, how we doing?

Rick Leland: Don't be an innocent bystander; they always get hurt.

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Alberta Marlow: I'm not so obsessed with money as you seem to be. I can do without it.

Rick Leland: You stick around with me and you'll get plenty of practice.

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