Stick to Your Guns (1941) Poster


HERE COMES THAT HAIR-TRIGGER...HARD-RIDIN' HERO! (original poster - all caps)
BAR-20 BOYS AGAINST AN ARMY OF KILLERS...but nothing can stop Hopalong and his pals when justice calls! (original poster)
DANGER can't stop Cassidy and the Bar-20 boys when a pal's in trouble! (original poster)
DANGER to every stranger...but Cassidy dares a one-man invasion of the death-ridden Black Buttes! (original poster)
CASSIDY RIDES INTO A DEATH TRAP...with his eyes wide open...and his hands on his guns! There's danger in every step...treachery in every yard...but nothing can stop Hopalong when a pal's in trouble! (original poster)
IT'S "HOPPY'S" TOP TWO-GUN THRILL! (original print ad - all caps)

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