Citizen Kane (1941) Poster


Plot Keywords

rosebud newspaper
reporter last words
xanadu flashback
estate death
power friend
money millionaire
mansion two word title
castle thunder 20th century
19th century written and directed by cast member
media tycoon friendship
false promise of the american dream lifting a male into the air
cult film lifting someone into the air
lifting an adult into the air montage
man with glasses mislaid trust
reference to coleridge actor director writer
watching a newsreel newsreel in plot
good deed waiting for love
visual metaphor unknown
unhappiness tragic hero
secret past multiple perspectives
longing isolation
hidden truth frustration
deathbed deathbed talk
dark past dark hero
apathy spinning newspaper
new york city snowglobe
singing lesson second wife
roman a clef newspaper headline montage
newsreel spoof wealth
voice over narration unfaithfulness
trophy theater critic
snow shadow play
politics pipe smoking
picnic nursing home
nurse newspaper editor
musical number limousine
kublai khan irony
fire exotica
editor drink
drinking dancing
dancer breakfast
adulterer leitmotif
macguffin trustee
toothache stock market crash
spanish american war puzzle
opera house nightclub
mother son relationship memoir
infidelity hospital
guardian governor
florida father son relationship
election drunkenness
divorce colorado
chicago illinois butler
boarding house attempted suicide
atlantic city new jersey second marriage
husband wife relationship scene during end credits
zoo giraffe
egoist directed by star
long take narcissism
control freak abused child
shadow price of fame
mist landmark
gondola fog
fence animal
no opening credits enigma
extramarital affair suicide
rise to power rags to riches
publisher politician
melancholy marriage
loneliness career
ambition imagery
hall of mirrors furnace
fireplace extravagance
1920s journalist
jigsaw puzzle megalomaniac
1890s business tycoon
deep focus 1870s
alternative history library
film within a film materialism
1930s media mogul
sled journalism
obsession dying words
mistress newspaper publisher
scandal suicide attempt
business singer
christmas adultery
blackmail alienation
opera famous line
fictional biography great depression
newsreel rich snob
influence octopus
tragedy character name in title
surprise ending

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