The Thief of Bagdad (1940) Poster


One Thousand and One Sights from One Thousand and One Nights
THE MOST ROMANTIC ROGUE OF ALL TIME! (original print ad - all caps)
IN MAGIC TECHNICOLOR (original print ad - all caps)
GIGANTIC! The Wonder Picture of All Time! (original poster)
Dwarfing anything ever seen...a mountainous Genie piercing the clouds...flying horses winging over Jewelled cities...a magic carpet that spans the world like the swiftest bird. (original poster)
THE WONDER of the Enchanted Princess. Whoever looks upon her beauty dies---but Ahmad dares to win her favor! (original poster)
THE WONDER of the masked magician who transforms a prince into a beggar...a boy into a barking dog! (original poster)
THE WONDER of the Spider King...ten times human size ---yet Abu dares him to battle! (original poster)
The Wonder Picture of All Time
Three brave hearts, adventuring in a wonder world!

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