The Thief of Bagdad (1940) Poster

Plot Keywords

thief king
flying princess
prince evil
bottle beggar
dungeon magic
bare chested male bondage arms tied overhead
genie in a bottle villain
unwanted hug turned into a dog
trumpet toy collector
throwing a dog overboard throwing an animal overboard
three wishes sword
supernatural power storm
stepping on someone stealing food
statue stabbing
stabbed with a knife stabbed in the back
slow motion scene sleeping
slave girl shot in the head
saved from execution sausage
sand sadistic laughter
running away from home rose
romantic kiss reverse motion scene
reflection in water rear projection
prison prisoner
prayer pancake
old man not used to wearing clothes
mocking laughter mistaking reality for dream
melon manic laughter
lightning key
jealousy jealous man
hypnotist hypnotism
human skeleton honey
herald guide dog
golden age giant statue
frying pan freeze frame
forgetfulness flying man
fish as food father daughter relationship
facial cut executioner
evil man evil laughter
escape from prison embrace
disguised as a genie collector
clock childish behavior
chess carrying a sword in one's mouth
broken sword bow and arrow
bound in chains blue rose
blind man black woman
black man beheading
bed bare chested male
arrow apology
amnesia all seeing eye
adolescent adolescent boy
place name in title city name in title
weather manipulation usurper
unlikely friendship turned into an animal
stabbed to death shot with an arrow
redemption multiple arms
falling from height evil doll
arabian nights skeleton
shipwreck octopus
harem giant spiderweb
echo buddha
fairy tale panther
elephant legend
baghdad mesopotamia evil magician
rescue sorcerer
islam magic crystal
teleportation tent
animal abuse friendship
blindness kidnapping
magic carpet wish
flying horse crossbow
prophecy earthquake
mechanical toy mythology
carrack quest
arabian storm at sea
execution beach
trance murder
dog canyon
middle ages sword fight
animate statue love at first sight
garden giant spider
sultan remake
reflection genie
idol guide animal
temple archery

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