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Leave it to Universal to take you away to Another World.
mark.waltz24 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A forward to this pre-war film indicates that at every corner of the world, you'll find an American, whether that's a good thing or not, looking out for American interests. This is a small African community where the train to Karanga boards. Once the journey begins, it ends up turning into "Murder on the Karamga Express", focusing on three men: Charles Bickford, James Craig and John Sutton, and an exotic nurse, Luli Deste, as they head to the location of a native uprising as the threat of a bomb ready to go off interrupts the journey. All this plot shoved neatly into one hour!

Slow patches mix oddly with comical ones or moments of intensity, and one that mixes the later two with a comic drunk unaware that the cobra which he thinks is a vision isn't. Nobody but Universal could rush out hundreds of B programmers like this without shame, often silly and unbelievable, usually filled with the most ridiculous of stereotypes and some comic relief by Andy Devine or sinister intent by Lon Chaney Jr., but they are not among this cast. It moves tremendously fast as it reaches its climax, and ends up completely satisfying if not without those wonderful moments of ridiculousness.
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Express train in deep Africa
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I won't add anything to the plot described above in the tag line.

I just saw this pretty well done Universal movie shot in 1940. As usual in Universal adventure and westerns film from these years, there is plenty of action and a little humor. Fast paced, you can see at the first watch it's not a MGM feature or a Paramount neither. MGM, for instance, are famous for their length or heaviness, and sometimes for the boredom they may give to the audience. Especially in adventure films. But I won't spit on the Lion's Company, although.

SOUTH TO KARANGA is no Jack Cardiff's masterpiece THE MERCENARIES, the story of a train crossing a hot Africa country side infested of savage hostile tribes. But it's a real entertaining movie from the 40's, as we can expect from Universal studios.
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