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Building a Building but with Donald Duck
TheLittleSongbird27 June 2012
Just like Building a Building is one of Mickey Mouse's finest cartoons, The Riveter is likewise for Donald Duck. The animation is bright and crisp, like the best animation of this particular era for Disney, while the music is energetic and characterful, enhancing the action as it should do. The story is similar to Building a Building, but the way The Riveter is told it is never derivative of it, plus the cartoon has not a dull spot. But what The Riveter succeeds most are in the characters and gags. Pete always was a his best as a foil to Mickey and Donald, and helped by the inspired rapport with Donald The Riveter is no exception. Donald makes the cartoon work, still as easily frustrated yet likable as ever. The action and gags are numerous and every moment is very funny, especially the rivet sequence, Pete and Donald manning up to each other and Donald's unnerved reactions to the sound of the rivet gun. Overall, simply great, beautifully animated and lots of fun. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Donald gets the upper hand.
OllieSuave-0077 June 2015
Donald Duck gets hired as a riveter, despite his lack of experience, after gruff and mean construction foreman Pegleg Pete has fired his riveter. What results is classic and funny Donald trying to work the machine, sending rivets all over the place and against himself shaken and tumbled across the building frame by the tool.

This is Donald at one of his best, displaying his frustrated and bad luck prone personality. It will send laughter to a wide audience, as the action, goofs and gags are just a treat to watch.

The animation is vibrant, the music is catchy and the sound effects are wild. Despite Donald always getting a lot of bad luck, he seems to get the last laugh in many of his misadventures in this one. It's one of the best Donald cartoon shorts!

Grade A
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Shawn Watson16 August 2005
Where do I get these jokes from? Man, I crack myself up. I've been waiting all day to do that one.

In this cartoon an apparently unemployed Donald is wandering around town singing the High-Ho song from Snow White. He comes upon a construction site and applies for the job of Riveter despite obviously having no experience in this field.

Much to his distress he begins his day of labor at the top of a zillion-foot high skyscraper (though the elevator only ascends 1 floor!) and his boss is an easily irritated man. Disaster follows as per usual but at least this one ends with Donald getting the upper hand on his beastly boss.
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Too "gadgety" for my taste
filmreviews@web.de13 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"The Riveter" is an American short film from 1940, so this one is already over 75 years old and it is from the dark days of World War II. With Donald starring in it, it is of course a Disney cartoon. The names Lundy, Bletcher and Nash will perhaps strike similar to some if you have an interest in these really old films from the Golden Age of Animation. i can see why they brought joy to the people, nut just the children. However, this one here left me mostly unimpressed. The plot reminds me a bit of Micky being up there in very old black-and-white cartoons as construction sites have always been a frequent location for cartoon movies. I think his antagonist looked very similar to Pegler Pete too, if it wasn't him even. Anyway, the main problem i had with this little movie is already described in the title of my review here as comedy that relies on gadgets and tools usually isn't really to my liking in animated short films. This one here is a perfect example fitting the description. I like Donald, but slapstick routine just didn't cut the cake here. Not a problem though as there are hundreds of other better cartoons from that time, many of them starring Disney characters like Donald as well. The gadget comedy may work for Roadrunner and Coyote, but for world's most famous duck it doesn't Thumbs-down from me. not recommended.
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