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The One that Started It All!
TheMan305112 November 2002
On the 20th of February in the year 1940 William Hanna and Joseph Barbera along side Rudolph Ising did a little short about a cat chasing a mouse who gets the tables turned around. The premise seemed simple enough considering the fact that most Warner Bros. Cartoons were like that. But with the talent of Hanna-Barbera simple premise was turned into gold and they soon had a successful short and an Oscar Nomination. Since at the time MGM cartoons were either stupid musicals or Barney Bear shorts. The short "Puss Gets the Boot" seemed like good competition for the Warner shorts. So soon after Hanna-Barbera found themselves working on the wonderful Tom and Jerry shorts which they would continue to make for the next 15 years!

This cartoon itself is not the best but it's still funny and contains a lot of great gags.

4(****)out of 4(****)stars

A Great Start for the Tom and Jerry shorts!
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The first Tom and Jerry cartoon
Robert Reynolds6 March 2001
This short, nominated for an Oscar it should have won in 1940, is the first Tom and Jerry, for all that the cat's name is "Jasper". The Tom and Jerry cartoons generally break down into one of four eras: the early ones, when Rudolf Ising was involved, then the ones that Hanna and Barbera did with Fred Quimby producing, then the ones Chuck Jones did and finally the Gene Deitch efforts. Each had a different look and feel to them that make them instantly recognizable and unmistakable as to who did them. But the most remarkable transformation in appearance and style was the change between the early ones and the ones in the later 1940s. In every way, it's quite a change. This is the best of the early ones. Most recommended.
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Okay, But Mainly For Historical Value
ccthemovieman-124 July 2007
This is a historic cartoon in that it's the first ever Tom and Jerry. Actually, it's not even called that because Tom is "Jasper" in this one, and he looks different. His face is bigger and fuzzier. Actually, his whole body is furrier.

When you are used to seeing these Looney Tunes cartoons from mostly the late '40s through the 1950s and then you see the beginning years, like in Bugs Bunny's case, it's strange to see how they look. We get comfortable and used to seeing our "friends" a certain way, so I always prefer that over these early renditions of a character. I've said the same about Bugs and Daffy Duck.

Audio-wise, too, this is different in that Tom, when injured, makes screeching noises like an actual cat, which is not the norm for him.

However, the joke in this cartoon is one that they would use over and over, no matter who was doing the writing or animating: the cat being told "if this happens one more time, you're outta here..." and Jerry hearing that and planning to make sure that happens. In this debut cartoon the threat by the maid and the threat is that if "Jasper" breaks one more object in the house, he's toast.

For audiences in 1940, I'm sure this was very entertaining but for those of us who have seen at least 40-50 Tom and Jerry episodes, this is nothing we haven't seen done before and done much better. Overall: not bad but nothing special except for historical value.
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the greatest cartoon of them all followed by the cat and mouse duo
Mike Young1 September 2012
there was jasper the cat who tries to eat jerry, and chases him around the house, until jasper broke something, and mammy (originally lillian randolph, and the re-issued voice actor named thea vidale) warns jasper that if he breaks one more thing in this house, he is going out (o-u-w-t for lillian, and o-u-t for thea). this plot is absolutely excellent, and nothing can beat tom and jerry, droopy, spike and tyke, happy harmonies, and other mgm cartoons like the bear that wasn't (the 1960's in that year chuck jones version of T&J is created after gene deitch shorts). all of the tom and jerry shorts from puss gets the boot to the karate guard deserves an a++++ for the bestest picture (including background arts and character arts) and music scores in the Hollywood history. tom and jerry and their TV series and movies deserve the ultra ultimate champion awards for it's extremely best long running series although i am a fan of tom and jerry.
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Interesting start
TheLittleSongbird2 March 2011
I do think Tom and Jerry have done better before, the story is rather routine and there are one or two sound effects that sounded a little strange, but this is a very interesting start for the dynamic duo. Here they are called Jasper and Jinx, but they are as likable as ever, Jerry/Jinx especially is very cute when he squeaks.

The animation is quite good. Both Tom and Jerry look different but are well animated, while the backgrounds are very nice. The music is beautiful with a lot of energy, the sight gags and chases are funny and the pace is on the money.

Overall, Puss Gets the Boot is not Tom and Jerry's best, but for a debuting cartoon it is a fun and interesting one. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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He gets the boot...and an Oscar nomination!
Antzy888 August 2001
Jasper the cat breaks a vase when chasing the brown mouse (who would later be called Jerry -- according to Patrick Brion's 'Tom & Jerry: The Definitive Guide To Their Animated Adventures' he had no name at this time -- Tom and Jerry were apparently the results of an inter-company competition). The noise attracts the black maid of the house, who tells Jasper that if anything else got broken he would be out of the house ('O-U-W-T! Out!'). Guess what the mouse subsequently tries to do? This was the first of the Tom & Jerry cartoons, despite the difference in names. Although it seems a little slow-paced and long now, it did set the standard, and got further recognition of its brilliance when it was nominated for an Academy Award. It still has its charm, and is worth seeing if only to see the cartoon that started it all. Didn't Jasper/Tom look different back in 1940, eh?
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Jasper?! Nahhhhhhhhhh!
Michelle Roberts29 June 2007
I bought this originally for my Dad, but after being disappointed by two Betty Boop shorts, I decided to watch two Tom & Jerry's. Or so I thought. In the very first short, I'm greeted by Jasper (!) and Jinx (although not named as such in the short). "Jasper" looks much different to the Tom in later shorts. Tom ends up being a lot more scruffier, and dare I say it, almost evil! He's positively timid looking in this.

The story is basic Tom & Jerry/Jasper & Jinx, with Tom being threatened with being thrown out by his un-PC owner with the stripy socks (I remember those from childhood!) if he breaks another thing/makes a mess. So Jerry/Jinx get their revenge, and sets about throwing plates & glasses at the floor. It's mildly amusing, but predictable. Poor Tom/Jasper.
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The very first with Jasper and Jerry
rbverhoef6 January 2004
In this first cartoon about the cat and the mouse the cat is called Jasper. Why he is called Tom in the other cartoons is kind of explained in this short. The cat is teasing the mouse and the mouse seeks his revenge. After the cat breaks something he gets a warning. One more thing and he must go out of the house. The mouse is very willing to help the cat leave by trying to break things. Very funny and some great moments this is a great start for a very popular series of cartoons.
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Jasper and Jinx?
Shawn Watson21 May 2004
I prefer them to be called Tom and Jerry. This cartoon was made way back in 1940 and features the very first appearance of the troublesome twosome. Though they look rather different.

I guess Hannah-Barbera didn't know, at the time, what a massive franchise they had in their hands. Puss gets the Boot almost seems like a one-off short. Granted, Tom and Jerry never really did anything else than chase, and that's exactly what they do here.

It also features the Tom's owner (or owners slave), the highly racist and so un-PC black woman with the stripey socks. This would never be allowed today unless in satire. How glorious the early 20th century was.
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You have to start somewhere
Neil Welch3 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The first Tom & Jerry cartoon - even though the names have yet to be determined - established the basis of the pattern.

There's nothing wrong with a simple repetitive formula - look at the Road Runner cartoons - and the basic cat vs mouse idea, set in the home of people you more or less never see, with the mouse having an edge by virtue of being a touch craftier, proved to have considerable longevity.

This opener is, in truth, satisfactory but unexceptional. The caricature black housekeeper is seen these days as a racist stereotype: I suspect that he is actually a moderately accurate reflection of the time.
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First Tom and Jerry cartoon is below average.
OllieSuave-00715 January 2018
This is the first Tom and Jerry cartoon, where Jerry (Jinx) gives Tom (Jasper) a run for his money when he makes dishes come crashing to the floor, threatening to have Mammy Two-Shoes kick him out. It's a below average cartoon - there are better ones out there. Mammy Two-Shoes was funny, though.

Grade D+
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The Beginning Of A Great Era.....
trooper578329 July 2016
Tom And Jerry has been a historical part of many childhoods, including the childhood of the 15 year-old geek writing this review. Many generations of children in the present day are forced to soak up the blandness and laziness of modern cartoons, such as The Amazing World Of Gumball, Phineas And Ferb, Teen Titans Go!(my lord....), Sanjay And Craig, and so on. I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't enjoying them as much as the heads of Hollywood think they are, but if there's one thing I learnt from the animation format in all my life, I found that Tom And Jerry is much more significant than any mainstream Saturday morning cartoon, both historically and in my humble opinion. Take Puss Gets The Boot- the first of several shorts of the Tom And Jerry series, it might be completely different from most Tom And Jerry cartoons you normally see on TV, but I blame that on Cartoon Network's executives and chairman. However, you must remember the theory of evolution- change over time. Throughout the years, the animation in Tom And Jerry has improved in designs and textures, the number of characters have increased, the music has gone more complex, the list goes on. In Puss Gets The Boot, the characters look a little scruffier and less simplistic than the later shorts, Tom meows instead of yelping in pain(fun fact: the voice actor of Donald Duck at the time lended the screeching of Tom's character), and there's more of a reliance on African American stereotypes. What makes this short film so satisfying is that it shows that even in the beginning, Tom And Jerry still had it's charms of seeing this poor cat always failing to get what he desires, and the supposedly innocent little mouse getting the better end of the deal. This may be very well one of the best Tom And Jerry shorts, even if it had differences in what you'd usually see. Also, Mammy Two-Shoes is the stealer of the show, hearing her yell "O-U-W-T, out!" is just hilarious!
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First short from Tom and Jerry (Jasper&Jinx)
shobanchittuprolu24 May 2016
The very first cartoon of legendary series Tom and Jerry.Puss gets the boot has different names for Tom and Jerry as Jasper and Jinx (though not mentioned in short).So its a bit surprise.

In this episode,we can see a home cat Jasper tormenting a mouse Jinx.But hell breaks loose when a flower pot is broken by Jasper which angers its house lady.She warns him that any mess in home,Jasper will be OUT (OUWT!!) of house.Jinx gets that and plans to make a huge mess by breaking all things and Jasper tries to stop it.

This short has great funny moments as usual.Greatest factor of Tom and Jerry is that it will never make us bore and can even bring us laughs even when we know whats next.

So Puss gets Boot is great start .
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Puss Gets the Boot
Michael_Elliott27 December 2015
Puss Gets the Boot (1940)

*** (out of 4)

This here is the first "Tom and Jerry" cartoon, although at this stage they were being called Jasper and Jinx. The story is pretty simple as the mouse is getting picked on by the cat but soon the cat gets in trouble by the maid. One more broken dish and they cat goes outside so the mouse decides to cause some trouble. PUSS GETS THE BOOT isn't a great cartoon or a very good one but it's certainly entertaining. It's easy to see even in this flawed short that MGM had a good idea on their hands so it's no wonder that the future was bright for these two characters. There are some very funny moments including the highlight at the end where the cat has to try and keep dozens of dishes from breaking.
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Not the best Tom&Jerry, but some good moments
Warning: Spoilers
"Puss Gets the Boot" is a Tom & Jerry cartoon from 75 years ago and it was Oscar nominated. Produced Rudolf Ising probably was not too sad that it lost the awards, because another lesser-known work from him won in the cartoon category that year. This one here runs for almost 9 minutes, unusually long for the cartoons back then that were roughly 7 minutes long most of the time. Tom & Jerry clash again as always, but Tom's owner, a fat black woman, is sick of Tom causing mayhem and breaking things while chasing Jerry. Next time something breaks, Tom is thrown out. So basically, Jerry tries to break things for the entire movie and the momentum constantly shifts between the two. No surprise though who wins in the end. I must say that Jerry is a bit unlikeable in this one, more than usual, even if he just wants the guy gone who constantly tries to kill him. Tom looks different here still compared to newer T&J cartoons and it's not really common that we hear cat noises from him. I must say this was an okay watch all in all. i maybe would have liked a better ending that wasn't 100% positive for Jerry, maybe with the owner getting 2 new cats instead or so. Anyway, all in all a solid watch and I recommend it.
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Starring...Jasper and Jinx?
Otavio-clubpenguin21 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Don't get me wrong, even that "Puss gets the boot" can be funny sometimes, for a first short starring the duo, it's kind of weak.

This short was originally planed to be a one-shot short, but it's success created the franchise that we all know and love.

What's the Story?

Tom, In this short named Jasper, is playing with his pray, that is Jerry, in this short named Jinx. The chase goes on until Jasper accidentally breaks a vase, so the house's owner, Mammy-Two-Shoes, warns that if Jasper breaks something again, he'll be kicked out of the house; Jinx, that heard this, start to throw everything fragile against the floor. Jasper do his best to prevent this, but in the end Jinx win.

You can see clearly that this is the first episode, not only due the names, but Tom and Jerry, specially Tom, looked and acted more like real life animals, when Tom gets hurt, he makes Cats sounds, the only thing that comes up in my mind is a real life cat getting hurt, who would enjoy that?

But overall, yeah, nice episode, Jerry is adorable in this episode, a must see to every Tom and Jerry fan.
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Tom & Jerry's first ever short; Hanna and Barbera's rise to fame
Michael Taylor6 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
American animation masters William Hanna and Joseph Barbera started their first cartoon short in 1941 in what would be one of the greatest cartoon series of all time. Tom & Jerry became an iconic household brand for families and the mayhem between cat and mouse always ensured fun, especially the two-way rivalry - one getting the better of the other and vice versa - through some two hundred shorts.

Puss Gets the Boot follows a then-named Jasper (subsequently the only time before reverting to Tom) fiendishly toying with Jerry, an adorable yet irrevocably mischievous mouse. After some opening scenes of placing a fake mouse hole (with a funny moment of a dazed Jerry) and a plant pot incident, the ever-unnamed house owner gives Jasper his warning of preventing any more accidents. Like music to Jerry's ears, things don't go smoothly for Jasper - in fact it becomes an uphill battle to stop Jerry from giving him the boot. A devilish demeanour of throwing wine glasses, Jasper retracts the behaviour by using cushions to soften the fall of objects below. Eventually, after a great couple of minutes of Jasper balancing a twenty-foot mountain of assorted kitchen cutlery, he finally succumbs to the cruelty by being booted by Jerry (after swimming in his milk). Being thrown out, Jerry now subsequently enters his den.

The battle here is consistent, creative and very entertaining. The direction is brilliant and the stunning lighting and background rendering is photorealistic in its portrayal of a household circa 1940. The animation of both Jasper and Jerry, not to mention the house owner (though only the lower body) is terrific, with great expressions and movements that are natural in motion. Even little details such as water drops and dust particles are authentic. Hanna and Barbera have certainly taken quality cues from 1930s Disney lore to create a great-looking short.

The sound is equally impressive. The sound effects are great and the only voice-over in the short is good. The music, courtesy of to-be long-time composer Scott Bradley, is great, and phenomenal overall in capturing the fantastical yet sometimes-upbeat, sometimes-down tones of other shorts with his terrific orchestration. Music is definitely one of my long-admired Tom & Jerry qualities, and it all sounds great.

So, a great debut from Hanna and Barbera, Puss in Boots displays the great potential of the would-be franchise with great animation, sound and overall fun to create an impressive debut short.
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Tom and Jerry are Jasper and Jinx.
BA_Harrison13 March 2008
The cat and mouse duo we've come to know and love as Tom and Jerry began life as Jasper and Jinx in this 1940 cartoon from Hanna-Barbera. The early Tom/Jasper is a lot hairier than his latter incarnations, has a different look to his face (more menacing), and sounds more like a real cat; Jerry/Jinx is instantly recognisable, having not really changed much since this first outing.

The story is unremarkable and rather dull compared with later efforts, but this first appearance for the Cartoondom's greatest arch enemies sets the standards for many of the episodes to come: Tom chases Jerry; Jerry teases Tom; Tom is warned by his owner to behave; Jerry gets Tom in trouble; Tom gets punished.
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A great first appearance of the famous cat and mouse duo
I always wonder what was Tom & Jerry's first cartoon ever and now I know. It is this short, and I thought it is a great first appearance of the famous cat and mouse duo. Even though in this short they are known as Jasper & Jinks.

Mammy Two-Shoes always cracks me up (not to be racial and stereotypical here,so don't worry folks) with the "O-W-T - Out!" I also love the squeaky prayers of Jerry/Jinks too, it is SO cute. If anyone wonders which version of Tom & Jerry I love the most. It is Tom & Jerry from Hanna/Barbera (1940-1958) and from Looney Tunes animator Chuck Jones (1963-1967).
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You're Looking At History (SPOILERS)
I_Am_The_Taylrus11 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers

Wow, the first Tom and Jerry cartoon. Well, in this case Jasper and Jerry. The cartoon that started slapstick cartoons. William Hannah and Joseph Barbera (RIP) are geniuses for creating such a well-known duo of mishaps and mayhem. Back on to the cartoon, though. As you know, this being the first Tom and Jerry short, Jasper and Jerry look a bit different in this then the 50's or the 60's.

Here is the plot. A cat named Jasper constantly bugs a mouse named Jerry. He paints a mouse hole on the wall so Jerry bashes his head against the wall to try to get into the hole. Then, Jasper breaks a vase. His owner says she will kick him out if he breaks another thing. Jerry then tries to break things to get Jasper out. Jasper puts pillows on the floor so the china that Jerry drops will not break. Jerry then drops so much stuff that Jasper has a huge stack of plates in his hand. Jerry then drops on more. It breaks. Jasper then drops all of his plates. His owner kicks him out.

Overall, these eight minutes are a part of history, and this is great. If you can find this, please, watch it. If you do not you are missing out of the first short that features the infamous cat and mouse. Sure, Tom does not have the correct name he has these days and the animation does not look like the animation of Tom and Jerry so many years later but if you get all of that to the side this is one of the greatest shorts ever. Anyway, I have already said what I have wanted to say, so all I can say now is this is great. Pure fun and a delight to watch.

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I never liked Jerry....
ProgShred5 March 2006
Poor Tom, or in this case, "Jasper". All he ever does is try to earn his keep in his in his home by keeping those pesky rodents out of human sight. That little troublemaker mouse is always stealing the food, harassing that nice cat who deserves to live there, and in this cartoon, he sabotages the poor kitty's home life.

I think this is an evil little mouse, and I wish Hanna and Barbera would've at least given the poor cat a break once in a while. Tom is great and deserved much better respect than he was given, but he is a cat, so that in itself is more reward than a pesky little vermin like Jerry could ever know.
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