Pinocchio (1940) Poster



Disney's all-time family classic is back ...No strings attached! [1987 re-release Australia]
Walt Disney's Full Length FEATURE Production Pinocchio In Multiplane TECHNICOLOR
For The Young In Heart Of Every Age ! !
All The Magic Of Snow White - Yet so excitingly different ! ! !
A masterpiece of animation . . . a burst of fun and adventure [1985 Australian re-release]
...makes no difference who you are, you'll love Walt Disney's Pinocchio [1978 re-release]
Jiminy Cricket - what a show!
So wonderful you'll want to see it again! [1945 re-release]
Pure enjoyment... with no strings attached. [1984 re-release]
For anyone who has ever wished upon a star.
The Wonder Tale The Whole World Loves!
For the happiest time of your life! [1962 re-release]
The story the whole world loves.
When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.

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