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Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
29 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mickey is shown getting ready to board a train. However, he's told that he cannot take the dog aboard, so he spends much of the cartoon trying to sneak the mutt on the train. Unfortunately, Pluto barks and makes a nuisance of himself and the conductor, Pete, is always one step away from discovering the animal. But, again and again, Mickey and Pluto manage to avoid his grasp. In the end, they are caught AND Pete manages to catch them.

All in all, a pleasant but rather unremarkable Mickey short. Like all shorts from the late 1930s, the animation is great (with wonderful colors and lovely details that practically scream 'quality') and the story brisk and enjoyable.

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A Mouse Tale On The Tracks

Author: Ron Oliver ( from Forest Ranch, CA
17 November 2002

A Walt Disney MICKEY MOUSE Cartoon.

MR. MOUSE TAKES A TRIP by train from Burbank to Pomona - a distance of about twenty-five miles as the elephant flies - but Pluto's presence on board causes a major confrontation with the conductor.

This very enjoyable little film is a tip of the straw hat to the classic screwball comedies of the 1930's, with their wild antics often set on board trains. Superior animation and quick pacing keep the action moving right along. Pete is perfect as the villainous conductor. Can there be any doubt that the unseen female he twice upsets in the lower berth is none other than Clarabelle Cow?

Walt Disney (1901-1966) was always intrigued by drawings. As a lad in Marceline, Missouri, he sketched farm animals on scraps of paper; later, as an ambulance driver in France during the First World War, he drew figures on the sides of his vehicle. Back in Kansas City, along with artist Ub Iwerks, Walt developed a primitive animation studio that provided animated commercials and tiny cartoons for the local movie theaters. Always the innovator, his ALICE IN CARTOONLAND series broke ground in placing a live figure in a cartoon universe. Business reversals sent Disney & Iwerks to Hollywood in 1923, where Walt's older brother Roy became his lifelong business manager & counselor. When a mildly successful series with Oswald The Lucky Rabbit was snatched away by the distributor, the character of Mickey Mouse sprung into Walt's imagination, ensuring Disney's immortality. The happy arrival of sound technology made Mickey's screen debut, STEAMBOAT WILLIE (1928), a tremendous audience success with its use of synchronized music. The SILLY SYMPHONIES soon appeared, and Walt's growing crew of marvelously talented animators were quickly conquering new territory with full color, illusions of depth and radical advancements in personality development, an arena in which Walt's genius was unbeatable. Mickey's feisty, naughty behavior had captured millions of fans, but he was soon to be joined by other animated companions: temperamental Donald Duck, intellectually-challenged Goofy and energetic Pluto. All this was in preparation for Walt's grandest dream - feature length animated films. Against a blizzard of doomsayers, Walt persevered and over the next decades delighted children of all ages with the adventures of Snow White, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Bambi & Peter Pan. Walt never forgot that his fortunes were all started by a mouse, or that simplicity of message and lots of hard work always pay off.

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Train troubles

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
16 November 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip" is a 7.5-minute cartoon from 1940, so this one is over 75 years old and was released during the early stages of World War II already and looking at it, you will probably see how old it is because it really looks this way too. The title gives away that this is a Disney production of course and Walt himself is lending Mickey his voice here. The rest of the cast and crew also worked on many other Disney films, some classics as well. But back to this one here: The story is basically that Mickey is not allowed by the conductor brute to take Pluto on the train, but the two belong together, so Mickey hides his dog in the suitcase. When the conductor finds out (and I am glad he does because stupid main antagonists) suck, a real cat-and-mouse (and dog) chase starts through the entire train and back where Mickey manages repeatedly through the help of costumes to get away from his follower. But he is only successful temporarily. The ending was still good though and helped me in forgetting my criticism that honestly this one single story was not enough even for under 8 minutes. All in all, it is a close call, but I think the positive is more frequent than the negative here and that's why I give out a positive recommendation to cartoon lovers. Everybody else can maybe skip it though.

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Many Americans have been befuddled wondering . . .

Author: Hot 888 Mama from Jacksonville, FL
30 October 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

. . . how folks such as Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow, Lee Harvey Oswald, Ted Bundy, John "Il Duce" Wayne, John Wayne Bobbitt, John Wayne Gacy, and Donald Trump nurtured such a strong disrespect for Authority. One need look no further than Disney Cartoons. Starting with "Steamboat Willie" in the 1920s, these subversive vehicles of insidious Mass Corruption have taught America's Young & Impressionable Minds the "Joys" of Anarchy. Consider MR. MOUSE TAKES A TRIP, for instance. It pictures Anti-Hero Mickey as a Nihilistic Scoff-Law, starting out his Crime Career with sadistic pet abuse (no doubt inspiring Jeffrey Dahmer and so many other Disney Copycat Serial Killers). Arch-Fiend\Founder Walt follows this up by having his diminutive rat "star" conduct a primer on pathological prevarication, no doubt lapped up during his Reform School Cartoon Night by a young White House Squatter Trump. This vermin Mickey Mouse then launches upon a series of assaults against beleaguered law enforcement personnel, interrupted only by his own sudden whim to impersonate the police. When parents of Today's school shooters ask themselves, "Where did we go wrong?!" there's doubtless a depraved Disney Toon or two at the root of their Problem Child!

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A fun Mickey Mouse cartoon on the run!

Author: OllieSuave-007 from California, USA
8 November 2015

This is a funny Mickey Mouse cartoon on the run, literally, where he takes a train from Burbank to Pomona. The conductor, Pete, won't let him Pluto on as no pets are allowed, so Mickey hides him in his suitcase. What results is a journey of hiding from Pete and, later, a hilarious cat and mouse game.

It's funny stuff from start to finish, with poor Mickey being terrified of Pete to Pluto trying to disguise himself in human's clothes to escape the burly and intimidating conductor. I remembered this cartoon fondly from my childhood; the thought of Pluto having his suitcase full of dog bones was pretty neat.

It's a neat one featuring Mickey and Pluto - adults and kids will enjoy!

Grade A

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Very enjoyable

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
12 April 2012

I have always loved Disney and Mickey Mouse, so Mr Mouse Takes a Trip seemed like an ideal cartoon to watch. And it is a lovely and very enjoyable cartoon. There is nothing extraordinary about the story, I knew how it was going to end for example, but it is still interesting and briskly paced. The animation is wonderful, looking at how sumptuous the colours and how fluid the background art are you can really tell a lot of work and care went into this. The music has a lot of energy, while the cartoon amuses too with Pete getting the best laughs. Mickey is as likable, Pluto is as cute and Pete is as rapacious as ever. Walt Disney and especially Billy Bletcher voice Mickey and Pete impeccably.

All in all, a very enjoyable Mickey Mouse-Pluto-Pete cartoon. 8/10 Bethany Cox

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