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  • A drunken college student invites a dance hostess to the big college dance and then forgets he asked her. When she shows up at school, he tries to get rid of her, but she won't leave. Instead she stays and shows up both him and his classmates snooty dates.


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  • The invitation to Kingsford's annual house party, hosted by Philip Griswold III and his gang of upper class college boys, is a symbol of stature and popularity for the New York Upper East debutants.

    So on Friday afternoon the boys were all at the station to pick up their glamour girls: Fiancée Carol for Phil; platinum beauty Daphne for 3 boys; Mary Rose for a reluctant Homer. And Jane Thomas - a New York taxi dancer - for Phil! Phil had met one of his druken party nights at the Joy Lake Dance Hall and forgotten that he invited her.

    With the couples join each other for dinner, so begins the battle of snatching up husbands.......

    Carol was in love with Phil's poor, middle-class roommate Joe, but must marry Phil, the heir to a private bank, to bring the former glory back to her family. Mary Rose had to use her mothers influence to force Homer to invite her, and will not let anything stand in her way now that she's made it. Daphne, the belle of the ball, did not like it that her queen-bee status is now threatened by Jane and exposes her to be a dance hall girl. With her wits and the boys' support, Jane turned the situation around and became THE girl of the night. Seeing that Phil was obviously smitten with Jane, Carol feigned a headached and asked Joe to take her home; while Phil went on with Jane and didn't take her home until next morning.

    The next afternoon finds Homer waking up and realising that he had slept with Betty, an 23 year old girl who's considered to be an old maid and a laughing stock. And Phil being tricked by Daphne to announce his engagement to Carol; as Daphne, like everyone else, had noticed the attraction between Jane and Phil.

    The group then decides to drive into town to go to the arcade. Separated from the group, a drunken Homer told Betty he wanted to get married. But by the time they got to the registration office Homer had changed his mind and told Betty that he won't marry her. Desperate and humiliated, Betty drove the car in front of a train and committed suicide. Homer became sober just moments before the train hit, and witnessed Bettys death.

    Coming out of the arcade, Jane finally got fed up with Daphne's continuous abuse and exploded. She told off the "upper crust wise-cracking lot" and promptly left Kingsford, silently cheered by sympathetic Joe and Carol.

    At this point, Phil found out that his father has been indicted with fraud and drove to New York to see him. Upon learning that his father had secured a small fortune in his name so that he would never be poor, Phil realised how much Jane had changed him. He refused the money and went back to the dance hall, to start a life with his newfound humanity and Jane.

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