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Sheep raisers, resentful of old injuries from the cattlemen, bar the way to water when dry ranges force the cattle ranchers to drive their herds into the lowlands. Sheriff Tom Randall (Charles Starrett) attempts to effect a peaceful agreement but is forced to arrest hot-headed Wayne Cameron (Fred Kohler, Jr). who has seriously wounded a sheepman, Abe Avery (Blackjack Ward). Joan Cameron (Iris Meredith), Wayne's sister, angrily breaks off her engagement to Tom. Jeff Cameron (Lee Prather), Wayne's father, gathers a band of cowmen to storm the jail, but Tom refuses to release his prisoner event after Joan pleads with him. A gun is smuggled to Wayne, who escapes after wounding Tom, and Tom thinks it was Joan who supplied the gun. Tom recaptures Wayne, leaves him tied up in a cabin and then rides to ask the sheepmen to let the cattle through before the ranchers fight their way through.Zack Avery (Ray Bennett), brother of the wounded man, agrees if the cattlemen promise to pay all damages ...

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