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Competition: Win the complete Universal Monsters on Blu-ray!

Universal Pictures’ classic monsters are available now on Blu-ray in four bonus-packed box sets; The Mummy Legacy Collection, The Frankenstein Legacy Collection, The Dracula Legacy Collection and The Wolf Man Legacy Collection. And we have two complete sets on Blu-ray to giveaway… Yes, Two!!

The Mummy Legacy Collection

All 6 Films From The Legacy Of The Original Mummy Includes: The Mummy (1932), The Mummy’S Hand (1940), The Mummy’S Tomb (1942), The Mummy’S Ghost (1944), The Mummy’S Curse (1944), and Abbott And Costello Meet The Mummy (1955)

The original Mummy is one of the silver screen’s most unforgettable characters and, along with the other Universal Classic Monsters, defined the Hollywood horror genre. The Mummy: Complete Legacy Collection includes all 6 films from the original legacy including the terrifying classic starring Boris Karloff and the timeless films that followed. These landmark motion pictures defined the iconic look of the ancient Egyptian monster and continue
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Universal unleashes the Classic Monsters with The Legacy Collection

As Universal Pictures prepares to launch its shared Monster universe with the upcoming release of The Mummy, the studio has opened the vault and unleashed the Classic Monsters with the release of the Legacy Collections, four Blu-ray box-sets for The Mummy, Frankenstein, Dracula and The Wolf Man, which features 27 classic movies, 22 of which have never been released on Blu-ray before.

Here’s the full product details for these rather fantastic collections…

The Mummy Legacy Collection

The Mummy (1932)

Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy* (1955)

The Mummy’s Hand* (1940)

The Mummy’s Tomb* (1942)

The Mummy’s Ghost* (1944)

The Mummy’s Curse* ((1944)

Special Features

The Mummy Feature Commentary with Film Historian Paul Jensen

– Mummy Dearest Featurette

– He Who Made Monsters: The Life and Art of Jack Pierce

Universal Horror (narrated by Kenneth Branagh)

– Unraveling the Legacy of the Mummy

The Frankenstein Legacy Collection

Frankenstein (1931)

Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

Son of Frankenstein* (1939)

– Ghost of Frankenstein
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Is 1939 the Greatest Year Ever for Films?

  • Cinelinx
The film industry goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, and most experts still maintain that 1939 is the greatest single year in movie history. At no other point in the long chronicle of the film industry has Hollywood had such an ability to draw in and hold and audiences. Cinelinx looks at 1939.

In 1939, Americans bought an incrediblel 80 million movie tickets per week. There were 365 films released by the major studios in the United States during 1939. That’s an average of one film each a day. If you went to the theater every day, you’d never have to see the same movie twice. And the best part is that most of them were good.

The American Film Institute, along with such critics as Pauline Kael, Siskle & Ebert, Leonard Maltin and others have dubbed 1939 as the cinema's best single year ever. Looking back, its hard to argue with that opinion.
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Heather’s Favorites of 2016

  • DailyDead
This has easily been the hardest time I’ve ever had whittling down my favorite genre offerings for the year. I was fortunate to watch so many great movies throughout the course of the last 12 months (over 150—new and old!), and considering the quality of projects from both the studio and independent sides of the business was exceedingly high, I probably could have featured 20 films on this list, and still would have at least a dozen more I could recommend to fellow fans. 2016 was definitely one of the best recent years in horror and that’s pretty rad.

Beyond the realm of movies, horror also had a strong showing on TV, as it seems almost every single network these days has something of interest if you’re looking to immerse yourself in horror on the small screen. I was also fortunate enough to attend several amazing genre events in 2016, making
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Deadly Destinations: Guillermo del Toro’s At Home With Monsters Exhibit

  • DailyDead
It’s no secret that I’m a pretty huge fan of Guillermo del Toro’s cinematic work, as well as his endless imagination and infectious enthusiasm for the world of genre films. There is perhaps no greater supporter out there for both the craftsmanship that goes into making horror and sci-fi movies and the rabid fandom that’s engrained into our very souls whenever we’re discussing our favorite movies with fellow fans (and even with non-fans, too), which is why del Toro has always been a standout presence to me ever since I first laid my eyes on Cronos while still in college in the late 1990s. Not only was he “one of us,” but he was also interested in making movies “for us,” and that hit me deep within my movie-loving soul.

So, when it was announced earlier this year that del Toro would be creating his
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‘Man Down’ Trailer: Shia Labeouf Saw Some Things in the War That You Just Wouldn’t Understand, Man

  • Indiewire
‘Man Down’ Trailer: Shia Labeouf Saw Some Things in the War That You Just Wouldn’t Understand, Man
Shia Labeouf has leaned toward the art-house in recent years, with roles in “Nymphomaniac” and “American Honey” marking a sharp contrast to his “Transformers” days. He’ll next be seen in a more conventional film, however: “Man Down,” a new thriller from director Dito Montiel. Watch its new trailer below.

Read More: ‘Borg/McEnroe’: See First Image of Shia Labeouf as Tennis Star John McEnroe for Biopic

Labeouf plays a Marine who, after returning from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, finds himself on the search for his wife (Kate Mara) and son (Charlie Shotwell); he’s aided in that quest by a friend and fellow Marine (Jai Courtney) whose trigger-happy approach to conflict resolution is both a hindrance and a help. Labeouf’s character is haunted by one wartime experience in particular, which informs his demeanor and behavior throughout the film.

Read More: Shia Labeouf Says He ‘Doesn
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‘I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House’ Trailer: Ruth Wilson Gets Haunted in Netflix Horror Film

  • Indiewire
‘I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House’ Trailer: Ruth Wilson Gets Haunted in Netflix Horror Film
Writer/director Osgood Perkins has premiered two horror movies at the Toronto International Film Festival in as many years, with “I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House” debuting at the fest last month. Anyone intrigued by that alluring title — or the fact that Perkins is the son of Anthony “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes” Perkins — won’t have to wait long, as the film is headed to Netflix this week. Watch its trailer below.

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Ruth Wilson stars in the haunted-house thriller, informing us via voiceover narration that “I am 28 years old — I will never be 29.” She plays an in-home nurse for an elderly author of Shirley Jackson–like novels whose most famous, unsettling work may or may not be connected to the house she lives in.

Read More:
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Video Watchdog to Cease Publication After 27 Years

  • Indiewire
Video Watchdog to Cease Publication After 27 Years
After nearly 27 years, Video Watchdog has announced that it will cease publishing its print edition. Tim and Donna Lucas announced the unfortunate news on on the Video WatchBlog today, telling an all-too-familiar story of declining advertising revenues and the disappearance of similar publications over the years.

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“After trying many creative ways to generate sales to compensate for newsstand losses and lack of advertising support, rising shipping and postage costs, and a depressed economy, it is simply no longer possible to keep Video Watchdog moving forward,” they write. Among Vw’s many admirers, they note, were the likes of Guillermo del Toro and Martin Scorsese.

Read More: ‘Son of Frankenstein’ Uncut Trailer Hits the Web After Being Lost for 75 Years — Watch

Video Watchdog began as a black-and-white digest-size magazine in
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‘Son of Frankenstein’ Uncut Trailer Hits the Web After Being Lost for 75 Years — Watch

  • Indiewire
‘Son of Frankenstein’ Uncut Trailer Hits the Web After Being Lost for 75 Years — Watch
Nitrate film fell out of widespread use due to the how flammable it is, but anyone who’s seen an actual nitrate print knows that its quality is impossible to fully reproduce. Enthusiasts of the long-gone format were excited over the weekend by the discovery of the original uncut trailer for 1939’s “Son of Frankenstein,” not least because it’s said to be taken from alternate takes and deleted scenes. Watch it below.

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Rowland V. Lee directed the film, the third entry in the “Frankenstein” mythos produced by Universal. Basil Rathbone, Boris Karloff and Béla Lugosi star in the picture, with narrator Charles Frederick Lindsley singing their praises throughout the two-and-a-half minute trailer: there’s Karloff “rising from the past to spread new terror,” for instance, while Lugosi is “sinister, mysterious, evil.”

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The Nine Greatest Horror Film Stars of All Time

  • Cinelinx
Halloween is almost here. This is the time of year for putting your favorite horror films in the DVD player. When you think of horror movies over the decades, there are certain actors whose names are indelibly linked to the horror genre. In honor of Halloween 2016, Cinelinx looks at the nine greatest horror films stars of all time.

9) Robert Englund: He made a name for himself as the burnt-faced dream demon Freddy Kruger. His body of horror work includes...A Nightmare On Elm Street, Anoes 2: Freddy’s Revenge, Anoes 3: Dream Warriors, Anoes 4: The Dream Master, Anoes 5: The Dream Child, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Freddy Vs. Jason, The Phantom of the Opera, Nightmare Café, Night Terrors, Mortal Fear, The Mangler, Urban Legend, Sanitarium, The Funhouse Massacre, etc.

8) Jamie Lee Curtis: The woman who created the trend of females
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What Hump? Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein Midnights This Weekend at The Tivoli!

“I am not a Frankenstein. I’m a Fronkensteen!”

Young Frankenstein plays this weekend (October 7th and 8th) at the Tivoli as part of their Reel Late at the Tivoli Midnight series.

Good comedies are rare. Great ones are rarer. Great parodies are needles in the haystack, and this is it. The parody can be brilliantly funny (most are horrid), but Young Frankenstein is near perfect.

Mel Brooks hit all nails right on the head in his black & white classic from 1974. Taking its themes from the Mary Shelley novel and providing some spot-on homage/parody to the James Whale classic Bride Of Frankenstein (and plenty of references to Son Of Frankenstein as well), Young Frankenstein is a breathless laugh and a half. In a weak comedy, you have the entire cast setting up one character for the laughs. Here, you have every character providing humor in every scene. None more
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Universal Monsters Giveaway: Mummy and Son of Frankenstein Action Figures from Entertainment Earth and Entertainment Earth presents Mummy and Son of Frankenstein Action Figure Giveaway Enter to win this super cool set of Universal Monsters just be emailing with topic “Universal Monsters Giveaway” in the subject line and then your full name and complete address in the body of the email. Winners will be chosen at …

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16mm Double Feature Night June 7th – Young Frankenstein and Capone (1975)

Join us for some old-school 16mm Movie Madness! – It’s our monthly 16Mm Double Feature Night at The Way Out Club (2525 Jefferson Avenue in St. Louis) ! Join We Are Movie Geeks‘ Tom Stockman and Roger from “Roger’s Reels’ for a double feature of two complete films projected on 16mm film. The show is Tuesday June 7th and starts at 8pm. Admission is Free though we will be setting out a jar to take donations for theNational Children’s Cancer Society.

First up is Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks hit all nails right on the head in his black & white classic from 1974. Taking its themes from the Mary Shelley novel and providing some spot-on homage/parody to the James Whale classic Bride Of Frankenstein (and plenty of references to Son Of Frankenstein as well), Young Frankenstein is a breathless laugh and a half. In a weak comedy, you have the entire
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Blu-ray Review Frankenstein 2015

When I was just a boy I had a paperback that included Dracula by Bram Stoker, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Lewis Stevenson in one volume. There were certain books I would reread every year, that was one. Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury every summer, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens every December and that three in one book every October. I read it so many times I knew how to parcel it out daily up until Halloween, starting the first page of Dracula on October 1st up to the last page of Jekyll And Hyde on October 30th. That reading was just to get in the mood for Halloween.

I relate this, (not to brag,) to state I know those texts very well as a result. Dracula and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are great books, no doubt,
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Silver Scream Fest: Day 2 Kickoff!

Silver Scream Fest: Day 2 Kickoff!
The second day of the Silver Scream Festival kicked off with A Nightmare On Elm Street’s Robert Englund (Freddy, of course) and Heather Langenkamp (Nancy, of course) signing your mementoes and tchotchkes. Following that is a screening of Langenkamp’s documentary I Am Nancy, about her life following her role as Nancy Thompson, after which she will engage in a Q&A session, answering All your burning questions. And Then Englund and Langenkamp will be joined by producer Marriane Maddalena to give a tribute to Wes Craven, following a screening of New Nightmare, the director’s last Elm Street film, which served as a Scream precursor in its meta narrative.

Also on deck today: To commemorate the impact Bela Lugosi had on horror cinema, we’ll be screening four of his classic flicks, White Zombie, Island Of Lost Souls, Son Of Frankenstein, and, on its 85th anniversary, Dracula. As an added bonus,
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Join us in Santa Rosa for the Silver Scream Film & Comic Fest!

Join us in Santa Rosa for the Silver Scream Film & Comic Fest!
You guys! It’s almost time for our Silver Scream Fest in beautiful Santa Rosa, Calif. It’s in two weeks and you can still get tix! You can also win posters, T-shirts, and even tix to the event. Check our Facebook and Twitter daily for ways to get your furry paws on some great swag!

Also: Did I mention that Santa Rosa is wine country? You can see stars, catch some screenings of both new and classic films, and tickle your palate, all in one gloriously gory weekend!

Highlights include:

• A tribute to Wes Craven by none other than his greatest creation, Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund himself; Freddy’s favorite leading lady, Heather Langenkamp from A Nightmare On Elm Street and New Nightmare; and Craven’s longtime producer Marianne Maddelena.

• A celebration of An American Werewolf In London’s 35th anniversary with a reunion of director John Landis (The Blues Brothers,
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Scream Fest Preview: Bela Lugosi Jr.

Scream Fest Preview: Bela Lugosi Jr.
Come meet Bela Lugosi Jr. at our Silver Scream Festival as we screen four of his father’s most iconic films. He’ll be doing a Q&A, so buy your tix now and get your questions ready. As the steward of his father’s legacy, he’ll have all the answers regarding the first golden age of Hollywood horror!

The films we’ll be screening:


The most famous of all Draculas, Lugosi Sr.’s incarnation became so ingrained in the public consciousness that it was the mold from which essentially all others were made up until the TWILIGHTs and the Vampire Diaries of the world changed things up.

Son Of Frankenstein

Teaming Lugosi with Sherlock Holmes himself, Basil Rathbone, as the titular character, and Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster, was box office gold for Universal. It’s your chance to check out Lugosi’s first turn as
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Death by Hanging

You want radical? Look no further. Nagisa Oshima's near-legendary issue drama makes a wickedly frightening protest against the death penalty, but then proceeds into formal abstraction and the endorsement of a violent radical position. You can't find a political 'gauntlet picture' as jarring or as potent as this one. Death by Hanging Blu-ray The Criterion Collection 798 1968 / B&W / 1:85 widescreen / 118 min. / Kôshikei / available through The Criterion Collection / Street Date February 16, 2016 / 39.95 Starring Do-yun Yu, Kei Sato, Fumio Watanabe, Toshiro Ishido, Masao Adachi, Rokko Toura, Hosei Komatsu, Masao Matsuda, Akiko Koyama. Cinematography Yasuhiro Yoshioka Film Editor Sueko Shiraishi Original Music Hikaru Hayashi Written by Michinori Fukao. Mamoru Sasaki, Tsutomu Tamura, Nagisa Oshima Produced by Masayuki Nakajima, Takuji Yamaguchi, Nagisa Oshima Directed by Nagisa Oshima

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Believe me, you ain't seen nothing yet. Nagisa Oshima is a radical's radical, a cinema stylist completely committed to his politics -- which
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Looking Back on the Long Film History of Frankenstein

  • Cinelinx
The Frankenstein Monster is arguably the greatest monster in all fiction. There have been a few genuinely excellent films made about him, but all too many of them are pretty bad. While the latest attempt in Victor Frankenstein falls flat, Cinelinx looks at the film history of Frankenstein to see which of them worked and which of them didn’t.

The Frankenstein Monster was the invention of 18 year old Mary Shelly (wife of poet Percy Shelly) who was vacationing in Switzerland with her husband, their close friend Lord Byron and John Polidori. Incessant rain left them housebound and reading ghost stories to each other. This led to a challenge from Byron, daring them all to create the scariest story ever told. Mary Shelly seemed outclassed by her literary companions until she heard legends of a crazy scientist named Conrad Dipple who performed illegal experiments using parts of dead bodies and electricity.
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Today is Boris Karloff’s Birthday – Here Are His Ten Best Films

Article by Jim Batts, Dana Jung, and Tom Stockman

No other actor in the long history of horror has been so closely identified with the genre as Boris Karloff, yet he was as famous for his gentle heart and kindness as he was for his screen persona. William Henry Pratt was born on November 23, 1887, in Camberwell, London, England. He studied at London University in anticipation of a diplomatic career; however, he moved to Canada in 1909 and joined a theater company where he was bit by the acting bug. It was there that he adopted the stage name of “Boris Karloff.” He toured back and forth across the USA for over ten years in a variety of low-budget Theater shows and eventually ended up in Hollywood. Needing cash to support himself, Karloff landed roles in silent films making his on-screen debut in Chapter 2 of the 1919 serial The Masked Rider. His big
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