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Undistinguished musical comedy concludes Lupinos film career
malcolmgsw28 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Stanley Lupino starred in some lively musical comedies in the 30s but this one cannot be counted amongst them.He plays a stockbrokers assistant who has just married his secretary.they cannot tell the boss otherwise she will be fired.He is asked to go down to see a client in Brighton that evening to advise him on his stock holdings.His wife goes along so they can hopefully consummate the marriage.When he arrives he finds that the client actually wants to show his girlfriend that he is ruined so that she will marry him!He doesnot want her to be called a gold digger.Subsequently he is ruined when one set of shares crashes but his fortunes are restored when another share skyrockets.In the meantime Lupino is till trying to consummate his marriage.The film is quite strange in that Lupino is not present for at least half of the film.There are 2 musical numbers by Noel Gay.they must be the poorest of his large repertoire.I have never heard them before and i do not think that they were recorded by any popular band or vocalist.What is even odder is that after each of the 2 numbers Geoffrey Sumner turns to the camera and says "Would you like an encore ?".With that the whole number is repeated.At the end of the second an extra verse is added.This is to do with Hitler being sent to chop wood with the Kaiser.Clearly this part was filmed after the declaration of war since otherwise it would not have been passed by the censor.Unfortunately this is film is rather unfunny and a sad end to Lupinos film career.
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