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When Mr. Kirby wrestles Kolenkhov to the floor at the end of the movie, his glasses fall to the floor. In the next shot, as he sitting back in his chair, he is wearing his glasses again.
When the cab driver pulls up to ask Grandpa Vanderhof how his foot is, he goes from having one arm hanging out of the window to both arms between shots.
The position of Mr. Vanderhof's arm on his crutch changes between shots when he apologizes to Mr. Kirby after Kolenkhov wrestles Kirby to the floor.
During the jail cell scene, the real estate guy comes to bail out Grandpa, and in one angle his hands are separated by two bars and in the other angle his hands are separated by only one bar.
During the first meeting between the Kirbys and the Vanderhofs, Mr. Kirby's cigar changes abruptly from his left hand to his right.
During the jail scene, Mr. Vanderhof changes his position in relation to his crutches abruptly, first holding them, then leaning on them, and then holding them again.
When AP greets Tony on entering the office, the position of AP's arm with his hat changes.
When talking about lilies of the field, Poppins' hands go from his book to his rabbit toy.
Blakely's hands change position when Vanderhof says he is going to leave.
Poppins' book falls when Blakely picks up the rabbit toy, but then the book is back on the desktop.
When Alice is in the courtroom scene she is wearing a trench coat as newspaper photographers take pictures. In the newspaper pictures, she is not wearing the coat.
Harmonica disappears and reappears on conference table.
When Tony hands Alice a yellow rose in the office, she holds it upright in front of her. In the next shot it's lying across her lap; in the next it's upright again.

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