Jezebel (1938) Poster



A Fearless Feminine Creature with a heart full of love !
As brilliant as only the screen's finest actress could be!
The Role That Won The Academy Award!
They called her Jezebel!...and "she was meanest when she was lovin' most!"
"I'm part of you-just like the South-and we'll never let you go!"
She asked all-she took all-she gave nothing!
The greatest actress of the screen...in the greatest romance of the south!
Her Academy Award Role!
"Aren't you going to wish me happiness?" ..."What's the use-you won't get it!"
You can almost hear the beat of her strange wild heart...as the screen's greatest actress, in her greatest role, thrillingly portrays this dangerous daughter of Dixie...half angel, half siren-all woman!
As box-office as only her greatest story could make it!
Half angel...half siren...all woman!
The screen's most brilliant actress brings to you her supreme triumph-"Jezebel"-daring, heart-breaking darling of Dixie!
It's another of the ten best pictures of the year ... coming from WARNER BROS.!
Men fought for her smile...killed for her kiss!
She was half siren-half angel-all woman! Many men loved her and died for her but the only man she ever loved called her "the wickedest woman who ever lived"!
"You're mine!...You've always been mine! ...And if I can't have you-!"
No one could forget the girl with the sweetest lips in Dixie...and the wickedest heart in all the world!
The sweetest lips in Dixie ... The wickedest heart in all the world!
The South's Greatest Romance

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