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"After all, little children are only angels without wings"

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
25 October 2009

This is a simply wonderful cartoon which is evidence of why I love Donald Duck so much. In a one man show, Clarence Nash impeccably voices our favourite cantankerous quack and all three nephews. The cartoon has a good story, fine animation and brilliant music, as is to be expected from a standard Disney cartoon.

Huey, Duey and Louey are not only funny but are very cute as well. Not to mention naughty. There are many funny moments in this cartoon, especially when Donald and his nephews play Pop Goes The Weasel on their instruments, and the nephews play constant tricks on Donald. Also Donald is always seen reading his rule book, my favourite being "after all, little children are only angels without wings". All in all, funny, engaging and wonderful. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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Uncle Donald and three "angels without wings"

Author: Petri Pelkonen ( from Finland
25 October 2007

Donald Duck's sister Dumbella sends her three sons, Huey, Dewey and Louie to visit their uncle Donald.A bad mistake.These three little rascals cause a disaster in the house with their tricycles.Donald isn't getting any help from the little book "Modern Child Training".He tries music, he tries sympathy...But instead of angels these boys turn out to be little demons.Donald's Nephews from 1938 is the first film we get to see Huey, Dewey and Louie.The legendary Clarence Nash provides the voice for Donald and the nephews.Alongside Jack Hannah the other of the writers was the true Duck Master Carl Barks.No wonder this story works so good.It's very funny to watch Donald lose his temper.The scene where the boys give Donald a pie filled with very hot mustard...Hilarious.Cartoons today don't have that what the old ones did.They lack in providing laughter and amusement.This 8 minutes of pure fun sure made this boy laugh.

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Little horrors

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
29 June 2005

While enjoying a calm, stress-free day, Donald is sent a postcard from his sister Dumbella, saying that her sons Huey, Duey and Louie will be coming to stay for a while. Now these are not the well behaved kids from Duck Tales that you might be used to. No, they are little rapscallions who proceed to do nothing but lay waste to Donald's house.

Donald desperately tries to keep them under control and even consults a child psychiatry book in a futile attempt to maintain order. It doesn't work and only inspires them to torment him further.

This cartoon is proof that Donald's sole purpose in his existence is to live it in a state of perpetual rage.

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Oldies are goodies

Author: Raven-59 from Sweden
23 January 1999

Yes, it's true! The cartoons of today are lacking the quality wich is found in the old cartoons; 1930-1960.

This cartoons differs from the regulars; this is the one where Huey, Dewey & Louie are introduced. And what little rascals they are!

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The Terrible 2's Comes in 3's

Author: John T. Ryan ( from United States
10 April 2015

WITH THE RELEASE of this cartoon short subject, the World was effectively put on notice that DONALD DUCK had truly arrived as a full fledged star. His meteoric rise in four short years is measured and given substance with the addition of some other family. Sure we had DAISEY for some time; but she's a girlfriend, a love interest, if you will.

THE SURPRISE OF the opening sequence's mail message and follow-up with the real live, flesh and blood examples. When it rains kit surely pours as the kindly, now "Unka Donald", is hit with a much more complex maneuver than did MICKEY MOUSE with nephew MORTY. Donald's surprise was done up in triplicate.

WE'VE GROWN UP with Huey, Dewey and Louie, so, other than the rhyming of their names, no one has probably not given any thought to the origin of these monikers. We will now take a stab at explaining how these may have begun.

WE NEEDN'T LOOK very far in order to find the name of Huey Long, the political boss of the Louisiana Democratic party. He served as Governor of the State (1928-32) and as their Senator (1932-35), until his death by an assassin's bullet. During this same era, in New York City, District Attorney Thomas E. Dewey had been making a name for himself with the prosecution of many in organized crime.

SO, THAT IS how we believe that those names came about. We had "Huey and Dewey", but what about the explanation for "Louie"? Well, that is simple and obvious. Louie simply rhymes with the other two. (Duh!)

AS FOR THE cartoon, it is a fine example of economy of on-screen story-telling. The story opens up full throttle and never slows down. Donald gets a letter (post card really) from his never seen sister "Dumbella". She informs him the her 3 boys are coming to visit and presto, there they were.

THE BOYS ARE incredibly manic and so very well prepare to unleash their pent up energies in Don's home. They start with a tricycle version of Polo; utilizing some Crochet Mallets and Ball. Uncle makes use of a book on child psychology in attempting to calm the whole situation.

THIS CONTINUES FOR most of the picture until the title card "A Walt Disney Production" appears along with the traditional "The End".

IT DOES APPEAR that the production team may well not have realized what they had; nor did they anticipate the popularity the little web-footed trio would one day and soon come to be.

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Huey, Dewey and Louie in their rowdy first cartoon.

Author: OllieSuave-007 from California, USA
21 December 2015

This Disney cartoon features the first appearance of Donald Duck's nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie - sons of Donald's sister, Dumbella. As they're little kids, they prove to be rowdy and troublemakers, almost too much for Donald to handle.

There isn't much chemistry or family bonding between the uncle and nephews, just the kids playing mean tricks on their uncle, which doesn't make them very likable. It is neat, though, hearing Clarence Nash provide the voices for all the characters, and him making Donald lose his temper is just classic and funny.

The story line could have been better, as the nephews didn't have much redeeming qualities. As least Donald tried to read a self-help book to learn how to deal with children!

Grade C-

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