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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs *** (6/10)
Paul Kydd8 February 2018
USA 1937 English (Colour); Animation (Walt Disney); 83 minutes (U certificate)

Crew includes: David Hand (Director); Ted Sears, Richard Creedon, Otto Englander, Dick Rickard, Earl Hurd, Merrill De Maris, Dorothy Ann Blank, Webb Smith (Screenwriters); Walt Disney (Producer)

Voices include: Adriana Caselotti, Lucille La Verne, Harry Stockwell (all uncredited)

A vain and jealous queen (La Verne) attempts to kill off her subjugated stepdaughter (Caselotti), whose beauty now eclipses her own.

Landmark, feature-length cartoon (Disney's first), with a twee, baby-voiced heroine and bland prince, compensated for by rich, still-impressive animation, adorably funny little men, a truly evil villainess, and terrifying sequences for the tiny tots.
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disney does his best
torenkneedler3 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
In 1940 another disney film come out but that film was not snow white which came out in 1937 and fallowed the tail of a princess who rises to freedom
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Funny how the 1st has always everything right (screen) (dad)
leplatypus3 January 2018
I saw it on screen long ago for Christmas 1983 and my actual watching is still enjoyable: unlike standardized, digitalized, stupid actual comedies about trash talking animals, this first animation has understood what audience wishes: a fairy tale, a story for all ages with an amazing artistic talent behind... Here there is no graphic violence, no bad character to attack, just the need for hard work, the comfort of a cozy home, the help from friends and love above anything! The art is simply stunning and today productions look paradoxically cheap! I wish I had kids to offer them this eternal craftwork of the best talent in humanity!
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Still a Disney Masterpiece
castielfan894 October 2017
80 years later this movie is still highly Enjoyable. The music is a little dated but still really good. The story is still compelling and the characters are still lovable. no matter how many times you watch this film you can't help but fall in love with this film. Not Disney's finest to me but it certainly has its place as one of Disney's most beloved movies. Snow White is not one of the great princesses herself and the princes isn't really memorable but the Evil Queen and the comedy of the dwarfs help make this film the masterpiece it is.
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One of the Seven Wonders of the Cinema!
JohnHowardReid3 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Nowadays it's hard to imagine the impact, the popularity and the fascination cartoons and comic strips had for the American public — especially in the Golden Years from around 1930 to 1950. "All newspapers have news, but only one newspaper has The Gumps!" proudly proclaimed The Chicago Sun (and scores of affiliated newspapers across the country). Such a slogan would be meaningless to 99% of today's readers (and absolutely risible to the other 1%).

Since the 1950s, cartoons and comic strips have generally been regarded as third-rate fodder for children. However, there are always riders to every sweeping statement. The exceptions here are Fantasia (especially in its 1970's re-issue when it was taken up by the hallucinogenic generation) and "L'il Abner" which enjoyed a surprising bout of adult popularity in the 1960s and 1970s.

In my childhood days, the comic strip and the comic book were regarded as less than praiseworthy amusements that older children were encouraged to out-grow; and the theatrical cartoon was a mindless diversion for backward youngsters whose limited attention spans were incapable of taking in a whole feature like Lassie Come Home or National Velvet.

In my home town, the situation was even worse. There was never a cult following for Tex Avery, and adult cartoons like Fritz the Cat fell flat at the box-office.

Despite his macabre humor, Disney was always regarded as strictly for kids. Adults couldn't care less whether Mickey Mouse had three fingers or four, whether Bambi lost a hundred mothers, whether Snow White lived or died. Because I loved cartoons, I was regarded as brain-damaged or eccentric. Often I found myself the lone adult in an audience of irritable children who found films like "Dumbo" way above their heads.

I have similar happy memories of Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, Gay Purree, The Lady and the Tramp, Ichabod and Mr Toad and Mr Bug Goes To Town. (Hey There, It's Yogi Bear, and A Man Called Flintstone, I loathed. I felt they were designed for mental zombies!)

However, the animated feature I love best of all is Snow White. It's a film I can enjoy over and over. Snow White herself may be a bit pallid, but the Wicked Queen and the seven dwarfs are brilliantly characterized. The songs are a joy, the animation often dazzlingly inventive, the colors and compositions a visual delight. The story has pace, charm, atmosphere, humor and excitement. If you are immune to its call, and if its music doesn't stir your soul, you're missing one of the seven wonders of the cinema.
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The Most Important Kid's Film Ever
Matt Greene6 September 2017
Snow White gets most of its renown simply for being so stunningly groundbreaking…and it totally deserves every accolade it gets for that, and so much more. Everything this company has done is because of this movie, and the timelessness of all these classics is shocking. The dwarfs are great, the detail is gorgeous, the old witch is super creepy, and I ADORE the surrealist nightmare-like visuals in the forest. Even if it isn't the best of Disney, it's certainly up there…and arguably their most important.
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The one that started it all
Jesper Brun6 August 2017
Let me start off with this: the visuals are amazing, the characters are likable and the emotional scenes really work.

I have asked myself the question "is this movie really 80 years old by now"? and the fact that it actually is still astounds me. In my lifetime the company has made movies which looked less than half as good as Snow White despite the available technology, therefore it has a special place in my heart.

But that said, I honestly think that Snow White as a character is quite a bore. She surely has the beautiful singing voice of Adriana Caselotti, but she is too cute and innocent to be interesting. In addition to that, the scenes involving her and the prince are just awkward, both of the times they meet. The dwarfs and the evil queen are by far the greatest characters in this movie.

"Snow White and the Seven Dwafs" is highly recommendable if you like animation as a craft.
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favorite animated movie of all time
orraaron10 June 2017
This is just astounding how beautifully animated this movie is for 1937. It is a timeless tale and has set the bar for animated movies since then. Disney love them or hate them Have made the majority of the worlds most timeless animated movies throughout history. There are tons of animated movies now a days that can't even come close to this nearly 100 years later. Amazing, just simply amazing! This movie is an artistic masterpiece.
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Beautiful classic!
Faith Marshall25 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I knew I liked the movie and disliked Snow White...or so I thought. Last night, I re-watched the movie for the first time in years and was blown away. Snow White was much more than I remembered her to be. She sang while she cleaned at the beginning, but she wasn't necessarily happy with it, and she didn't say things that made me laugh, but had a sense of humor herself! She is pretty naive to let in a stranger, but she has a personality and is a really kind person. Her singing seems poor, but that could be because of the recording back then.

I love all the work Disney and the other producers put into this film. There are around thirty animals that help Snow White clean the house, and each of them move separately, meaning they had to do a similar, but not the same, drawing for each frame.

Speaking of art, I noticed that not not all of the coloring was filled by computer! (People complain that the original movie was ruined because they no longer have the hand-colored drawings.) Some of this is the original work the artists did by hand. The edge of Snow White's hair is watercolor, as os the raven that watched the Evil Queen make potions.

The Evil Queen is the first Disney full-length movie villain and one of the best.

The songs aren't the best or that memorable--not that they're bad, I just wouldn't consider all of them beautiful classics--but the music is beautiful.

With some parts of the movie, like when the dwarfs are thinking there's a monster in the house, I'm thinking, "Could we speed things up a little?" but most of it is engaging. It's an excellent classic with everything audiences need--music, humor, action, romance, drama, and family. It's an excellent movie for the whole family! I am glad I watched it and can't wait to again.
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Mirror mirror on the wall.......
Davis P26 April 2017
Disney's first feature film!! Hard to believe this thing was released in 1937 when my grandparents were just toddlers. This classic is of course the story of princess Snow White, the FAIREST in the land, and her being on the run from the evil queen who desires to be the fairest in the land. She plots to kill Snow White so that she can be the fairest, but as in all Disney animated classic, good will always win, and there's a handsome prince to help. This classic fairytale still holds up today, it's great animation, ESPECIALLY for 1937! It's very fun and entertaining, complete with catchy songs and well written characters like the dwarfs. The dwarfs are: Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey. They all of course behave exactly like their name and they work in a nearby mine, they stroll in single file every day singing their work song, hi ho hi ho..... Snow White stumbles upon them and their cottage and she begins to stay there with her while in hiding from the evil queen. The evil queen, who is a FANTASTIC Disney villain all the while is plotting a way to kill Snow White. I love the scene where she creates an elixir that will transform her into an ugly old hag so that snow will not recognize her as she offers a poisoned apple. One of the best scenes in animated movies if you ask me. Overall everyone knows about this Disney classic and if you or your family have not seen it then what are you waiting for lol. I highly suggest watching if you if you have younger children because they will LOVE it! Perfect for a family movie night with young kids. 9/10.
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Disney's First Feature
colm-hearne3653 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It's hard to believe this movie is Disney's first animated feature and it's even harder to believe that it's 80-years-old. But it still holds up even today and it was a nice start for Disney. I mean it has catchy songs, lovable characters (especially Dopey), funny humour and lovely animation and charming music.

The characters of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are all charming, lovable and memorable. They all stand out in there own way, but my favourite is Dopey even though he doesn't say anything but as Walt Disney himself put it "He's nice but sort of silly". But that's what I like about him; he's clumsy and funny.

This film is a classic in it's own way and it was one of the highest grossing films ever around the time it was first released. And it's enjoyable for both kids and adults. And it's also one of the few films that made me cry. I mean, yes, the film made me smile a lot because it's such a charming feature but the scene where Snow White is in sleeping death and the seven dwarfs gathered around her and crying is such a sad scene that it made me cry as well. But it's ending is very uplifting when the Prince kisses Snow White and breaks the sleeping death and they all live happily ever after.
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Great then, inadequate now
jadavix27 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Disney's "Snow White" deserves its due as the first full length, sound and colour animated movie. I had a fear the animation may not hold up, but it still looks great.

The movie itself feels a little empty, though. It feels like there isn't enough story to make a full length movie: it seems to take a long time for anything to happen. The titular dwarfs don't make an appearance until much later than I had expected. Their uniquely descriptive names call attention to the only character traits any of the characters have. Snow White is hardly a character. Like the dwarfs, her name is a description; unlike them it is a descriptor of her appearance, not her personality.

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" must have looked like magic up on the big screen in 1937 for adult and child alike, but nowadays there's just not enough going on on screen to hold our attention. The musical numbers, aside from the dwarfs' chant that everyone knows, are forgettable, it doesn't have any memorable characters, and the ending is underwhelming.

For classic Disney, I recommend "Pinocchio" for a better story and characters, and "Bambi" for atmosphere.
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First feature length cartoon
Smoreni Zmaj2 November 2016
First feature-length animated film that laid the foundation stone for Disney company and genre itself. If this movie failed Disney company probably would never get off the ground and dozens of masterpieces would never see light of the day. It is questionable if we would even have this genre today. Success of this movie encouraged other companies to take this path and enrich childhoods of many generations.

Movie was made for 4 years, 2 million $ was spent and it made profit of around 200 millions and won bunch of awards. Masterpiece of art that laid the foundation of new genre, resisted the test of time and till this day it keeps its place at the top of best movies of all times. Despite the progress of technology, even after 80 years, there are few cartoons that reached this level. These days cartoons are not made by hand and production process is much faster and easier, but movies are mostly tragically bad. That's sad. By today's standards I would give it 8/10, but considering that it was hand made 80 years ago and influence it has on everything that came after even 10/10 is not enough.

And of course, we must not forget fantastic songs led by Heigh-Ho.
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And they lived happily ever after
Realrockerhalloween27 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who"s the fairest one of all? The Queen asks everyday to to her trusted enchanted mirror who always replies that she is until one day another name is given.

What I enjoy about Walt Disney's classic fairy tale is true beauty comes from within. The Queen is stunningly beautiful, but on the inside an ugly witch who wants nothing more then to destroy her step daughter who was pretty within, caring and sensitive. Snow White cares for the men who took her in, cleans their house, cooks dinner and pumps them up everyday before they go off to work in the diamond mines while her mother takes life for granted.

The visuals are stunning, the music enchanting and the characters enduring making it a true testament to filmaking with limited technology available at the time.

A problem I had with the story itself is the prince who was the only one not fleshed out or given personality and only there to serve as a love interest. He's bland, boring and perfect without any flaws making the romance feel a little rushed. The first half was exciting as Snow runs for her life, meeting her prince and the huntsmen's death, but it mellows out once she reaches the closet stuck with chores to do.

I was captivated by the evilness the Queen displayed with her suave body language, her shivering crackle and frightening transformation into an old hag straight out of tales from the crypt.

While there have been complaints from special interest groups on the artist merit of the picture and its portrayal of women I found her to be the most courageous, brave and daring of them all.
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A lot darker than I remember it being
SlyGuy2127 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
If you're wondering why I decided to go back almost 100 years to watch this, it's because I love animation. There are very few things I love more than classic, hand-drawn, cartoon animation. And it doesn't have to be hand-drawn for me to love it, some great cartoons were made on computers, but classic 2D animation will always beat computer generated animation for me. And I'm not hatin' on Pixar at all, I love me some Pixar, but there's something more powerful about animation that's done by hand for me. That being said, this isn't the best Disney movie I've seen. I can certainly understand why it's considered important to cinema and pop culture, but I still had a few issues.

One is that the story is too familiar to me. Everyone and their mom knows the story of Snow White, and that's not the film's fault, but there was no suspense in it for me. Again, consider this more of a nitpick than anything, but I wasn't as invested as other Disney films I've seen. Second, the songs are hit or miss for me. There are good songs, but other than the drawfs' song when they're going to and from the mine, the songs are mostly forgettable. Again, take that complaint with a gain of salt because I grew up in the 90s when Disney songs were winning Oscars like nobody's business. And third, Snow White's singing voice is too damn high! There are different levels of pitch for singing, a lot of people know that. Some high voices sound glorious like Freddie Mercury's, Brad Delp's or any member of the Bee Gees. Than there's Snow White's voice which is so high, it's a wonder my windows didn't break with every song she did. Whenever I have to turn down the volume on my TV because my ears are ringing, your voice is too high. I'm sure whoever voiced Snow White was a great singer, but her songs in this were hard to understand, and hard to listen to.

Other than those three complaints, it's not hard to see why this is still considered a classic, the animation is fluid, the score is spot on, and there are even some pretty dark moments. Heck, the movie reaches "Nightmare Fuel" levels of scary before the 10 minute mark. The only other time I'll probably see this is if I have kids, but I'd show it to them more so they could appreciate the animation and it's impact on cinema, not necessarily for the story or songs.
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Filipe Neto3 August 2016
Based on a Grimm Brother's tale, this film tells the story of Snow White, a princess forced to hide from the hatred of her stepmother. Directed by David Hand and produced by Walt Disney, it has the participation of great voice actors. The soundtrack is a responsibility of Paul J. Smith, Frank Churchill and Leigh Harline. Nominated for an Oscar for Best Soundtrack, this film earned to Disney the honorary statuette the following year.

This film immediately won a place in history. Having been the first Walt Disney feature film, it was decisive for the evolution of what we know as animated film. Since the thirties, this movie has been in the lives of successive generations, despite having had few awards. In fact, its the definitive proof that awards don't immortalize a movie. Its ability to win public every year and persist in people's lives is, ultimately, the absolute consecration of a work of cinema.

The script is simple but extraordinarily effective, adapting (almost rewriting and polishing) Grimm Brother's story. Snow White is a pre- teen girl, very naive and pure, as it was considered correct at the time (current audiences prefer a less candid approach). The Queen is the incarnation of evil and the perfect antagonist. The prince is the representation of the honest and faithful man, who saves the girl. And of course, we have the famous Seven Dwarfs, supporting characters who serve as comic element and come directly to the hearts of children, with their defects or characteristics, a rather clumsy way and a huge sense of generosity.

The drawings are not as visually pleasing as will become in future films. Pencil lines are quite obvious and the colors are slightly alive. However, this technique was starting so that's something natural. The soundtrack is essential for any movie lover and contains one of the most famous songs from Disney films, "Heigh Ho", sung by the dwarfs when they return from their mine. The music perfectly accompanies the film and speak to the public with the same eloquence of the drawings.
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What started it all is still very strong today.
datautisticgamer-7485330 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Even today, nearly 79 years after premiering in American theaters, Snow White is still a top-tier film not just because of its cultural/historical/aesthetic significance, but because only Walt Disney knew that if animation was to be treated as a film medium, it would need to have lots of thought put into it. With excellent humor, charming and very lovable characters (for the most part), and songs that still hold up today, Disney had succeeded in transforming animation into anything but a genre, which, sadly, is what most audiences think of these types of movies today. Appreciate not just the importance to animation, but also the character development and the story. This was a movie that I could see frequently, for my grandparents have it on VHS, and it has been a family favorite like Aladdin, The Jungle Book, and The Fox and The Hound. We were proud of Disney back then, and we are still proud of Disney for recognizing that animation is not meant to be catered to children via dumb humor and unnecessarily over-the-top movement (looking at you, Sony). As the highest grossing film of 1937, there is no reason whatsoever for you, the reader, to not check it out.
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The Original always is and will be the best
I feel like i'm on a classic movie marathon doing all these reviews of old and classical movies. There isn't much that hasn't already been said about "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 1937 version, Walt Disney's first feature length animated film. Suffice it to say that it not only fulfilled the studio's hopes beyond their wildest dreams. The movie that made possibility of the Disney films that followed it. From the famous Grimm fairy tale about a beautiful princess who flees her jealous stepmother and finds refuge with seven friendly dwarfs, Walt Disney created a cinematic milestone. At the time the film was in production until the day it was released, rival producers were supposedly referring to it as "Disney's Folly".Although this myth has been recently debunked in film historian JB. Kaufman's magnificent new book (''The Fairest One Of All:The Making Of Walt Disney's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs''Weldon Owen/Disney Press, 2012)it's true that only after it's huge success, did fellow movie makers attempt their own full-length cartoon features. Upon it's debut, at Hollywood's Carthay Circle theater, (December 21, 1937)the film was embraced both by critics and audiences, grossing many times it's then record (for an animated film) $1.5 million budget. Eight successful reissues have kept the movie in the public consciousness now for over six decades, during which time the field of animation has grown by leaps and bounds. Still. despite the cinematic advances and the passage of time, "Snow White" stands alone. While the classic story is but a framework for the film (a fact which troubled me for years), "Snow White" can be fully enjoyed for the pioneer it truly is.

Along, with a splendid cast of voice actors/ actresses headed by Adriana Caselotti (Snow White) Harry Stockwell (father of Guy and Dean, as the Prince) and Lucille La Verne (The Queen). Much time and effort went toward developing the characters of the Seven Dwarfs and giving each a distinct personality (absent in the original story) which went a long way in making audiences care for Snow White's plight. Interestingly enough, although the fairy tale was toned down considerably to make it more "family friendly", the overzealous way in which the film makers transformed the Wicked Queen into a hideous hag at the climax was the subject of an incredible amount of controversy at the time. In fact, it was under a partial ban in England which made it off-limits to children under 16 years of age! Nevertheless, it was the recipient of a special Academy Award in 1938.
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Disney's Initial Landmark.
Python Hyena20 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937): Dir: David Hand / Voices: Adriana Caselotti, Lucille La Verne, Harry Stockwell, Roy Atwell, Stuart Bachanan: First animated feature from Walt Disney is a stunning achievement about a slave girl named Snow White. The title is a reference to purity and influence. It is something Walt Disney joined in favor of its seemingly mystical translation. She labors for her evil Queen mother who grows frustrated when her magic mirror informs her that Snow White is the fairest of them all. Perhaps she needs to learn how to take criticism. She orders that Snow White be killed but she flees into the forest and befriended by seven dwarfs. They each have distinguishing qualities in which their names are based. Soon the Queen tricks Snow White into eating a poisonous apple leaving a Prince to break the spell with a kiss. This is problematic because the idea of an enchanted kiss is never explained but just accepted as a romantic notion. Beautifully animated with imaginative storytelling and directing by David Hand. Adriana Caselotti voices Snow White whose wakened kissed came before over the counter drugs. Lucille La Verne steals scenes as the evil Queen. The Prince is an absolute bore. The seven dwarfs are identified by their name glitches as oppose to personalities. The huntsman refuses to slay Snow White. The result is an enchanting landmark spectacular. Score: 8 ½ / 10 / Writing: 66% / Themes: 100% / Acting: 60% / Directing: 100% / Visual: 100%
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Questionable content for young viewers
morgmatheson19 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
While this classic animated film has many innocent elements it also contains material that could be considered questionable for some audiences. For example, Snow White's evil Stepmother plots her death and nearly succeeds. Not only has this young girl had to experience the death of both parents, but she is now hated by her only living "family member". As part of the queen's plan, the huntsman comes at her in the forest with a shining dagger and luckily lets her escape, revealing the queen's evil plot. Within the first five minutes of the film the young audience already has reason to be fearful. After her escape she is lost and all alone in a dark forest to fend for her life. When the queen uses evil spells to transform herself into a grotesque old woman the animation could be considered quite frightening for young audiences.
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A marvelous movie !
stenholmgabriel7 April 2016
A real masterpiece ? This film has the usual stunning Disney animation A simple jet effective story and good characters. It is as impossible to dislike this movie as it is to dislike Snow White herself. The songs are memorable,the dwarfs unforgettable and the Queen menacing. This was one of the first Disney movies i saw, and it is as good now as it was the first time i saw it ! It's timeless masterpiece about a wonderful person(Snow White)and her quest to find love and you root for her all the way.

This also has a great Swedish dubbing courtesy of Doreen Denning the queen of dubbing animated films to Swedish. Her dubbs always keeps high quality! and this is no exception.

This movie comes highly recommended !
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So how does it stand up?
Neil Welch3 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The Wicked Queen arranges for Snow White to be killed, but she finds sanctuary with 7 dwarfs.

Made 80 years ago, how does Disney's trailblazing animated feature hold up, he asked, having just watched it through in its entirety for the first time - I can't imagine how I haven't seen it in full at some point during the last half century or more. But now I have.

The story is familiar - this is a fairly faithful adaptation of the Grimm Brothers' original, albeit nicely tweaked to point up (for instance) the humorous role of the dwarfs and, frankly, to pad it - there are a number of sequences which are very entertaining but not very plot relevant. The drama works well, the character design is excellent, the animation is very good (and the effects animation is stunning), several of the songs are classics (and several aren't), and there are places where it is genuinely scary, especially for small children.

It's not perfect. Current audiences might find stylistic elements somewhat dated, and Adriana Caselotti as Snow White is rather irritatingly twittery.

But on the whole, it fully justifies its classic status.
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This Classic Truly Withstands the test of Time. It's As Beautiful Today as Ever!
rannynm4 February 2016
Before Cinderella lost her slipper and before Aladdin met the Genie, Walt Disney did his most crazy and insane project ever - a feature animated movie, the first of its kind. The title of the film is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Parents and kids loved this film decades ago and, a generation later, families can now enjoy this beautiful classic in Blu-Ray.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a musical with catchy, and beautiful singing done by Adriana Caselotti, (Snow White), Lucille La Verne (Queen) and others. There is also a sense of adventure, and a magical romance, between Snow White and the Prince.

The story begins when the Queen discovers that she is not the fairest of them all, and that Snow White is. Out of jealousy, she orders the death of Snow White. However, Snow White gets away. She comes upon 7 dwarfs which she befriends. The Queen angrily learns about her failed death, and decides to poison the young princess!

Since this is the Diamond Edition of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, it is packed with extra features including a tour of the animation studios in the 1930s, actual interviews with Walt Disney, cool facts, (Did you know Snow White was originally designed to have gold hair? Who knew!) and so much more. My favorite part concentrates on how Walt Disney hired over 300 artists, how he spent so much money on making it perfect, and just how much speculation and hate he got for attempting to make (and being very successful as a result) a 90 minute animated film.

Even though this film was made almost a century ago, the quality of the animation is as good as films made today. Hand-drawn animation has a quality of from the human touch that CGI can never achieve. In terms of the soundtrack, Walt Disney had a knack for making his animated films not only have background music, but he created it in such as way that the music becomes an integral part of the story. For example, when Snow White and the Prince first meet, they sing a song together and it represents almost, "Instant love," better than words ever could. This story is based on a classic European fairy tale, and Walt Disney hired a few people who specifically made European-styled drawings, to make the film feel like the original fairy tale, which was perfect for the film. The voice-over sound quality is also top notch, amazingly so since again, it was made almost 100 years ago. I would easily compare it to the voice over acting and quality of the late 90s. This film was ambitious in terms of being the first animated feature film, but also was first feature film to have a female lead.

My favorite scene is the meeting of The Prince and Snow White. In the scene, Snow White is cleaning outside and she explains to her bird friends what a wishing well is. A prince overhears her fantastic singing and is love-struck when he meets her. This scene is one of my favorites because the music is beautiful, the animation is spectacular and this scene specifically illustrates my point about European artists designing the backgrounds. It really looks like a European castle of some sort.

This film was designed for all ages and I still agree. I recommend it for ages 6 to 13 specifically. Younger kids will enjoy the bright colors, dancing and singing. Older kids can appreciate how difficult it was to make this film and the storyline itself. Adults who have happy memories of seeing this film years ago will also enjoy it. Overall, it's a great film for the family. I rate it 5 out of 5 stars because of the spectacular animation, exciting story (typical of films made by Walt Disney) and clear voice acting.
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Snow White Review
aileencorcoran16 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
So, I've decided to watch and review all Disney animated classics, their sequels and TV shows. Naturally, I started with "Snow White," which (prepares body armour) I'd never seen.

The story is based on the Brother's Grimm tale,and was the first ever fully animated motion picture, released in 1937. It was Adolf Hitler's favourite movie. The more you know.

Within, we have Snow White, a pale skinned, raven haired beauty who trusts everyone like a derpy puppydog, but is so nice you can't help but enjoy her. She is the prettiest in the land, much to the unease of her stepmother, the Evil Queen. Queenie orders her loyal huntsman to off Snow, but she is just so smexy and innocent that he balks, and lets her go. Snow runs through the forest in terror, only to come across some friendly animals, who guide her to a humble cottage owned by seven dwarfs. The dwarfs agree she can stay, and in return Snow offers to keep house. Everything is fine and dandy, until Queenie discovers that Snow is NOT dead, that the heart she requested is a pig's, so she magics herself into an ugly hag, creates a poison apple and sets off to do Snow in herself.

The story is simple, and Snow isn't the most amazing heroine, but she is nice. REALLY nice. She happy and chipper, yet quite assertive in the do-as-your-mother-says way. Her curiosity and innocence is both endearing and grating; her excitement over a tiny chair is just too sweet, yet her swooning over this hunky prince dude is just blegh, but maybe I'm just a cynic. Snow meshes well with her dwarf pals, and has a likable, soothing aura, which is saying something for an animated character. The dwarfs are good fun, and are easily the highlight of the movie. Each have their own distinct personality and each gets to shine through, hell they even look very different, kudos to that! They couldn't do that in the Hobbit where there was like, twenty of them? My favourite was Grumpy; I just love the old curmudgeon with the heart of gold. When he's the first one to jump on a deer to save Snow I was cheering on the inside, haha.

Where the film truly stands out is the animation and backgrounds. The colours, even though not as bright as the later Disney films, are still vibrant. The backgrounds are stunning, and I hope Disney do something like "Bolt" and bring painterly backgrounds in again. The animation is so smooth, and the musical and comedic timing is spot on, especially in the "Whistle While You Work" sequence, however they did that was amazing, it is easily the best part of the film for me. The shading is amazing too, the shadows and different tones make the film come to life. It's truly a moving painting. The music is pretty neat too, what with the score (was some of it reused or used in homage in "101 Dalmatians years later?) and the timeless songs. Except "Someday My Prince Will Come." Oh my Lord. I'll take the same stance as Grumpy on that one! Overall, "Snow White" does hold up pretty damn well, especially in the animation and technical department. The message, well I'm not sure if there is one, but that doesn't matter much. I mean, Snow just barges into the dwarf's house and cleans up the place, she takes the apple from Queenie-Hag after being told by her new pals not to trust anyone. Yet there's the whole never judge the book by it's cover, listen to others, don't trust strangers and be patient. The ending where hunky prince charming comes along to smooch Snow had me thinking, is he like the Grim Reaper? Carrying her up to his castle on the clouds, while the dwarfs say goodbye? The ending was more bittersweet than happy to me, which is interesting.

"Snow White" is truly a timeless classic, and a magnificent foundation for what was to come from Uncle Walt.
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