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The ORIGINAL Ghostbusters

Author: app354 from United States
16 November 2002

Long before Bill Murray and company wiped out all the ghosts in New York City, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy were doing the job (but not in NYC, and without the proton packs and other gadgets, of course). In this classic 1937 short, the trio are ghost hunters who go into a haunted house, where they end up having some wacky adventures (Goofy gets stuck in a dresser, etc.). In my opinion, this is definitely one of the best of all the Disney shorts (and there are many to choose from). And the ending of this one is just PERFECT.

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Disney's terrific trio!

Author: Robert Reynolds ( from Tucson AZ
17 December 2003

This is a visual treat from start to finish, with some great jokes as well! Look quite closely at the "ghost catching" equipment and you may wonder just how it is that they expect to catch ghosts with most of it-create some, perhaps, but catch? Highly unlikely, it seems to me. Mickey, Donald and Goofy are three such radically different characters that it's sometimes amazing that they worked so well together. Not precisely the Three Musketeers, but they work together exceedingly well in any case. Disney at or near the top of its form. Wonderful, if not terribly spooky, with some great sight gags, particularly the ending. Well worth watching-again and again! Most highly recommended.

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Who ya gonna call

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
13 March 2005

Almost 55 years before Bill Murray and Co. cleaned up New York there was a different trio of 'fearless' spook-fighters. They were Mickey, Donald and Goofy. Though none of their equipment is high-tech (they carry nets and, bizarrely, axes) they make up for it with phony bravery.

A quartet of ghosts in a spooky old mansion phone them up and get them over to scare them and play tricks. So, you can pretty much guess that the rest of the cartoon will be made up of related hijinks. Though this time, it's slightly more imaginative than usual. Nice animation and spooky atmosphere too.

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Who're you gonna call when you need ghostbusters?...

Author: Neil Doyle from U.S.A.
13 March 2008

Decades ahead of "Ghostbusters", this Mickey Mouse cartoon was an extra feature on the ICHABOD AND MR.TOAD feature from Disney, about a quartet of ghosts in a spooky old house bored out of their wits with nobody to scare. A newspaper ad advertising the services of ghostbusters Mickey, Donald and Goofy, catches their attention and lo and behold, they've got the trio arriving at the mansion ready to go to work.

The fun begins as soon as they enter the house and from then on it's strictly a series of sight gags as the ghost hunters are scared out of their wits at the pranks dreamed up by the lively quartet. Funniest segment has Goofy doing a mirror routine with a ghost likeness who follows his every move and gesture. The payoff is the finale where an accidental mishap scares the ghosts away and turns the whole thing into a mission accomplished for the naive ghostbusters.

Nice animation, good background art and some clever plotting make this one a sure fire delight for young and old Disney fans.

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Mickey Mouse hasn't grown old

Author: Ref 65 from Ireland
14 February 2008

"The lonesome ghosts" is one of my favourite episodes of Mickey Mouse.Its about four ghosts who get bored and want something exciting to happen so they call ghost busters who are also bored because they get no customers and not making money.When they get a phone call from the ghosts,one ghost has put on a fake accent to make the ghost busters believe their prank. Then Mickey,Donald and Goofy believe their prank and go there immediately with not so good equipment and unaware what surprise is in the house.I find it easy to say that Donald is the coward,Goofy is the goofy one and Mickey is the brave one,always encouraging the other two to do stuff that they are not so sure about but it shows in this that all three are cowards when they say they are professionals and fearless.It is always fun to watch this episode again and again because the humour never stops.

This a very exciting and funny episode that is enjoyable for the whole family and if you want to see it,get a copy of "Everybody loves Mickey" or "Mickey's house of Villains".Is it just me,or does Mickey Mouse never grow old?

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A Classic

Author: Brett Walter ( from Santa Clarita, CA
19 September 2002

This is a classic Disney Halloween cartoon. 4 ghosts, who are bored because they have no one to scare, read in the newspaper that Mickey, Donald, and Goofy have a ghost hunting business. So, they call them up, and the results are hysterical. THis cartoon, along with "Trick or Treat" are the definitive Disney halloween cartoons.

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Peak Disney

Author: Matt-293 (
19 May 2000

Fast paced Disney short has Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy as "ghost exterminators" who get called to an old house by the prank-playing ghosts themselves. The animation and Technicolor is terrific, as usual, and the storyline allows the trio to get scared in all sorts of creative ways. This was made when the familiar Disney characters' personalities were at their peaks: Mickey is the resourceful group leader (and not the bland goody-goody he would become later on), Donald is the short-tempered one, and Goofy is the well-meaning dunce. Even the ghosts have spunk and verve - a winner!

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No, it's more like Lovable Ghosts!

Author: Foreverisacastironmess from ukwitchcountry
22 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Alrighty, now this here is just one of those timelessly magical and special Disney shorts that generally everybody always loves, and with very good reason, it is brilliant! The gorgeously rich animation of it - just look at the incredible detail that's been poured into that snow-covered haunted house, it's beautiful! The tremendously fun chemistry between the three Disney legends is especially strong and helps to make this great and one of my favourites, second only to "Mickey and the Beanstalk." And last, but absolutely not the least is the bumbling quartet of adorable ghosts who really make this short, and who between them create a manic atmosphere that's spooky, but fun spooky as all they wanna do is have a good time! Their red Rudolph-like noses are so festive and cheerful! They can create a little tidal wave in my house any day! I love the impressive transparent effect of the phantom's animation as well as their strange echoing voices which I didn't have any problems understanding. They're certainly a lot more cuddly than the rattling ghouls from "The Skeleton Dance", which has got to be the ultimate Gothic cartoon. And although I thought Skeleton Dance was a great animation I also found it to be a little too grim and Somewhat disturbing. In my opinion it was too dark for its own good and didn't have any sense of fun and lightness to it, and I don't think some people liked that, but it was how I felt about it, and you've always got to be honest when you do these things, so... Sorry, went a bit off topic there! Anyway this beauty's a whole other story. This short manages to create some very interesting and distinctive sight gags in regard to the ghost's abilities to appear and disappear, and go straight through walls and such, I especially like the gag where they all march and play the tune of the Revolutionary War! The ghosts are not the brightest bunch, and the ending is pretty illogical considering what they are, but it sure makes for one hilarious and highly memorable scene! Such a fun classic little masterpiece, marvelous, absolutely marvelous.

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Fun with the Paranormal

Author: travisimo from Pocatello, Idaho, USA
18 January 2004

Now truth be told, I am one of the biggest Disney fans you'll come across, but Lonesome Ghosts is just not one of my favorite cartoons out there. Maybe because I watched this recently on an old tape and the quality was bad, but I just couldn't understand what the ghosts were saying. Plus, the animation just wasn't at its best. Again, this could be my crappy tape. I'll probably have to get the new Mickey Mouse in Color DVD to get a true assessment!

Nevertheless, it's still a good cartoon. I also wondered why Mickey was bringing a gun to hunt down ghosts. Ha, ha, what exactly is that going to accomplish?! So maybe from that you can see that this is just a recent harebrained scheme by the trio without them thinking things through. Once again, Donald is involved in one of the funniest scenes of the cartoon. I love his fighting stance, and it was even better when the ghost imitated him. That's just great comedy!

So overall, Lonesome Ghosts is a good cartoon and it's memorable, but it's not my favorite out there. It's worth a look though if you get the chance.

My IMDb Rating: 7/10

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A true Disney classic

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
29 December 2010

This one features Donald, Mickey and Goofy in one of the more famous and memorable shorts. The trio come to a haunted house, as they are ghost exterminators—but the ghosts have other plans themselves! They plan on scaring the three and putting an end to their business. While this looks very possible, a little mixup at the end involving flour turns the day in favor of our heroes.

This is a gorgeously animated cartoon—with some of the very best color animation you'll find in a Disney short—with vibrant colors and amazingly beautiful backgrounds. It's simply one of the best looking shorts Disney made. As for the story, it's wildly creative, full of nice gags and fun. What's not to like about this film?!

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