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A lot better than I'd expected.
MartinHafer11 November 2012
This was a very odd movie due to its casting, as I never would have expected to see Paul Kelly in a western. Well, it turned out to be a very good film and I think the biggest reason it worked is that they did NOT try to make Kelly into a western hero but instead he played an eastern gentleman out west--a sort of fish out of water story. Because of this and good writing, despite being a humble B-movie it's well worth your time.

"It Happened Out West" begins with a ranch hand showing his foreman what he thinks is silver ore. Unexpectedly, the boss shoots the guy! Why? Apparently he wants his lady boss to go bankrupt--and her knowing about the silver would prevent that.

The scene now switches out East. Some financiers are worried about Ann's crazy dairy business. How could she expect to make a go of it in Arizona. It turns out this is the same business from the first scene--and an agent (Paul Kelly) is sent to convince her to give up this crazy dairy business. Additionally, a professor (Johnny Archer) goes along to assist him--and he's a wonderful little character. Together the two are surprised to learn that Ann DOES know about the business and she should be succeeding. Only then do they realize that SOMEONE is trying to make her fail--and they investigate exactly who is offering to buy her out and why.

The film works best with Kelly in an odd element--such as when he's wearing a suit and riding a horse! It also works because Kelly and Archer were just great. All in all, a fun film and well worth your time.
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