Reefer Madness (1936) Poster

Plot Keywords

marijuana party
high school teenager
scourge narcotics
guilt murder
judge wild party
drugs propaganda
insanity fighting
making out man hits a man
justice system camera shot of feet
woman putting on shoes female stockinged feet
female stockinged legs black stockings
stockings west virginia
water water fountain
watch case washington d.c.
verdict u.s. navy
u.s. marine corps u.s. government
typewriter tennis
tennis racket stop sign
soda shop soda jerk
silk stockings shoes
shaving brush set up
school principal school parents association
school crossing s.p.a.
prison printing press
pot roast police siren
olive oil newsreel footage
narcotics bureau mirror
michigan maltine
letter lawlessness
knocked out juvenile delinquency
justice jury room
investigation ice cream soda
hysterics hit on the head with a gun
hanging handcuffs
governor garter
furnace fireplace poker
file cabinet falling into water
falling into a water fountain execution
english literature educational film
drug war drug trafficking
disassociation narcotics squad
crossing guard criminally insane
court convertible
class book
beating backing up into water fountain
axe adding machine
witness violence
underwear testimony
teenage girl teenage boy
tears suicide by jumping out a window
subjective camera pot smoking
sex reference to romeo and juliet
reckless driving rape
public enemy number one prologue
policeman piano player
opium motorcycle
mother son relationship mother daughter relationship
montage model airplane
lie liar
lecture lecturer
lawyer kiss
hysterical laughter hysteria
hot chocolate heroin
gun father son relationship
father daughter relationship drug menace
drug addict drug addiction
divorce death
dancing dancer
crying college
cigarette smoking cigarette case
candy brother brother relationship
brooklyn new york city muggle
flashback drugsploitation
public domain police
hit and run gunfire
frame up confession of crime
brother sister relationship accidental death
midnight movie exploitation film
dope fiend vice
sin noose
hallucination gunshot
degradation teen drug use
drug use root beer
piano jury
falling from height expose
courtroom trial
cult film suicide
melodrama anti drugs

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