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Young Southerner Phillip Ainsworth (Booby Breen), orphaned in the Civil War, is raised by faithful former slave Toinette (Louise Beavers). Kindly reverend (Henry ONeill) discovers Breens grandmother Harriet Ainsworth (May Robson) in NYC and arranges to have him sent there, breaking poor Toinette's heart. His unpleasant, crusty old grandma is soon won over by Phillips sweetness and voice. She even goes with Breen to visit Toinette, who is near death from pining for her white ward and who moves to New York with them. Impossibly saccharine and unintentionally condescending to blacks. Theres a jaw-dropping final shot of them all singing the title song as they ride a carriage from the platation, with dozens of bandana-headed blacks picking cotton in the fields and gaily singing along with them.


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