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Review: "Rampage" (1963) Starring Robert Mitchum, Elsa Martinelli And Jack Hawkins; Warner Archive DVD Release

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By Lee Pfeiffer

I recently wrote in relation to a review of "The Big Show" that circus movies have gone the way of the Model T. You can add to that another genre of film that used to be a Hollywood staple- the safari movies in which the hero was a great white hunter. Changing social attitudes make it unlikely we'd ever again cheer some rock-jawed leading man as he unloads some hi caliber bullets into a grazing elephant or a lazing hippo. The last word on such films was Clint Eastwood's woefully underrated (and woefully under-seen) 1990 film "White Hunter, Black Heart", which was loosely based on the hunting obsessions of director John Huston during production of "The African Queen". Nevertheless, jungle-themed adventures are still the stuff of cinematic thrills in the minds of retro movie lovers. One of the best is "Rampage", a 1963 opus directed by Phil Karlson
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Here's What You're Watching on Netflix This Month

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Here's What You're Watching on Netflix This Month
We're living a tidal wave of content. It's hard to know what to watch, when, and where. We're here to help! By telling you that you can and should watch a movie about a tsunami entitled The Wave from the director of the upcoming Tomb Raider movie, Roar Uthaug, on Netflix next month. The streaming service has released the titles for their July 2016 movies and TV shows, though they are subject to change. Also available are those titles leaving Netflix in July. Highlights of what you can look forward to include: Back to the Future 1- 3, Beverly Hills Cop 1 and 2 (if you want to get ready for the upcoming sequel), All of the Lethal Weapon movies (get a look at The Predator director Shane Black's first script brought to life), BoJack Horseman Season 3, The Sting, and more. Make sure to check out these titles before they leave: A Clockwork Orange,
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WWE Reveals Battleground 2016 PPV Date And Location

At Sunday’s WWE live event in Washington, D.C., an announcement was made that the city’s Verizon Center will host 2016’s Battleground Pay-Per-View on July 24. This will mark the first PPV event held in the United States’ capital in more than five years.

Battleground is a recent addition to the company’s annual schedule, but the event has already garnered a reputation as consistently being one of the worst of the year. At the inaugural show in 2013, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan battled for the vacant WWE Championship, but the match was declared a no contest after The Big Show interfered and a new champion was not crowned.

The 2014 iteration of the show saw a highly anticipated Seth Rollins versus Dean Ambrose match cancelled when Ambrose was ejected from the arena for attacking Rollins backstage.

Finally, at last year’s Battleground, Brock Lesnar got his guaranteed
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Big Boss Man Officially Confirmed For WWE Hall Of Fame 2016

Earlier today, WWE’s official Twitter account announced the newest inductee into the 2016 Hall of Fame class – Ray “Big Boss Man” Traylor.

One of the most beloved superstars of the late 1980s and early 1990s, Traylor first joined the company in 1988. A real-life ex-prison guard, Traylor was given the character of “The Big Boss Man” – a corrupt prison guard/law enforcement agent. He was a top heel for WWE until 1990, when he turned face and had well-remembered feuds with Mr. Perfect, The Mountie, and Nailz. He left the company in 1993, and after a brief tenure in All Japan Pro Wrestling, debuted in 1993. First called “The Boss,” Traylor subsequently took the names “The Guardian Angel” and “Big Bubba Rogers” following complaints from WWE.

In 1998, Traylor rejoined WWE, once again taking the “Big Boss Man” name. He changed his image, wearing a Swat-style uniform and serving as a personal bodyguard to Vince McMahon.
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Brock Lesnar To Face Sheamus At WWE Live Event Next Month

When Brock Lesnar announced on Espn’s Sportscenter this past March that he’d be staying with WWE for another three years, WWE fans around the globe rejoiced at getting to see more of The Beast. One of the most exciting parts of Brock’s new contract is that he’s working additional live event dates.

Last night fans in the Houston, Texas area were in for a treat when a local ad aired announcing that Brock Lesnar would be in action on January 8th at the live event in the Toyota Center where he’ll go one on one with Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus. While The Celtic Warrior isn’t a massive headline name, he’s a wrestler that many fans have expressed would be a solid opponent for Lesnar and that their stiff styles would compliment each other.

In 2015 alone, Brock worked three live events,
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WWE Raw 06/07/15 Report – John Cena vs. Cesaro for the Us title, Brock Lesnar vs. A Car and more

John Cena and Cesaro have a re-match from last week, Brock Lesnar kills a car and nearly a child and Titus nearly stole the show – it’s this week’s Raw Report…

The Beast’s music hits and raw gets under way with a huge pop from the Chicago crowd for Lesnar, and Paul Heyman for that matter, who delivers yet another awesome promo, working the crowd beautifully. Is there a better man working the mic in the business at the minute? We then got photos of Kane on his holiday in Hawaii as well as a cartoon of J & J Security touring their new car – this is bad news for the car.

1. Big Show vs. Ryback

Then a collective groan as The Big Show’s music hits and the WWE universe is treated to a predictably ponderous match between two big slow men, narrated by Miz. If it wasn
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10 Reasons We All Love WWE’s Hell In A Cell Gimmick

The fifth annual Hell in a Cell Pay Per View is this Sunday, highlighted by two Hell in a Cell matches. Randy Orton (if he’s not too injured to compete) will take on John Cena with the winner going on to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In another match that should be the main event of the show, Seth Rollins takes on Dean Ambrose.

The rest of the card will be rounded out by title matches and grudge matches. Sheamus will defend the Us Title against The Miz, the Usos will get their rematch against Tag Champions Stardust and Goldust, Aj Lee will defend the Divas Championship against Paige, Brie Bella will face her sister Nikki in a match where the loser will be the winner’s personal assistant for a month, and The Big Show will face Rusev.

The fact that the
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10 Booking Steps Toward Cesaro Being WWE Champion

The 14-year journey of Claudio Castagnoli from Swiss-born wrestling hopeful to being christened as Cesaro, then winning Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 30 is one of the most inspiring stories of passion and desire in WWE at-present. However, the competitor’s globally-travelled in-ring journey now begins anew as he begins his ascension to becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Given his level of in-ring technical talent, he certainly has the chops to win the championship tomorrow. However, in now being a “Paul Heyman Guy” and being placed in a stable with potential champion-to-be Brock Lesnar certainly gives him time to develop the talents which he may be deficient as a wrestler, namely in the realm of having a unique character and a fully engaging charisma.

It can and should be accepted as certain fact that Cesaro will become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Intriguingly, there is
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Is The WWE Bereft Of Babyfaces?

The next babyface of the WWE?

The WWE is in very good shape at this point in time. There hasn’t been a bad PPV for months, Monday Night Raw is pulling solid ratings and the new Corporation angle is generating a significant buzz. Randy Orton is heel again but with a new direction, Daniel Bryan is experiencing the loudest crowd reactions of the PG Era, and Triple H looks terrific in his power-crazed businessman role. And, as a kicker, their “competition” at Tna are seemingly collapsing before they became a serious threat.

However, every silver lining has a massive cloud over its shoulder. Whilst this purple patch for the company should be savoured, there is the notable elephant in the room concerning the ratio of heels to faces. The heels are doing fine on their side of the equation. Orton is WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio is a firm World Heavyweight Champion,

WWE: 10 Best Wrestlemania Show Stealers

WWE’s annual sports-entertainment extravaganza, Wrestlemania, is just around the corner with the main event set to be a rematch of last year’s showdown between The Rock and John Cena, this time for the WWE Championship. While the main event acts as the big draw, the colossal Wrestlemania always has a strong under-card on paper as the company put it’s top talent on show along with the annual showcase of who will try to take down The Undertaker’s undefeated streak.

Every now and then Wrestlemania puts together a match that outshines the mar-key match-up of the night. The matches not for the WWE Title, but instead the Intercontinental or Tag Team Championships. Not between Champion and Contender, but bitter rivals, lifelong friends or even family members (both kayfabe and real). When men fight for legacies and, occasionally, their careers, there’s a good chance that will be

5 Former WWE Superstars That Deserve a Contract

There have been rumours in recent weeks that WWE are considering bringing back former Superstars to boost their current product. Just this past Monday night on Raw, Ric Flair, Tommy Dreamer and The Boogeyman returned to the audience’s delight. Over the years, many Superstars have left WWE by their own accord. But for the most part, WWE’s alumni were released from their contracts and afforded the generic ‘future endeavors’ message. It can definitely be said that many of WWE’s alumni were released prematurely and not given the chance that they might have deserved.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the release of WWE’s former employees, many would argue that some should be given another chance. Keeping in mind the rumours, here are five Superstars that WWE could consider bringing back in the future to boost their product.

5. Carlito

Carlito left WWE in early 2010 due to some personal issues.

WWE SmackDown Spoilers 17/4/12 – Randy Orton Rko’s Mark Henry in London

Last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings from the O2 arena in London, England. This show will air on Friday on SyFy (Us) and on Sky Sports (UK).

Michael Cole and Booker T on commentary. Lilian Garcia performs God Save The Queen to start the show.

Daniel Bryan comes out to a big cheer and lots of Yes! chants. He says Sheamus cheated to win the World Heavyweight Title and he plans to win the title back at Extreme Rules. Aj Lee then comes out and refuses to leave when Bryan orders her too. Aj says she wants to talk about their problems. Bryan then says she wishes Aj was never born and he will never take her back. He leaves her in the ring crying.

1) Natalya defeats Aj Lee by disqualification after a distraught Aj takes all her rage out on her opponent in the corner, still crying. Referee stopped the match.
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WWE SmackDown Spoilers 8/2/12 – Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

WWE SmackDown spoilers results from last night’s tapings in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This show will air on February 10th.

Dark Match:

Brodus Clay defeated Damian Sandow with ‘What the Funk’.

SmackDown results;

The show begins with a Sheamus and Wade Barrett segment. They are interrupted by Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. Big Show also comes out and it ends up with Sheamus and Show clearing the ring. A match is made for later, Barrett & Rhodes vs. Show & Sheamus.

1) The Great Khali defeated Jinder Mahal with a chokeslam.

Teddy Long and Daniel Bryan have a backstage segment.

2) Beth Phoenix defeated Alicia Fox. Beth attacked Fox post-match but Tamina made the save. Tamina and Beth then had a staredown.

Tyson Kidd is backstage with Natalya. They did a truly awful segment where Kidd farts and Hornswoggle comes walking in, thinking that it was Natalya had farted. Good lord.

3) Big Show and Sheamus defeated
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WWE Tough Enough Episode 3 Advanced Preview – Will Stone Cold Play Nice?

We dropped back in at WWE Tough Enough to see how this current incarnation of the reality series is holding up. From the looks of it, it’s settled into its intended groove. Stone Cold Steve Austin is still a gruff host; Bill DeMott, Trish Stratus, and Booker T are still busting butts into shape; and the contestants are still chasing that not-so-elusive dream of becoming a part of the WWE (except for Ariane and Matt, who are wearing belts with the word “KMart” on them instead of the word “Champion”).

On the Non-spoilery side: tonight’s episode will feature Mickael taking his hatred of Ryan to new heights, Rima continuing to shed her image of a beauty queen, and guest appearances by WWE Superstar The Big Show — who helps the contestants work on reversals and rolls — and WWE Diva Stacy Keibler — who teaches the contestants the technique of cheerleading
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