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Absolutely charming
RMOba1 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The first of only 2 Tonko and Szczepko musical comedies from the late thirties Lwow . This is worth seeing for the very fine music alone (10/10), by Henryk Wars lyrics by Emanuel Szlechter, much of which is still very well known in Poland. ("My dwaj obacwaj," the two of us, "Bedzie Lepiej," it will be better)The Lwow setting is also quite lovely. Szczepko and Tonko have a an Abbot and Costello banter, which must have been honed on the Lwow vaudeville circuit. This movie is absolutely as charming as you would expect from a Jewish influenced theater tradition of eastern prewar Poland.

The story is screwball (in Polish, no subtitles as of now). Tonko and Szczepko work in a Lwow doll factory. A doll plays its tune wrong and song and dance ensue, followed by termination by the boring factory manager. While idling in the park, the find an abandoned baby. They repair the car of the factory owner's niece Wanda but the baby ends up left with Wanda, who decides to keep it, finally with the grudging endearment of the Uncle. Wanda and Uncle go to Warsaw. Szczepko and Tonko ship themselves to Warsaw in a big toy crate. They dicker with the Uncle and niece over the baby and end up running the unsuccessful toy shop. Their playful spirit saves the shop. The boring Lwow factory manager turns over a new leaf to the chorus of blonds playing grand pianos. Niece finds love. Tramps wander off into sunset.
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