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When the Bounty leave port, you see another sailing ship. This is a steel hull tall ship that came into fashion about 100 years after this film takes place.
The Christmas scene back in England shows a Christmas tree, but these weren't introduced to England until after Prince Albert brought the tradition over from Germany around 1840.


As Byam is climbing aloft for the second time, he has a bottle of brandy in his hand-- carrying the bottle and attempting to climb almost makes him fall at one point. When he reaches the top of the mast, both hands are empty, and the bottle is nowhere in sight.
When Dr. Bacchus is telling to Christian how he lost his leg, the Bounty rolls, knocking him down, but the brandy bottle clearly remains on the table. Next shot the bottle has disappeared.
When Christian orders Roger back to the mast, Morgan is helping him to sit on the bed, using both hands. In the next shot, he is a little way from Roger, touching his glass with his right hand.
After he takes the pearls from Christian with his right hand and passes them to someone, Bligh appears in the following shot with a book in the same hand.
When Christian orders the return of the Bounty to Tahiti, he has nothing in his hands. Next shot he has a musket in his left hand.

Errors in geography 

In Bligh's log of the voyage to Timor after the mutiny, the longitudes are of points in the Atlantic.
When sailing from England to Cape Horn South America the direction is South West. The ships course was ordered South East by East.

Factual errors 

Bligh is shown as flogging mercilessly, even to the point of flogging a dead man. Bligh actually never ordered a single flogging, and would scold where other captains would flog and hang.
During the takeover, loyal crewmen are being shown bayoneted or struck with rifle butts by the mutineers. In fact, the Bounty was taken bloodlessly and Bligh was the only one to physically put up resistance.
Captain Bligh punished one of his sailors by having him "keelhauled". However this was a Dutch practice and there's no documented evidence it was ever done on a ship of the British Royal Navy.
Fletcher Christian's father died years before the voyage, and as such was not present at Christian's trial.
When Bligh questions one of the crewmen towards the beginning of the film, mention is made of Dartmoor Prison. Dartmoor Prison was constructed in 1809, twenty years after the Mutiny on the Bounty took place.
In the movie, milk is shown being inside coconuts. In real life, inside coconuts there is coconut water, whereas coconut milk is produced by crushing the coconut's shell.
Bligh was never aboard the HMS Pandora, and did not attend the mutineers' trial. He was half a world away at the time of the trial, being on a second breadfruit expedition.
When the Pandora runs aground, the prisoners are shown being unshackled below deck and safely released. In reality, four went down with the ship (two still manacled and two struck by a falling gangway.)

Revealing mistakes 

When the Bounty is crashed against the rocks at Pitcairn Island, the film is reversed to stretch out the scene.

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