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(I) (1936)

Alternate Versions

When the film was released in Chicago, several cuts were ordered. They included:
  • a. A male character concealing cocane in his shoe.

  • b. Shots of the Joanne preparing to go swimming.

  • c. All shots of the women undressing and then running about on the beach in the nude and being chased by their boyfriends.

  • d. A portion of dialogue: "Just a sweet little love child."

  • Exibitors were also told to trim a close up shot Burma Roberts toking up for the first time .

Censor boards in Ohio also had their share of desired cuts. They were:
  • The line "No honeymooning till after we're married."

  • Shots of partiers rolling around on the floor togeather in the beach house.

  • Shot of Joanne preparing to go swimming.

  • All shots of the women running around on the beach (and presumably all footage of them undressing beforehand).

  • When Tony says "I'm going yo send you away to have your baby.", the "to have your baby" part was cut.

  • Newspaper headline "Federal Authorities Powerless To Supress Marihuana Triaffic!" was cut.

  • The scene in which Burma plots to kidnap her sister's child was ordered to be cut on the grounds that it had dialogue like "you know what the wrap is for a snatch job."

Censor boards in New York and Ohio mandated that the nude bathing scenes be removed from the film. Also in Ohio, the producers were forced to omit scenes that showed ways that the drugs were concieled, as well as a newspaper headline stating law inforcement agencies were powerless to stop marijuana trifficking. New York audiences also never saw the scene towards the end where Burma shoots up in her leg. END.

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