The 39 Steps (1935) Poster




The date in the Church Hymnary that stopped the bullet is signed by Margaret in 1928, but is dated 1932.

Boom mic visible 

Shadow of microphone visible on wood panelling in hotel room.

Character error 

When Professor Jordan suggests Richard Hannay commit suicide, he says "What if I leave you alone with this revolver?" when he is clearly brandishing a small-caliber semi-auto pistol.
During Mr Memory's act at the beginning of the film, he gives an answer regarding the last British heavyweight boxing champion and then asks "Am I right, sir?", but the question was asked by a woman.
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The sideways shots into the car that Richard and Pamela are travelling in with the detectives uses the same view across a loch, even though the following shots show they are nowhere near water.
During the scenes where Hannay and Pamela are hiding under the waterfall to escape the police, Hannay's free hand is in his pocket on the close ups, but against the rock behind him in the long shots.
The hand firing the pistol in the music hall (putatively Annabella's) is wearing a short gray leather glove with a distinct pebbled grain. In subsequent scenes, her gloves are black fabric.
When Hannay and Pamela are in the hotel room, he dries her stockings by placing them under two china ornaments on a shelf over the fireplace. Later, when she removes her stockings from the shelf, the two china ornaments are now spaced much further apart, with another ornament in between them.
In the Music Hall scene, Donat's stand-in is clearly sitting in his place in the audience on at least two occasions.
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Crew or equipment visible 

Lights visible when police search the train.

Errors in geography 

Hannay gets the train from London to Scotland, but the train on that journey is seen bursting out of Box Tunnel near Bath, which is nowhere near the line from London to Scotland. The locomotive changes from a London and North-Eastern one, with a prominent sign "Flying Scotsman" above the smoke-box door, to a Great Western one, with no "Flying Scotsman" sign.
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Revealing mistakes 

Near the beginning of the film in the scene with the Memory Man entertaining the audience by answering their questions a woman yells out, "Who is the last British Heavyweight champion of the world?". Beside her is a man who mouths the woman's words in synch with her.
The serial number of the autogyro has been reversed, showing that the stock shot has been reversed for effect.
Mr. Memory stops speaking and flinches before the shot is fired.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


Just before Professor Jordan shoots Hannay, his pistol impossibly switches from his left to right hand.

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