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  • After a four year absence, one time detective Nick Charles returns to New York with his new wife Nora and their dog, Asta. Nick re-connects with many of his old cronies, several of whom are eccentric characters, to say the least. He's also approached by Dorothy Wynant whose inventor father Clyde Wynant is suspected of murdering her father's mistress (his former secretary ).. Her father had left on a planned trip some months before and she has had no contact with him. Nick isn't all that keen on resuming his former profession but egged-on by wife Nora, who thinks this all very exciting, he agrees to help out. He solves the case, announcing the identity of the killer at a dinner party for all of the suspects.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Young Dorothy Wynant approaches amateur sleuth Nick Charles when her inventor father appears to be a major suspect in a murder case. In fact, Dorothy is so worried about her father's guilt that she tries to convince Nick that she did it. Nick's wife Nora wants him on the case so that she can experience some of the excitement herself. However, Nick is reluctant to get involved until he sees that police Lt. Guild is coming to the wrong conclusions. Nick decides that the best way to clear up the case is to invite all the suspects to dinner with Lt. Guild and see what happens...

    - Written by Gary Jackson <garyjack5@cogeco.ca>
  • In New York, Dorothy Wynant visits her father, the inventor Clyde Wynant, with her fiancé to tell him that she is going to get married. Before traveling, her father opens the safe in his company to get some stock certificates to give as a wedding gift and realizes that his mistress Julia Wolf has stolen them. When Clyde vanishes and Julia is killed, his daughter approaches the former detective Nick Charles to investigate the mysterious disappearance. His wealthy wife Nora Charles convinces the reluctant Nick to work on the case, since it would be exciting for their boring life. When two other men are killed and Clyde is accused of murder, Nick invites all the suspects to have dinner with Nora and him and resolves the case, disclosing the real criminal.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Former detective Nick Charles and his wealthy wife Nora investigate a murder case, mostly for the fun of it.

    - Written by Kenneth Chisholm


Famous New York detective Nick Charles met and fell in love with Nora, an heiress from an old upper-class family...

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