Stand Up and Cheer! (1934) Poster


Lawrence Cromwell: Now, Miss Monroe...

Mary Adams: Er, Adams.

Lawrence Cromwell: Oh, yes, step here a minute, will you, please... something I want to show you. There's one phase in this amusement campaign which I think you ought to understand. The zones in...

[overcome by her good looks, he stops]

Lawrence Cromwell: You're beautiful.

Mary Adams: Ah, of course I'm not.

Lawrence Cromwell: What's that?

Mary Adams: I said I'm not beautiful.

Lawrence Cromwell: Young woman, you're talking to Lawrence Cromwell... Lawrence Cromwell, the world's recognized authority on feminine beauty and charm. Do you mean to stand there and question my judgment on the subject of beauty? Do you? Do you?

Mary Adams: Oh, no, no, I wasn't...

Lawrence Cromwell: Oh, but you DID question it. Now, you listen to me: when Lawrence Cromwell says a girl's beautiful, she's BEAUTIFUL, do you understand? Ha, the very idea! I demand an apology. Your personality definitely puts you in Class 10-A, Department B, with a double-X rating in my card index system. And, my system is the pre-eminent beauty catalogue of today.

[sizing her up at a glance]

Lawrence Cromwell: Height, 5 foot 4... weight, 116... bust, 34... waist, 26... hips, 36... calf, 12 and 1/2... ankle, 7. Questioning my judgement! Ha, ha, that is good.

Mary Adams: I'm really awfully sorry, Mr. Cromwell.

Lawrence Cromwell: Never mind, never mind, just... just let it be a lesson to you.

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