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  • With dozens of lawsuits filed against him and the grand jury about to indict him for the destruction wrought by Kong, filmmaker Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) takes up an offer by Captain Englehorn (Frank Reicher) to leave New York and become cargo shippers in the East Indies. While in the Dutch port of Dakang, they meet Norwegian skipper Nils Helstrom (John Marston), who has lost his ship under questionable circumstances and is looking for a way out of Dakang. Helstrom convinces Denham that there is treasure on Skull Island, and Captain Englehorn agrees to take him aboard. Out at sea, they discover that they also have a stowaway, Helene Peterson (Helen Mack), a young singer that Denham met in Dakang. Together, the four of them, plus the ship's Chinese cook, Charlie (Victor Wong), land on Skull Island where they find another large gorilla, who can only be the son of Kong, stuck in quicksand. Denham saves Little Kong by knocked over a tree trunk so that he can climb out, and they discover that they have made a friend.

  • The Son of Kong is a sequel to King Kong (1933) (1933), which was based on a dream that American aviator and screenwriter Merian C. Cooper [1893-1973] had in which a giant gorilla was terrorizing New York City. The screenplay for The Son of Kong was written by American screenwriter Ruth Rose, who also co-wrote the screenplay for King Kong.

  • About a month, evidenced by a comment made by Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) to a news reporter that Kong's destruction of New York City happened a month ago and that it's time the people forgot about it.

  • Yes. Colombo is a city on the island of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon). Singapore is a city-state on an island south of the Malay Peninsula. Semarang and Makassar are both cities in Indonesia, and Lombak (Lombok) is an island in Indonesia. Only the Dutch port of Dakang appears to have been made up for the movie.

  • Carl Denham estimates Little Kong as being about 12 feet high, about half the size of King Kong, who was between 18 feet and 24 feet (he was made to look taller in the New York scenes). Unlike his big, dark-furred daddy, Little Kong's fur is white.

  • When Helstrom gets a look at Little Kong, he panics and runs back to the rowboat. Captain Engelhorn, Charlie and Helene run after him. Suddenly, an earthquake rocks Skull Island, and the mountains begin to break up. Helstrom reaches the rowboat but is eaten by an Elasmosaurus. Engelhorn, Charlie, and Helene reach the boat and row out into the choppy waters. Denham, who stayed back in the temple in order to get the treasure, finds himself trapped as the walls continue to crumble and the island sinks below the surface. Little Kong gently lifts Denham over his head, holding him out of the water just long enough for Engelhorn and Helene to get him into the boat. The island is then engulfed by the sea, taking Little Kong with it. After drifting at sea for several days, Captain Engelhorn spots a boat, and they are rescued. In the final scene, Denham and Helene stand at the boat railing, Denham wondering whether Little Kong knew that he was saving his life when he held him above the water. Helene says that she's sure he knew. Then Denham mentions how they're all going to be rich when they get the treasure back home and how he intends to split it four ways. Helene suggests they split it three ways: one-third for Engelhorn, one-third for Charlie, and one-third for "us". Denham likes that idea, and they hug.


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