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Our Gang and Abe Lincoln

Author: Jim-500 ( from Sunderland, MA
30 November 2001

Okay, we all know how good most of the Our Gang comedies are, and this this is certainly one of the best. That said, I think it's fascinating how these shorts also serve as historical documents. For example, the actress who plays Cap's wife, Louise Emmons, was born in 1852. The president at the time was Millard Fillmore! This is nine full years before Abe Lincoln was elected! He was probably still splitting logs in 1852. Just imagine sitting with Louise during lunch at the studio commissary and picking her brains.

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Livin' In A Boardin' School With The Little Rascals

Author: Ron Oliver ( from Forest Ranch, CA
19 April 2000

An OUR GANG Comedy Short

It's just MUSH AND MILK for the Rascals to eat at the Bleak Hill Boarding School, which is run by a wicked old crone. Her elderly brother, Cap, loves the kids and has promised them a good life if ever his back pension arrives. Spanky, Stymie & the Gang wonder if that day will ever come...

This is a very funny little film. Highlights include Stymie & Dickie trying to milk a cow, Spanky's recitation of Mary Had A Little Lamb & Butch's crooning `Just Friends'. That's Cap Leonard as Cap, Louise Emmons as his dreadful wife and - hilariously - James Finlayson as the banker.

This was to be the last OUR GANG appearance by Dickie or Wheezer. Richard `Dickie' Moore had been with the Gang for two years and was featured in 7 of their films. He appeared in several other movies before leaving the business in the 1950's. He's now married to actress Jane Powell. Bobby `Wheezer' Hutchins had become a Rascal at the tender age of two, and now, at the ripe old age of eight, had starred in 59 shorts. He made no more films. In 1945 he died in a military plane crash - he was only 19 years old.

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One of the best!

Author: Squonk from Denver, CO
29 December 1998

I remember seeing this Our Gang short as a child. It was funny then. It's even funnier now seeing it as an adult. This is a great vehicle for the Our Gang kids. A very young Spanky is a stand out. His poetry reading and phone conversation scenes steal the show. The film also makes great use of young Tommy Bond, several years before he took on the role of the gang's arch nemesis Butch. His heartfelt singing could go up against Alfalfa any day. This is a wonderful example of the fine talent and comic timing the Our Gang kids had. It's one of their best shorts.

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Heartwarming, to be sure

Author: petersgrgm from United States
24 November 2008

Mush and Milk was one of numerous school-oriented Our Gand comedies. This particular episode had, as its setting, Bleak Hill Boarding School, which bore sign saying it offered LOWEST RATES and "MOTHER'S CARE(?)" I wonder if the Dickens novel Bleak House furnished inspiration. The "MOTHER's CARE(?) logo proved what a dump this boarding school was, with Louise Emmons portraying the disagreeable old crone who headed the school, a dasmal dame if ever there were one. "Dasmal dame" is a woman who plays DOMINEERING MOTHER. Cap was sharp contrast; he was kind and understanding; Gus Leonard was just the actor for that sort of role. (He did stellar job later in "Lucky Corner" as Scotty Becket's grandpa.) Gus did not mind the silly answers that the kids gave in class, and surely appreciated Spanky's getting up to answer the phone, when James Finlayson, as Mr. Brown of First National Bank, told Cap that his back pension had arrived, something that he had long waited for (but which the crone who ran the school SCORNED). Cap's receiving this wonderful news, and his treating the kids to day at amusement park, calls to mind recent developments in MY life, to wit, improvement in living standard after settlement of Mom's estate, in form of larger apartment, new car, etc. Surely, Mush and Milk was heartwarming, especially with Cap's confidence that things would turn out all right, something that the Little Rascals came to believe.

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Milk And Mush (1933) starring the Little Rascals Shows A World Where A Dollar Went A Long Way

Author: David Allen (TexAllen@Rocketmail.Com) from Columbia (Lancaster County) Pennsylvania, USA
17 January 2011

Milk And Mush (1933) is a "Little Rascals" short subject comedy movie made by Hal Roach and featuring Spanky MacFarland and his pals. It is charming.

The kids are stuck in a bad home for orphans, but rescued when the old man caretaker named "Cap" gets his "back pension" and bails the kids out of the home, and celebrates by taking them to an amusement park and big dinner at a fancy restaurant when his $4,000 "back pension" finally "comes through.

Was $4,000 much money back in 1933? Yes, $4,000 was indeed a lot of money back in 1933 (almost 80 years ago...I write this in 2009), and a thrifty pensioner could do OK on that for the rest of his life.

Working class people in the early 1930's typically earned $15 per week and that could pay rent for an OK house or apt., pay for food, basic clothing, etc......some people (many people, maybe) supported families (in a thrifty way) on money that small.

The idea with pensions back then (and now, too) was you were supposed to have paid off your house, and had basically no major capital expenses facing just needed money for food....kept wearing clothes you already had.

Doctors still made home visits back then, and charged maybe $2 for a standard house call. Medications doctors prescribed didn't cost much...also just a few bucks at local indy drug stores (NO drug store chains or mega-drug companies back then charging $10 per pill for treatment expected to go on for years).

A big day at the local amusement park in 1933 for 10 children going on maybe 5 rides each (ferris wheel, roller coaster, etc.) plus a sit down lunch or dinner could easily have been pulled off for $20 total....not a big chunk at all of Cap's $4,000.

Life was better in 1933 for many reasons....things were cheaper and people were decenter and kinder, and that included landlords, health care people, and vendor sources people depended on...drug stores, hospitals, entertainment venues. Less crime, cleaner cities, cheap public transportation, great public park and recreation systems (concerts in park bandstands in every city which had public parks, etc.).

What happened? In 1932, the world population crossed over from one billion (at which it had arrived in 1850) to two billion

Population for the entire USA back in 1933 was maybe 100 million. (It's now ....2009..... around 300 million).

Two billion worldwide total was a workable number. It got to 3 billion by the early 1950's and just recently skyrocketed/ crossed over into SEVEN BILLION recently (2009).

That's too many people, all scrambling for life's necessities...which explains why things previously cheap NOW cost too much...not enough to go around, despite claims about how "we've never had it so good." The world is NOW filled with people all of whom need things which were easier to get, and cheaper, in 1932.

I hope Cap enjoyed his $4,000 back pension he finally got in MILK AND MUSH (1933).


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Typical Our Gang effort, fitfully amusing

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
23 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

MUSH AND MILK is a likable Our Gang short, with unremarkable plot ingredients but a general air of energy and efficiency in terms of the comedy and plotting. The story begins with the gang members attempting to make themselves something to eat, leading to some amusing barn-themed gangs with the highlight being Pete the Pup enjoying some very fresh milk.

The latter part of the story involves an old timer's pension coming through which leads to him kind-heartedly treating the kids to a day at an amusement park. This latter section features some old-time actors and a fun little cameo for Laurel & Hardy fans: James Finlayson as a banker.

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Not a very lush watch

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
29 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Mush and Milk" is an 18-minute live action short film from 1933, so this one is already way over 80 years old. It features all the child actors from the 1930s known as "Our Gang" or "The Little Rascals" who were among the biggest stars during the early years of sound film back then in the United States. Of course, it is a black-and-white movie. I have seen some of these films from the same series and I am not very impressed at all. Story-wise, it was a pretty weak film and the desperate attempt to rush in a touching story (as it happens so often with "Our Gang") did not work out at all. The director is Robert F. McGowan and he worked on many of these Rascals short films. The star here is probably George 'Spanky' McFarland and that's fine as he is probably the only somewhat funny approach. The music is nothing special this time, a song performed by one of the Rascals is even very painful to listen to, maybe intended that way. All in all, it's just not a rewarding watch at all. Spanky's changing face expressions when the dog drinks the milk felt rather bizarre and not funny and same can be said about most other segments here. I give it a thumbs-down. Not recommended.

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Mush and Milk was another hilarious Our Gang comedy

Author: tavm from Baton Rouge, LA
7 November 2014

This Hal Roach comedy short, Mush and Milk, is the one hundred twenty-third in the "Our Gang/Little Rsacals" series and the thirty-fifth talkie. The gang are at an orphanage and they don't like it what with the mean headmistress and the regular servings of the title food. But the old man who teaches them loves them and promises as soon as his pension arrives, he'll get them all out of there. I'll stop there and just say this was another hilarious short in the series with Stymie and Dickie trying to make some milk and Spanky doing some funny dialogue with James Finlayson on the other line on the phone. The amusement park scenes may have been taken from Fish Hooky a few shorts back. Tommy does a nice rendition of "Just Friends". So on that note, I highly recommend Mush and Milk. P.S. This marked the last series appearance of Dorothy DeBorba, Dickie Moore who went back to features, and Bobby "Wheezer" Hutchins. Wheezer went back to private life after leaving. Unfortunately, he died during an air cadet training exercise on May 17, 1945 before he was to graduate that, or maybe the following week. He was 20. His brother, Dickie who was in Forgotten Babies, died on July 2, 1978.

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A bit limp....

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
2 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a pretty poor Our Gang film--plus it marks the last appearances by Wheezer and Dickie Moore. Wheezer's career pretty much disappeared after this, though Dickie went on to one of the more popular child actors of the mid-1930s. So why do I say this one is poor? Well, aside from the ending, it just isn't very funny and the setup is pretty bad as well.

The film begins in a boarding school. However, it's run by an ugly old hag who beats and starves the kids!! It's all WAY overdone--especially giving the nasty old lady a giant whip! Talk about lacking subtlety. There is one bright spot in the place--an old retired captain who loves the kids and vows to one day take them away from this rat hole. What follows is a lengthy school scene where the Captain teaches the kids absolutely nothing of value and it's littered with really, really lame jokes. At the end, however, the old guy strikes it rich and treats all the kids to a wonderful meal...or so he thinks.

Overall, pretty bad and worth skipping unless you are a die-hard fan.

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