King Kong (1933) Poster


Plot Keywords

island gorilla
beast giant
love sacrifice
rescue king
ape ship
escape jungle
blonde dinosaur
apple map
giant ape king kong
wall panic
expedition hand over mouth
tied up rescue mission
actor air strike
animal killing revolver
lost civilization tribe
hostage cook
explosion giant creature
starving subjective camera
lifting female in air monster abducts woman
character's point of view camera shot lifting an adult into the air
ladder sadness
mortal wound dying
plane crash machine gun
pilot airplane
radio news destruction of property
train driver telephone call
car crashes into a building train
bed rooftop
hotel dropped to death
climbing up a building motorcycle cop
motorcycle police call box
policeman breaking free of chains
chrome steel marriage engagement
fiance fiancee relationship flash camera
camera tuxedo
theatre usher theatre marquee
eighth wonder of the world broadway manhattan new york city
fear stomped to death
bitten to death baby
breaking down gate theatre production
theatre audience theatre
campfire damsel in distress
woman in danger sense of smell
undressing wound
water canteen vulture
bird bridge
violence blood
falling tree vine
stabbing knife
pounding chest falling to death
sitting in a tree running
strangulation climbing a tree
swamp swimming
overturned raft bog
animal fight footprint
grass skirt feathers
altar sacrificial altar
meat cleaver torch
search handcuffs
shackles chains
abduction retreat
whistling fleeing
kiss pursuit
chase spear
gun bride
flowers gorilla costume
dance dancing
dancer outrigger canoe
ceremony binoculars
pipe smoking journey
drums skull mountain
boat screaming
film camera screen test
ship's crew new york city skyline
manhattan new york city peeling potatoes
money fame
long island new york film extra
hunger mission
bomb fruit vendor
arabian proverb begins with a quote
ape abducts a woman escaped beast
stop motion animation empire state building manhattan new york city
chrysler building manhattan new york city title in title
remade animal name in title
disaster in new york lifting someone into the air
reference to beauty and the beast ends with death
monster loves woman contemporary setting
director actor relationship bomb throwing
death of title character train derailment
mouth forced open fatal blow to jaw
broken jaw bleeding mouth
monster on display woman as object
witch doctor native chief
chinese cook stegosaurus
screaming in fear disaster
creature feature neck breaking
symphonic music score source music
orchestral music score leitmotif
kaiju death
animal death simian fiction
death of hero 1930s
air raid rampage
radio police
car accident giant crab
fight partially lost film
title appears in writing ravine
log triceratops
brontosaurus prehistoric times
female tied up train wreck
blockbuster monster movie
man eating monster escaped animal
unemployment southeast asia
shot to death sailor
rifle reporter
poverty monkey
greed exploitation
exotic locale cliff
chinese monster as victim
tyrannosaurus gong
village theatrical agent
steamship snake
shoplifting sea monster
ship captain scream
ritual raft
pterodactyl photographer
part animation native tribe
movie producer mountain
lake kidnapping
human sacrifice great depression
giant spider gate
gas bomb fog
filmmaking famous line
falling into water falling from height
fainting el train
eaten alive east indies
diner crushed to death
chasm cave
canoe biplane
beach airplane accident
actress beauty
new york city monster
film director animal attack
lost world underwater scene
giant animal cult film
giant monster based on novel
character name in title

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