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When Griffin first visits Kemp, he locks the library door and puts the key in his pocket, but when Kemp leaves at the end of the scene, he easily opens the door which is now unlocked.
Griffin says that food is visible inside him until it is digested. But earlier, when he smokes a cigarette, we see no smoke inside him.
When Dr. Kemp stands before Dr. Griffin's opened cupboard, his cigarette jumps from his left hand to his right between camera cuts when Dr. Cranley walks away.
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The ink spots on the police inspector's face change in between shots.
When the Invisible Man looks out of the bedroom window to see the approaching police as they surround the house, a pair of net-curtains appears on the window between shots.
When Jenny enters the Invisible Man's room with the mustard, the way he holds the napkin to hide his lower face changes in between shots.
The man who has the bike torn from his hands was not present in the wide shot of the people scattering. Also, when we see the bike torn away, the people who were running away have disappeared.

Crew or equipment visible 

During the riot at the pub, a technician can be heard yelling, "Stay on camera!"

Errors in geography 

A British Police station has the American words 'Police Department' spelled out on the door.

Factual errors 

The pub in Iping has an American-style dartboard instead of the more elaborate British-style dartboard.


The men at The Lion's Head Inn are throwing darts from a 45º angle left of the dartboard, yet the darts in the board are from straight-on shots.
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Though the music at the pub comes from a coin-operated player piano, it, along with everyone talking in the pub, stops short at the startling arrival of Dr. Griffin (the invisible man).
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Plot holes 

The hospital doctor says the effect of the invisibility drug will die along with Dr. Griffin (the invisible man). Since the invisibility drug is unknown to anyone, there's no way for him to make such a "knowledgeable" statement.
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Revealing mistakes 

When the Invisible Man is riding away on the stolen bicycle, a practice mark and/or track can be clearly seen on the ground in front of the bike; the tires of the bicycle follow it perfectly.
When the Invisible Man is in his pajamas and getting ready for bed, parts of his collar appear and disappear as his 'invisible' chin passes in front of it.
Wires are frequently visible moving objects that are meant to be moved by the invisible man. This is most noticeable when the invisible man rides the stolen bike.
One of the tricks used to suggest Griffin's invisibility was the simple use of black cloth to hide his exposed flesh. This is particularly evident when Mrs. Hall barges in on the Invisible Man while he's eating. The black cloths covering the lower part of his face and his wrists as he holds the serviette up are clearly visible.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Revealing mistakes 

Although the Invisible Man makes a note of having to be naked to be invisible, the footprints he leaves in the snow at the end of the film are those of a man wearing shoes.

Revealing mistakes 

In the last scene in the Lion's Head bar, the Invisible Man lifts a bench to kill Inspector Bird. The bench was actually lifted by wires, and the technician(s) who operated them apparently misjudged the distance when they brought it down on the prostrate man. It appears to hit him on the nose - hard enough for him to reach for the injured proboscis before dropping his hand as he "dies".

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